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Ortovox 3+ Beacon


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3+ Beacon

Whether you're taking your first avalanche course or traveling into the backcountry after hours of practice, rely on the Ortovox 3+ Beacon. The 3+ answers your first three questions: which direction, how many people, and how far to them? This user-friendly, all-digital, triple-antenna search tool allows for quick recoveries by switching between transmitting antennas to maximize signal strength even when you tumble in a slide and change directions. In search mode, a simple circular real-time display tells you what direction to search and how far to the victim while a clear, circular pinpoint search shows you how close you are before you start moving away from the signal. Easy Mark technology shows the number of victims and lets you pin the signals once found (with a large button below the front display) so you can quickly move onto the next signal. After 120 seconds of no movement, the beacon switches from search to transmit in case you get buried in a follow-up slide. Should you be buried, the 3 Plus features Smart Antenna Technology which analyzes the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the best transmitting antenna, which boots range 43% more than other devices on the market (with the exception of Ortovix' S1+), no matter what search device your companion is using.

  • User-friendly avalanche beacon best-suits backcountry beginners
  • Triple antenna boasts 40m digital range
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology boosts signal in worse coupling positions
  • Intuitive acoustics and visual support assist in search mode
  • Single AA battery provides 250h transmission capacity
  • Automatic switch over from search to transmit if still for 120 seconds
  • Item #ORT0155

Digital Range
flagging, self-test, automatic switchover, multi-burial display, search acoustics, Smart-Antenna-Technology
1 AA alkaline
Batteries Included
Claimed Weight
7.05 oz
Recommended Use
skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, avalanche rescue
Manufacturer Warranty
5 years with registration

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Excellent beacon

I've put it through the wringer

The 3+ from Ortovox is fast and easy to use. This beacon has the ability to flag in the event of multiple burials and the features are streamlined and intuitive. One of the things I really like about the 3+ is that it has everything you need and not a lot of extra ‘bells and whistles’ that you don’t need. As an avalanche safety educator, I spend a lot of time with beacons, and this is the best one I have found.

>Rating: 5

Simple and Effective under Stress!

I've put it through the wringer

I have a fleet of these for my avalanche course students to use during their AIARE 1 Avalanche Course so they get used 14-16 weekends all winter long. They are an excellent price point for a 3 "smart" antenna, multiple burial flagging, motion activated auto-revert, intuitive beacon. I am an Ortovox Ambassador and received these beacons from them to test and use in the avalanche courses I teach.

>Rating: 5

Easy to use

I've put it through the wringer

I got this to replace a Backcountry Access DTS that I've had for years. I was looking for something a bit more advanced and this fits the bill. I've tested in at the beacon park in drills and have found it to be exceptionally easy to use. The advantage over the DPS comes in multiple burial situations and it seems to have a bit more range.

>Rating: 5

Stay safe

This beacon is great! I used it during my avalanche 1 course and found it super easy to use. The arrows on the digital display a very convenient and its real time updating keeps them accurate even when moving quickly. Once I entered the “refined search” it was quick to pinpoint a precise location of the buried beacon. Also, this beacon has a pretty good range compared to some of the other beacons people were using in my class, which is a great thing. Its ability to track multiple buried beacons at once is very helpful if you are dealing with the unfortunate situation of multiple burials. The design on the beacon is appealing and switching from transceiver to send mode is a breeze!

>Rating: 5

Easy to use.

I've used it several times

Searching for victims is difficult enough, so Ortovox made the 3 Plus as convenient as can be. You can switch from search to send with gloves on, and the screen reads intuitively. The range is surprisingly precise.

>Rating: 5

Ortovox makes great Avi gear.

I've put it through the wringer

Simple and easy to use beacon for all skill levels.

>Rating: 5

Perfect for backcountry adventures

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I've used this beacon the 3 or 4 times I've been in the backcountry since I got it. I tested it just doing some beacon drills and found it exceptionally easy to use. The interface is so simple and straightforward- a definite plus if you're ever in a high stress avalanche scenario. That was truly the determining factor for me when choosing my beacon. Also, the battery life is great (it beeps at you after hours of stillness to let you know it's still on), switching from send to receive is easy, and is overall the most badass life-saving tool you can have in the backcountry. Know Before You Go!

>Rating: 5

Better than the S1+

We had S1+ beacons recalled the week before we were heading to Alaska for a hell trip and Ortovox were amazing and sent us the 3+ to borrow whilst our beacons were being upgraded. I can honestly say that we all wanted to keep the 3+ and not bother with the S1+, its a fantastic easy to use beacon and we couldn't recommend them enough. I must say that the customer service from Ortovox was absolutely amazing, and that gave us peace of mind that we chose the right company's product.


Ortovox Smart Antenna Demo

You can see in the video when he flips the beacon without a smart antenna the beeping stops. When he lays it flat it starts beeping again. When we switch to a beacon with a smart antenna it has a small break in the beeping when it gets flipped vertical but, it continues to transmit a strong signal. The Ortovox devices have three antennas (x, y, and z). All three antennas are used during Searches. The x and y antennas are used to display the distance and the direction of movement. The z antenna is solely used for the fine search. The Ortovox devices are the only devices on the market that can analyze the position of the antennas using smart antenna technology and transmit via both the x and the y antenna. This vastly increases (up to doubles) the victim’s transmission range, making him or her far easier to find (improved visibility). When you are in the vertical position without Smart-antenna = poor visibility. A vertically positioned transmitter antenna (x antenna) only emits a signal vertically and results in poor visibility due to minimum area coverage (range) in the search area. A vertical tranSmitter without a Smart antenna is therefore more difficult to locate. When you are in the vertical position with Smart-antenna = very Good visibility. The patented Smart-antenna-technoloGy resolves this problem of poor visibility in the vertical position. The position sensor analyzes the device’s position in the avalanche and automatically switches to the y-antenna. As a result, the antenna once again transmits horizontally and expands the area coverage to almost the maximum range, making it easier to locate victims in less time.


Ortovox 3+ screen failure

Has anyone seen this before? Intermittent screen failure -- happened both in send and receive modes. This is shot in a car, but it happened in the same fashion in the backcountry far from EMI. I returned this to Ortovox and they had a brand new unit to me in less than a week. Nice work on the customer service!


What is the difference between the Ortovox...

What is the difference between the Ortovox 3 Plus beacon and the Ortovox 3+ beacon?

Hi Sgobin, looks like the only non cosmetic difference is that this one also has a recco reflector, where the 3+ does not