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About Toad&Co

Since its inception, Toad & Co. has been obsessed with making a statement through subtlety. In its own words, its clothes are designed to be an expression of ease. And in our words, it's simply a statement without shouting a statement. Though, in a real world context, it means that whether it's a t-shirt, pants, or jacket, it'll be ready to wear off the floor with same level of panache as if off of the hanger. Why? Well, because Toad & Co. pays close attention to every detail of its clothes, for both its men's and women's attire. Along these lines, you'll find that sustainable & organic fibers are a recurring theme throughout the line. And not only is this good for the planet, it's also better for shirts, shorts, hats, and the collection as a whole.

This consciousness applies itself in many forms, both socially and environmentally. In short, Toad & Co. wants you to feel just as good about how your clothes are made as you do wearing them. After all, it's been engaging in meaningful, altruistic partnerships since 1997. And even to this day, 100% of its web orders are fulfilled by developmentally disabled PAC employees that have received vocational training & assistance at the behest of Toad & Co. and its partners.

So what's the essence of Toad & Co.? Simple: making clothes that you can feel good about, both outside and in.

Toad & Co was formally known as Horny Toad. Please be advised that some products still carry the Horny Toad label.