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Celebrating the Rhythm and Grace of Women's Surfing

A Sea of Dreams

Raised in Italy, Seea founder Amanda Chinchelli dreamed of becoming a fashion designer when she grew up. Eventually settling in California, she fell in love with surfing but grew frustrated with her inability to find swimwear that fulfilled her need for both style and performance. So she began stitching her own designs, putting them to the test in the SoCal waves. Other surfers took notice and requests for custom suits began rolling in, leading Chinchelli to officially launch Seea.

Retro Elegance

Seea suits pay homage to the pioneering women who first dared to ride waves by using elegant, vintage design elements. The retro looks are fused with modern cuts, fun prints, and beautiful Italian fabrics. From surprisingly sensual one-piece suits to rashguards and surf leggings, Seea seeks to strike the perfect balance between function and style.

Surf-Worthy Performance

At its core, Seea is “a celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing.” As such, Seea suits have to do more than turn heads, they also need to perform in the surf. Seea’s signature surf suits bridge the gap between a rashguard and swimsuit, featuring UPF rated fabrics and long sleeves for extra protection. The upshot is, you don't have to forfeit the look you want to get the coverage and performance you need.

Locally Crafted in California

Beyond beautiful suits and a passion for the waves, Seea is also committed to domestic production and sustainable design. Every Seea suit is 100% locally crafted in Southern California, right down to the vintage-style hangtags and the famous surf breaks that each suit is named after.

Meet the SeeaBabes

Making their homes near famous surf spots ranging from Hawaii to Mexico to SoCal, the Seea Babes are brand ambassadors who exemplify the rhythm, grace, and beauty of women’s surfing. While their backgrounds and interests are diverse, all the Seea Babes share a common morning ritual: wake up, choose a suit, get coffee, and go surfing—every day.