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Trango Rock Prodigy Forge


Forged to perfection.

Your Rock Prodigy Training Center took your climbing prowess to a whole new level. It's time to step up your game, yet again, with Trango's Rock Prodigy Forge. An excellent addition to the Training Center, the Forge brings new difficulties to your hangboard regimen. New features include shallower pockets, smoother slopers, steeper pinches, and a unique closed-crimp grip with a thumb support that drastically reduces potential injuries. A smoother texture and all-new edge profiles not only increase the challenge, but they also eliminate flappers.  

  • Dedicated closed-crimp grip with thumb support
  • All-new edge profiles
  • Drafted pockets
  • Steeper slopers
  • Smoother texture throughout
  • Item #TRG001U

6 pockets, 4 crimps, 4 slopers, 8 pinches
9.1 x 12.1 in
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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Great addition to the training arsenal

I bought this because I maxed out my Metolius project hang board. I’m really impressed by this hang board but don’t oversell yourself, this wouldn’t be a great first hang board. However, once you have hangboarding experience this makes a great addition to your finger training. You will definitely need some sort of pulley or whatever to take off weight so you can utilize all the holds on this. I can only deadhang on the 40 degree slipper, the 3 finger pocket, the deeper 2 finger pocket, and the medium depth part of the edge. I’m too cheap to set up a pulley, but I have marked on the floor a few places where I set my heels when I hang to take off some of the weight. I really like the texture of this board, less coarse than Metolius boards but still grippy with chalk. The drafted pockets are comfortable, more so than on other boards. There are 2 different little crimpy holds that I like. The first is the new closed crimp grip with thumb support, which means you can safely train your full crimping on a hang board. The other is at the top of the board and is a funky open hand with thumb support grip. There are good YouTube videos that show how to use the different grips. Thanks Backcountry!

>Rating: 5

Great hangboard for 5.11 and beyond

I've used it several times

This board is too good to not have a good review! I am a 5.11/12 climber that just started training with the Rock Climber's Training Manual after climbing for 4-5 years. I had become interested in training after hitting a plateau where I couldn't "just climb a lot" to improve anymore. This is the only hangboard I have owned, but I have used others in gyms. The holds on this are significantly more difficult than any other board I have encountered. This difficulty is great as long as you are climbing 5.11 or above and set up a pulley system with free weights to reduce the weight on your fingers. After one 7 session, 2.5 week cycle on this board, I am only dead-hanging or adding weight on the larger/easier holds like the 40 deg sloper, 3F pocket, and the inner var. edge. Most others I am taking 15 to 50 pounds off. There are holds on this board that are just too small and difficult to train unless you are an expert climbing 5.13 and above. For example, the small half pad 2F pockets, outer var. edge, and the really nifty closed crimp holds are unusable for me now. I definitely was concerned this board would be too difficult for me when I bought it. However, I have 10 unique holds I can train at my level on this board, and it leaves a lot of runway for improvement. This is a review of other hang boards, but Siegrist makes great points about looking for a board with bad holds because hang boards are not meant for pull-ups: I really like the set up on this board, and especially the pinches. I have a weakness with pinches and this board is great for strengthening wide, medium and narrow pinches. I have noticed that almost all other boards either don't have a pinch or its set in a way that doesn't seem to isolate the actual pinching power. The texture, layout, and drafted pockets all make for as comfortable of a workout as hangboarding can be.