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DMM Phantom Wire Gate Quickdraw

$20.95 - $21.50

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  • Silver/Orange, 12cm
  • Silver/Orange, 18cm

Phantom Wire Gate Quickdraw

With two wiregate carabiners and an ultralight Dyneema sling, the DMM Phantom Wire Gate Quickdraw takes on any rock or ice pitch you encounter. This 2-ounce quickdraw provides easy clipping from a sketchy stance, and its burly I-beam construction provides 23kN of strength if you blow it. Neither the Phantom Wire Gate Quickdraw's wire gates or the Dyneema sling will freeze in cold weather, which makes this a great choice for winter use.

  • Item #DMM0016

Gate Type
23 kN
Claimed Weight
(12cm) 2 oz
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Solid Draw!

I've used it several times

This is a really great lightweight draw! I hesitate to call it a trad draw OR a sport draw — it occupies a similar niche as, say, the Mad Rock Concorde, or the BD MiniWire, two other very solid options. It's light enough for trad climbs where you don't need crazy extension, or where there might be bolts to clip in long runouts (Red Rocks, some parts of the ADK, etc). However, it's also build solid enough for hangdogging sport routes, and though it's on the lighter side for a true project draw, on a route you know well, a set of these will treat you nicely and keep your harness light. I think the main difference between these draws and something like the BD/MR equivalents is the fit and finish. DMM, though pricey, makes some gorgeous gear, and I feel confident racking these. Of course, the MiniWire would serve you just as well, but if you wanted a slightly nicer piece of gear, these are the ones to go for.


DMM Phantom” from DMM Climbing

I-Beam construction brings each Phantom carabiner's weight down to just 28 grams. Low weight doesn't mean no frills: the Phantom has a reduced gate notch to combat snagging, and more metal in contact areas for reduced wear on equipment. Connected with a lightweight Dynatec sling, the Phantom quickdraw is a high performance trad onsight tool. Also available as alpine quickdraws with an 8mm 60cm Dynatec sling.

>Rating: 5

Lightweight yet sturdy

I've used it several times

I picked up ten of these and did not regret it. They are somewhat small and very light to rack onto your harness, which is nice for long climbs. Proved to hold up on my first big whipper so I'm happy! Only complaint I have is that neither carabiner has a smooth nose to run the rope over. If you clip wrong in a tight spot and need to unclip it and adjust, it will most likely add a few seconds of finagling the rope to get it out of the carabiner. It also makes cleaning a little more cumbersome. If this is a feature you need look at the DMM Shield for almost double the price of the Phantom. For someone looking to get into bolted routes and wants a good strong draw that won't break the bank, these will do the trick!

>Rating: 5

One quickdraw to do it all

I've put it through the wringer

I've been using the Phantom quickdraws for years. They hold up well to repeated abuse in all conditions. Super light. Excellent craftsmanship. No problems clipping, even with gloved hands. Expensive, but you get what you pay for: quality.



>Rating: 5

Multipitch carabiner of choice.

I've put it through the wringer

Light and smooth clipping. I've been using these for a few years and they are fantastic. I use them on every multipitch trip I take. ... did I mention light? Yeah, they are great!

>Rating: 4

2 Phantom binners for $15.92

1 DMM Phantom QD for $15.92 equals to 2 DMM Phantom wiregate ultralight binners for $7.96 each + a free 12cm Dyneema dogbone. Sweet deal!

>Rating: 5

Climb light? how about damn near wieghtless.

super smooth. super light. carabiners are kinda small but no where near as small as those mad rock shits. the gates are also stiff. not too stiff, but stiff enough. just a perfect amount of everything. i got 6 12cm for my friend and he got 6 18 cm and its a perfect sport rack. they will send you a ups box and you'll pick it up off your front porch and you'll think they sent you an empty box.

>Rating: 5

Climb Light

Its a great quick draw, its super light, looks nice and feel good in your hand. I have some black diamond quick draws and they're good but these take it to the next level.