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Backcountry x DPS Nebo Alpine Touring Ski

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Backcountry x DPS Nebo Alpine Touring Ski

Backcountry has been a force in the outdoors for 20 years, and our deepest roots as Gearheads lead back to our beginnings in backcountry touring. To honor that heritage, we collaborated with DPS to make the Backcountry x DPS Nebo Alpine Touring Ski. The Nebo is a do-it-all, sub-1500g plank for virtually any snow conditions found in the Wasatch Mountains, our own backyard. We’re comfortable making that far-reaching claim, because the ski was designed with input and feedback from the most experienced Backcountry Gearheads. From the deep powder of Superior’s South Face to the often-icy conditions of the Pfeifferhorn's Northwest Couloir, the Nebo answers every question that our decades of dawn patrols and touring expertise can throw at it.

In order to check off our all-Wasatch wishlist, we started with the Tour 1 construction because it’s the lightest option offered by DPS , and then we asked for alterations to enhance overall stiffness and better stability at higher speeds. DPS obliged us. The key changes include thicker, prepreg carbon laminates and the same vibration damping technology found in the new Alchemist construction. The stiffer, more stable platform makes the difference between chattery rides and smooth, speedy cruises—all in a package that still maintains the Tour 1’s low weight.

Apart from those differences, the Nebo features the same profile as the Wailer 106—namely, a heavily rockered tip that slices through deep stashes of powder, enough camber underfoot to hold an edge down firm chutes, and a slightly rockered tail for playfulness that maneuvers around tight trees . The profile works with the Alchemist’s stiffness and the Tour 1’s sub-1,500g weight to make this ski worthy of longer tours like the biggest mountain in the Wasatch, Nebo itself.

  • Collaborative ski made by Backcountry and DPS for alpine touring
  • 106mm waist is an ideal width for riding the best powder on earth[DN6]
  • Tour 1’s capped, carbon construction keeps the ski’s weight below 1,500g
  • Alchemist’s vibration damping technology reduces chatter at high speeds
  • Durable, textured top sheet sheds snow to keep the Goat visible
  • Rocker tip & tail create a playful ride down powder and through trees
  • Camber underfoot holds an edge on firmer, icier snow
  • Gearhead Certified Product
  • Item #BCC00C4

158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 185cm
133 / 106 / 122mm
Turn Radius
balsa, Tour1 (prepreg carbon-fiber and fiberglass laminates)
Rockwell 48 steel
World Cup Race
Claimed Weight
(pair)[168cm] 5lb 14.5oz, [178cm] 6lb 5.6oz, [185cm] 6lb 13.7oz
Recommended Use
backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiing alpine touring
Manufacturer Warranty
limited lifetime

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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

Mfg and specs alone indicate a winner...

This is my 3rd pair of DPS skis in about as many years. Initial was mid waist 'quiver of 1' to see if I was going to like touring. 2nd was the euro narrow-waist for fast, light and non-monster-dump days. Last years epic dumps here in the wasatch had me wanting a wide powder plank which I'm expecting this to fill nicely. I had my sights on the 106 Wailer Tour 1 but the mods to make this 'Wasatch' tailored at a minimal weight cost won me over. Now-cross fingers for another great snow year.

>Rating: 5

Great, super light skis

I've put it through the wringer

Let's cut to the chase - these are for pow chasing: pure and simple. You're not buying these cut or carve groomers (don't bother they'll chatter and you'll be practicing your mini-bounces all day). Use them for what they're made for, surfy, fun, deep pow and you'll be in buttery heaven. I flip between skis and a my split-boards often and tend to short-lap in these in powder or great corn. I wouldn't use them in late-spring and super-variable conditions though.

>Rating: 4

Light and still fun

The Backcountry x DPS Nebo Alpine Touring ski is a super fun choice for all around touring. It strikes a great balance of lightweight, stiff enough for hard conditions, fat enough for powdery conditions, and looks cool with the goat on it. I mounted with Dynafit TLT Speed and ended up with an all-day, all-conditions setup. It's not crazy light for skimo racing, nor quite as stiff as I'd like for groomers at the resort, but it's pretty fun all the time.

>Rating: 4

light, great width

I've used it several times

I gave these skis 4 stars because I think it goes without saying that when you buy light skis for the uphill it isn't going to be a super damp charger. These kill it on the uphill. I paired this ski with MTN bindings and they are fantastic. However, like most light skis they are not going to blast through cut up, crud or variable conditions. When I get into variable snow the skis feel squirrelly. On consistent firm or untracked they are great, but most skis are great in hero snow. I would not choose these as a 50/50 ski, and would say they are best suited to longer missions where you are looking to go light....find fresh lines and you'll love this ski.

>Rating: 5

Worth every penny.

I've used it several times

UPDATE: I'm on week 10 of skiing the Nebo and am completely sold. Even though this ski is not meant for the resort, I just keep taking it there. It took me a day to adjust to it on the hard pack and crud, but now I don't even notice a different and charge through everything. I love them!! My news skis have just been sitting around for 6 months, while I waited for a rock-free day. I still hit one rock, but for the most part, Nebo's virgin voyage was during perfect conditions to fully test it out. I have these mounted with the Dynafit Rotation 10, which is DIN rated. So, I took these into the resort, in order to get them in every condition imaginable, before I trust myself in the backcountry. I didn't need to do that, in the end, as they make me a better skier. But, I was nervous about a new, very light ski. My biggest thrill with these? It took my legs 4 hours to fatigue, skiing powder the whole time. Normally, half a run of powder and I have to stop and rest my legs. That fact alone makes it worth the high price point, for me. I was unstoppable. I'm wildly impressed with how they built this ski. It's floats like a dream. I held back on the crud and groomers at first, but I quickly learned to trust my new BFF and pushed this ski harder with every run. I rode the full mountain, this ski didn't let me down once. There's absolutely no chatter on the groomed runs and I was in complete control on the crud and in the trees. They weren't super fast on the groomers, for some reason. But, it's possible I was being more timid than I realize. Either way, the skis are so light that I could just skate and pick up speed. I blew past everyone in front of me on the flats, once I started skating. I almost felt like I was running, because they are super light and I could keep a fast cadence. I have never skated so much at a resort. It felt pretty good and I think I'm addicted to it, actually. I could honestly do anything with this ski, except take it to the park. They are too fancy. So yeah, these are for the backcountry but I am going to have a hard time not taking them to resort every chance I get, especially on powder days. They are a confident and proud creation. I'm so happy I gambled on this new model. Jackpot!

>Rating: 5

Heck yes!

These skis are awesome. I've toured on them twice now and really enjoyed them. They're super light on the up hill and feel really solid on the down. They feel really stiff, allowing you to feel confident skiing through any conditions on the down.

>Rating: 5

Unreal Ride!

I've used it several times

Was able to get on these and the performance is unreal! Great stability through chop and float amazingly well in the pow! Being based in Utah, you experience mixed and chopped terrain, even in the backcountry. Thoroughly impressed with the lightweight and performance of the Nebo!

>Rating: 5


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

They look great and are insanely stiff for out light they are. I am looking forward to some more snow to give them a real review.

>Rating: 5

Looking forward to the new daily driver.

I just mounted these up and I cant wait to hit the skin track with them. They are crazy light for how stiff and poppy they feel. I will report back with more once I get a few days on them!

So they fell poppy...on groomers, in the shop?

>Rating: 5

Blend the Best to Chase Powder

I've used it several times

DPS skis are synonymous with deep snow. Founded here in the Wasatch where we get arguably the "greatest snow on earth" - there is a reason the skis built by Drake and crew are shaped and designed the way they are. I have been an avid skier of the Tour 1 series for a few seasons now. I am a huge fan of how the profile of the ski glides through soft snow - and they are absolutely light and great on the skin track. In my quiver, my Tour 1's are my "powder touring" skis. When it's soft and deep, i reach for them. But when i expect the snow to be variable, or the conditions to be firm or a bit technical, I usually turn to my more stable, damp and "heavier" skis - like the Alchemist series. I just appreciate the fortitude a bit more than the joy surfing that i get in the Tour1's in powder. But I love the weight of the Tour 1 on the skintrack. They are what I could consider, featherweight for their class. Enter the Nebo. Designed essentially off the chassis of the Tour1 Wailer 106 profile with lightweight carbon capped construction, BUT with the added dampening materials found in the Alchemist series - this ski is the blend of both the best in the DPS line up. And the beauty of this ski is that with this combination, the overall weight stays down and so I no longer have to make the choice to reach for either my Tour1's or a heavier ski - I can love the weight of these on the way up, and enjoy the added stability and dampening of the ride to charge down. Overall less chatter when the snow gets firm and choppy, but no less "soul surfy" in the soft deep blower. For the 178cm they weight about 1500 grams (3.3lbs) per ski - heavier than the Tour1 but lighter than the Alchemist - the ideal blend for weight efficiency. I put about half a dozen days on these late last year and they fill the gaps in my quiver. I coupled them with a lighter weight binding - the Salomon MTN binding, and ski them with my Tecnica Zero G boot. I won't go as far to say that it's the holy grail "best up, and best down" - but it most definitely is my new favorite ski for all around touring - when I don't want to worry about what the snow will be like, or how the top of that couloir is firming up. Note - named after the tallest peak in the Wasatch. With a northwest couloir to dream about - check it out.

Hey Alex, how do thee compare to the Voile Hyperchargers you also reviewed?

>Rating: 4

4 stars because they are new to me.

I'm very familiar with the awesomeness of DPS skis, having ridden the Nina and the Zelda. So I'm going mad, waiting to get my new Nebo's in the backcountry!! These are a one-profile-fits-all-conditions touring ski, which is exactly what I need for the pow under the ridges and the crud and trees at the base. Can hardly wait and praying for more early season snow!

How can you rate them if you are still waiting to use them????

Because they are DPS! There is no way they'd be anything less than 4 stars, based on my experience with all of their other skis. The question was, will they live up to their claims, on being the perfect do-all backcountry ski for the Rockies? After my first all day ride, where I really put them to the test, I could not find a flaw. I'll send you an email so we can chat about them. See my new review!