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Challenge S.C. Latex Tube

$17.99 - $19.99

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  • Red, 700x19/28
  • Red, 700x29/38

Every gram counts.

The Challenge S.C. Latex Tubes are significantly lighter than standard butyl tubes for the less rotational mass and lower rolling resistance when you're competing and racing against the clock. They're also more elastic and resistant to punctures than regular butyl tubes. However, because of their highly porous nature, they tend to lose air more quickly than their butyl counterparts, making them better suited for your race-day wheels.

Please note that most wheel and tube manufacturers recommend against using latex tubes with carbon clincher rims. Carbon brake tracks are prone to heating up, and those elevated temperatures can cause latex tubes to burst and fail.

  • Latex tube with 47.5mm Presta valve
  • 86 to 92-gram weight (depending on size)
  • Item #CNG0027

700 x 29 / 38 mm, 700 x 19 / 28 mm
Valve Type
47.5 mm Presta
Claimed Weight
3 - 3.2oz (86 - 92g)
Recommended Use
road cycling
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Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


Cancer and Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov

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>Rating: 5

I Don't Understand the Bad Reviews...

I've put it through the wringer
True to size
Size Bought
700 x 19 / 28 mm
205 lbs

So, I just wanted to add my two cents as a regular user of these latex inners. First, if you aren't careful with installation, you will kill these tubes (as with any other latex inner) so don't treat them like they're some Kenda butyl tubes. You must ensure that the bead of your tyre does not pinch these tubes, which requires a modicum of attention, patience, and care. This is probably where half the bad reviews are coming from. Trust me, the first time I tried to install a latex tube, they blew up on me too, because I wasn't careful enough. Also, do not, I repeat, do not use tyre levers to install these (let's be honest though: you shouldn't be using tyre levers to install tyres and tubes...) Second, do not over-inflate the tubes on installation. Yes, they have thin spots that will balloon, just like every other latex inner, including Vittoria. Inflate only enough to get them to hold their shape for install. This helps with the whole, "not pinching the tube under the tyre bead" scenario, and will save your eardrums. Those thin spots won't matter once under support from the rim bed and tyre casing. Third, any (and I mean any) imperfection in your rim bed will cause any latex inner to eventually blow. Make sure your rim bed is clean and defect free. Honestly, having installed these under both Conti. GP5Ks and Vittoria Corsa G2.0s on my Vision Metron 55SL DB rims, I have found that the new tubeless-ready rim bed construction makes installing and maintaining latex inners so much more hassle free. Fourth, if you're getting a ton of punctures on these, you must ask yourself a few questions: first, are you running them under ideal pressures? Second, are you running them under a tyre with adequate flat protection? Third, are you running these for primarily road use? The second point is super important, especially because some tyres (cough, Conti. GP5Ks, cough) actually have wafer thin sidewalls, and pinch flat more times than the number of pinch harmonics in a Zakk Wylde song. Honestly, latex tubes go best in a supple tyre (IE, nothing in the Continental Grand Prix lineup) with a cotton casing (open tubular) like Speshy's Turbo Cottons, Vittoria's Corsa G2.0, or Challenge's Paris-Roubaix or Strada Bianca models. Also, check your tyre for flints, metal flakes, glass shards, etc. that might be causing repeat tube flats, because that's probably the culprit. I should also note that unlike Vittoria or Michelin's offerings, these are the only seamless latex inner on the market. This probably matters if you intend to run these on traditional (IE not tubeless-ready) rims. Another side note would be to run these on rims that dissipate heat well, so not rim brake carbon clinchers. Aluminum rim brake wheels or any disc brake wheel would be what I recommend. Basically, it seems that all the bad reviews of these inners are either people not knowing how to install latex inners, people installing latex inners on poorly manufactured rims or under sub-par tyres (including the GP5K), and/or not using the proper pressures for tyre size, rider/bike weight, road conditions, etc. Latex tubes aren't perfect, but for those looking for a supple ride at higher pressures on smaller tyres (23/25mm), they are truly worth the care and attention needed to install and maintain them.

FWIW - Silca Latex are flawless.

These are great inner tubes! No regrets.

>Rating: 1


They were on sale, I guess for a reason. One tube blew up next to the valve on my first ride, the second won’t hold air for a day. Don’t buy!

>Rating: 1

Pretty bad

I've put it through the wringer

Tried to like these, but multiple flats make it tough. I threw them in the trash, but realized I could cut them up and use the pieces for a patch kit for my awesome Vittoria Latex tubes. Now they work....as scrap material.

>Rating: 1

Puncture prone.

I’ve gone through six of these tubes in the last 1,000 miles. I ride 8,000 miles annually and these tubes are the most puncture-prone tubes I’ve used. Definitely will never purchase again.

>Rating: 5

Ride On.

I've put it through the wringer

Latex tubes improve the ride of any bike. These tubes are perfect for CX and gravel bikes where you want to want the supple ride on an open tubular that isn't tubeless compatible. Take a little more care on the install and you will be good to go. Yes, they lose air a little quicker than butyl tubes, but don't you check tire pressure every ride?

>Rating: 2

Road tube review

I don't recommend the road tube, its heavier and more expensive than the Vittoria latex tube. The cross tube is sorta unique in its category, so it would be a nice addition to your cross rig.

>Rating: 1

Be aware of poor tube construction/safey

I've used it several times

used two challenge tubes with high hopes. visually Ok.installed without issues.pressured to 100 psi.both failed catastrophically with same failure mode within days of each other. pressure was released instantaneously after approx 50 miles of riding when the valve interface to tube body bond failed....very poor performance/bad manufacturing and safety concern for a costly tube.returned for exchange with another brand and hope they inform the manufacturer of the safety/manufacturer flaws.they should not market these with such high failure rates and defects gave us the same sinking feeling as the sudden splits failure in the michelin ultralight repeated failures we've seen

>Rating: 1

Terrible Tube

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I agree 100% with Timothy S. Furthermore, I question the sizing. They are suppose to be 700, but seem more like 650s. It was a royal PITA trying to install one of these tubes. It then exploded at around 80 psi when trying to inflate it. I thought perhaps that if I stretched the second tube before installing I'd have better luck. Tried doing that, but the latex is so thin in spots that huge bulges would develop before the tube would stretch. Might see about returning the second tube, but seems like such a hassle for only $18. DO NOT BUY!!

>Rating: 1

Worst latex tubes I've ever owned

I've used it several times

I've been using latex tubes for a long time and have never had the issues I've had with these tubes. I thought I'd give them a try when I bought 2 sets of the Starada and Strada Bianca tires. These are the issues: 1) when slightly inflated so as to rub a little Talc powered on them and install, all of them have at least one area with very thin latex. This area bulges like a balloon. 2) When installed properly (talc powder, partially inflated when installed, twisting the tire when its seated on the rim) the tube will either explode at 60 lbs or inflate properly and explode on the road. I bought 8 of these in both the 30mm size and the 25mm size. Every single one exploded. Lastly, I'm running these with the Challenger Strada tires. I would not trust these tubes with my life. Most frustrating latex tubes I've ever owned.

So, from what I've read, the Challenge Strada Bianca and Paris-Roubaix tyres have a habit of the bead not seating properly at higher pressures and/or installed on rims whose bead is not perfectly manufactured or not up to ETRTO standard (IE Enve SES rims), so I'd check your rim, pressure, and trying another brand of tyre before indicating that the tube was to blame.

>Rating: 4

Tom would love these!

I've put it through the wringer

Very light, no flats, actually hold pressure better than expected but pump them as a precaution before daily rides. In combination with 320 TPI tires rides lighter and better than tubulars. So far, so good.

>Rating: 5

No flats

I've put it through the wringer

At Dirty Kanza 200. 50 psi. I love these. (I also just jinxed myself)

>Rating: 5

Holy Lightness!!!

I've used it several times

Man these tubes are light!!! Love them, no problems with flats at all, just be careful when installing them, they can pinch easily. I chalk them up before install, and it goes in just fine!! Just wish they were a little cheaper ;)

>Rating: 5

Super smooth ride

I've put it through the wringer

I switched from the Vittoria Latex tubes to these, much better. The Vittoria's are too thin, they are super light (about 50gm) vs these that are 70gm. I'll take the extra thick, but still pretty light ones - these :) I chalk them up pretty good with powder and install is easy. Yes, they loose about 30# of air overnight, but I always top off my air anyhow before every ride - just a few more pumps, and it's also good for your upper arm strength :) Make your bike ride just that much better - say 10% improvement on normal pavement. That's a pretty cheap upgrade. I do not notice any increase in punctures at all - am running Continental 4000S without any issues, other than being super awesome :)

Yup, better powder up if not blow up I go 110 psi paired with Vittoria Corsa Graphene 700x25c, yes I still have issues, by valve interface, so I slickster Bklyn kind a guy patch (4) sides of tube, correct Vittoria is thinner, ride is woof woof woof, carry extra co 2 & butyl tube, I'd like to complete my @ 200km weekly rides


The pic appears to show a removable valve...

The pic appears to show a removable valve core, just want to confirm this before purchasing. Thanks.

These do not include at remoeable valve core.

Mine have removable valve cores. Can be a bit of a pain if you do not tighten them down before attempting to inflate.


Do you think the 19x28 would be OK with a...

Do you think the 19x28 would be OK with a 30-32mm cross tire? I would rather not carry the extra bulk of the 29-38.

Hey Steve, Technically speaking you can run these in that tire, but its not a good idea. The more the latex stretches to cover the volume of the tire the more likely it is to pop. Additionally latex tubes are porous and leak air continually. If you stretch them further with a wider tire that becomes more of a problem. I hope this is helpful. If you'd like to talk more about other options, please feel free to give us a call.