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Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen founded the company in 1877, making the first supple, waterproof jacket to protect his crew from the elements. Their oilskin jackets, trousers and other equipment quickly grew in popularity, and gave rise to loyal following and decades of innovations and firsts stemming from Helly Hansen's birthplace in the rugged fjords of Norway. These include Helly Tech® waterproof breathable outerwear; Fiberpile fleece, the forefather to modern polyester fleece; and LIFA, the first technical baselayer material.

Helly Tech

Helly Tech waterproof breathable outerwear provides extreme protection in the harshest conditions. It is your armor to protect you from the elements. Using a membrane with microscopic holes small enough to keep water molecules from getting in, but big enough to let moisture molecules escape, Helly Tech keeps you dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside.


During high-energy activities, too much sweat can make you cold and uncomfortable. LIFA Stay Dry Technology is based on a fiber that is constructed in a completely different way than most other synthetic baselayers on the market. When exposed to moisture, the LIFA fibers immediately move it away from you skin, allowing the moisture to evaporate into the air or into the next layer, keeping you dry and comfortable.

H2 Flow

When Helly Hansen talked to professional sailors, skiers and mountain guides, they said they needed something that would help them stay warm but was more versatile and comfortable than regular jackets. Helly had the idea of a system that could provide warmth when needed, but with a high volume of mechanical ventilation to allow excess heat to escape. Through countless tests and prototypes, Helly Hansen developed a unique solution with H2 Flow, a jacket that is both protective and highly adaptable to high-exertion backcountry pursuits.

About Helly Hansen

In 1877 Helly Juell Hansen crafted his first oilskin waterproof jacket for the harsh waters of the Norwegian fishing industry. Over 130 years later, Helly Hansen remains at the forefront of apparel innovation, creating garments and gear to aid individuals working in the most rugged, merciless environments on the planet. From deep-sea survival suits to the latest in ski and snowboard outerwear, Helly Hansen applies the same function-focused, safety-first mindset to help you excel in extreme conditions.