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Climbing Skins

Guide: How to Choose Climbing Skins

Skins are made of mohair, synthetics or a synthetic/mohair blend. Synthetics are durable and grippy, while mohair skins glide with superior speed and efficiency, but don't grip as well as synthetics. Skins with a blend of mohair and synthetic offer a balance of these qualities.

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More and more skins are being manufactured to fit specific ski models. If one is not available for your ski, you'll need to buy a skin that's longer and wider than your ski at its widest point (usually the tip) and trim it to fit. Most skins ship with an easy-to-use trimming tool and instructions.

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Clips at the tip and tail and sticky, non-permanent glue compound keep a skin attached to your ski. Most skins use clips that will universally attach to any ski, although pre-cut skins skins are often designed to interface with holes or notches in particular models of ski.

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How to Choose Climbing Skins