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Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center


Rock Prodigy Training Center

Trango designed its Rock Prodigy Training Center for extremely precise and repeatable exercises that can turn novice climbers into the next legendary sender. Its two-piece construction allows a custom fit for your body, thereby increasing your performance and decreasing the chance of injuring your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. The Rock Prodigy includes two jugs and two slopers for warming up, variable-depth edge rails with position index bumps to target specific difficulties, three ergonomic, pinches of different sizes that prevent cheating with your thumbs, multi-use pockets with three-finger to one-finger versatility, and four fairly nasty crimps.

Trango gave each hold ergonomic gradients that help you locate the specific area you've been training on rep after rep. The exterior is very slick to protect inactive fingers. The positive holds are single-textured to give you a little bit of friction for training, and the slopers, jugs, and pinches are double-textured to give you the best possible grip to stay on the fingerboard.

  • Training center for becoming a rock prodigy
  • Two-piece construction aligns shoulders for solid customization
  • Two jugs, two slopers, four pinches, and crimps complete fitness
  • Variable-depth edge rails with position index bumps
  • Ergonomic gradients on each hold
  • Slick texture exterior
  • Single-texture positive holds
  • Double-texture slopers, jugs, and pinches
  • Item #TRG000I

2 jugs, 2 slopers, 6 pinches, 4 edges, 4 crimps, 8 pockets
Recommended Use
climbing training
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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>Rating: 5

Download the App!!!

Decided to put a new hang board in at the house to train during the winter. I have used a Metolis hangboard before so I decided to switch it up and get a Trango because I can set the spacing to my shoulder width (huge plus). Almost every photo below has a pulley system set up for the hang board and for good reason. I will be installing my next week. I highly recommend downloading the app and paying the small charge. The beginner set is 9 exercises with 6 reps and breaks built in for a total around 48 mins. Its a full workout and i'm slowly working my way up to actually being able to complete it all the way through. Very happy with my purchase. I bought the Metolis wall mount and it fits this hang board perfect for mounting.

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer anyone buying their first board this is a big deal. Has every grip type I can come up with and the material is perfectly textured and comfortable. 5/5 Oh and you're gonna want to buy or build a pulley sho.
>Rating: 5

Great Hangboard

I've put it through the wringer

Though more expensive than others, this hangboard is great because you can adjust it for each grip. I tend to like wider grips, and most boards have many holds I can't utilize comfortably. For me it was worth the extra expense. I used a Z cleat to make my board width adjustable.

>Rating: 5

Too Good To Be True

I've put it through the wringer

This hangboard is the absolute top of the line. First off, the fact that it is split into two pieces make it so that you can set it up in a way that most benefits your current workout. Easy to adjust, it has every type of hold you might encounter on the rock wall from crimps, to slopers, to jugs, to pinches, no other hangboard has as many training options. Further, having the ability to adjust the angle of the two pieces themselves makes it easy to avoid injury or still train even with might wrist or finger injuries. Overall, if you want to start training on a hangboard at home, don't waste your money on other hangboards, this is easily the most well designed board I have trained on so far which makes it easier to get off the couch and get back to work!

It’s 2019, what hang board would you recommend now please? Thanks Much- cg

>Rating: 5

Best hangboard out there. Period!

I've put it through the wringer

This hangboard combines all the best of all the historic top tier hangboard with no chuff or fluff. From 5.10 - 5.14+ this is an excellent hangboard!


gettin' fit!


Train hard, Goats, train hard.


Installation video

>Rating: 5

A Step Forward

Just started a new fingerboard cycle with this board, and I must say it is a very well thought out board, best I have trained on so far. Very comfortable, easy on the skin and easy to setup to your specific shoulder widths. This board is designed to be used with the Anderson Brothers style repeater workouts, although I am sure it could be used for other styles of hangboarding.


What's the dimension of this hangboard?