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  • Petzl - Grigri + Belay Device - Violet Purple
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Petzl Grigri + Belay Device

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    21 Reviews


    The best-seller gets better.

    The engineers over at Petzl must never be satisfied, because while the Grigri is already a best-seller, and perhaps the most popular assisted braking belay device on the market, the Grigri + Belay Device offers a smoother, safer performance than its predecessors. Petzl promises your rope—as long as it isn't skinnier than 8.9mm—will slide through the device so smoothly that you won't have to place your thumb over the brake in order to dish out slack, so you can belay with this device in the same way that you would a standard tube device. Petzl integrated an anti-panic locking system that will lock the Grigi + up when overzealous beginners—or advanced climbers for that matter—pull down on the brake's handle too hard.

    The most unique feature has to be a new switch on the side that allows you to switch from top rope belaying to lead belaying. In lead belay, the Grigri + works very similarly to the previous Grigri models. In top rope belay, this device stiffens the brake so it bites the rope better when your climber is taking.

    • Best-selling belay device revamped for a smoother, safer feel
    • Assisted brake handle updated with anti-panic locking system
    • Applies same belay method as standard belay device
    • Switch on side optimizes use for either top rope or lead belay
    • Item #PTZ005X

    Tech Specs

    [side plates] aluminum [friction plate, wear plate] stainless steel [handle] nylon
    assisted brake
    Rope Diameter
    8.9 - 10.5mm
    Claimed Weight
    Recommended Use
    Manufacturer Warranty
    3 years

    Tech Specs

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    Grigri, do you agree? :)

      Not as easy to use as a normal ATC, but once you get used to it, it is easy to belay with. I bought this as a secondary belay device to use while belaying my partner on lead rope climbs. I really only use it when working on longer more difficult routes. The Grigri 2 is probably not a necessary upgrade based on what I've seen and used from the first version. I would totally recommend this for any climber.

      Very safe and send inspiring

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I was given the opportunity to test out the Grigri+ through our Backcountry employee perk system, so this was my first time using one!
      After getting some instruction at my local climbing gym about the nuances of holding the Grigri when paying out slack on lead and using the finger catch to lower off of, I realized I needed one of these bad boys myself.
      The movement economy saved when lead belaying is really nice, especially when helping your partner project something. I also really liked the mechanical camming action with the assisted braking, especially when catching falls or holding your partner during post fall hang-doggin. Saves grip energy for when its your turn to send it!
      It definitely has a place in everyone's climbing rack, especially with the recent trend of climbing gyms requiring AB devices. I would have like a bigger thumb catch, say on the Grigri2. Also, the price point on the Grigri2 is much more appealing. I think I'd pick the 2 over the + for both of those factors. Cant go wrong either way though!

      100 lb boy belays 165 lb man

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      My 13 year old son belays me with this device. Initially it is tricky getting used to the nuance of the anti panic design, but we've worked through that and now have achieved consistently smooth belays.

      It takes a bit of practice to get used to the feel, but it is worth it, especially when I'm on the short end knowing he won't drop me because of the red fox that just popped out and ran between his feet. Yes, this happened.

      I still like my BD ATC for climbing with my friends, but this offers great peace of mind when climbing with my kids.

      Good stuff

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I've used the plus a handful of times and it is definitely a killer piece of gear. I would recommend sticking with the 2 or even buying that over this in all honesty though. It gets the job done but I think the 2 manages to be more efficient as far as belay devices go.

      GRI GRI +

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      SO been using this for a year, belaying my lead partner, top roping. All the normal stuff. Paying out for clipping is a pain in the butt sometimes on high rope drag scenarios. Its super sensitive with the anti panic mode and the finger stop is larger on the GriGri 2.
      Just yesterday using the GriGri 2 at the gym (My friends) I found it way easier in all regards in usage, fed better, lowered better, better finger catch.

      Looking back since this was my first ABD im gonna say that you should save 50 bucks and stick with the GG2.

      Petzl products are great I might add, it still does the job, and I trust petzl for my professional career and my rock adventures. I just dont see how this warrants any extra consideration. Especsially when the lead and top rope switch feels just about the same.

      Took some getting used to

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Went with this version after our grigri started feeling loose. It did take some practice to get the hang of it - doesn’t run as smooth the original, but the auto stop is actually kind of nice to have (it’s like when you upgrade your smart phone software...takes getting some getting used to). Was using a grigri 2 that was stolen for a short period, which always felt small and flimsy. Def prefer the solid feel of the + better than the 2.

      Stick to the GriGri 2

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      If you already own a GriGri and are thinking about getting the Plus, I don't think the advantages out way the benefit of upgrading. The panic mode when lowering and the Lead-to-TR feature may be nice for some, it is a little touchy and you might not like it if you are familiar with the older versions. Having said that, Petzl has changed the game for assisted braking devices and if you don't own a GriGri already, do yourself a favor and get one. They are the best on the market and milestone for the sport. Although it may not be perfect, this advancement from the previous version is a step in the right direction of making things better.

      Poor Product Design

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I work full time in a climbing gym. This is the worst assisted braking, cam style belay device available IMO. It frequently cams when you don't want it to, making a rough ride for lead climbing and lowering. The notch that you're suppose to use for your pointer finger on when lead belaying is far more difficult to use than the standard Grigri and Grigri 2. The notch is smooth metal rather than a hooked design. The reinforced steal plate would have been useful if they had actually put it in a place on the device that received any wear. It is also extremely difficult to switch the device between "lead mode" and "top rope mode." I would not suggest anyone purchase this device over the standard Grigri 2.

      Petzl, your device is bad and you should feel bad.

      When you push in the tiny white "key lock" with a toothpick or something similarly small, then switching between modes becomes ez-peasy. The "key lock" is optional, and doesn't need to be kept in place while using the device. If one is inexperienced in belaying, then the "+" is probably better due to the anti panic pullback; but now that I've used my "+", I can see how someone experienced would much prefer the "2". And of course, right after the first of the year, you'll have the GriGri "2019" as an option, which looks an awful lot like the "2". I'd be interested in an in-depth description of the differences - if any - between the "2" and the "2019".

      Great Device With One Small Drawback

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Great device that make's belaying exponentially easier, and safer! As mentioned in the other reviews, the anti-panic triggering is incredibly sensitive. It's oven triggered when belaying fairly slowly and takes a while to find the sweet spot.

      That being said, it's still an incredible device that no climber should ever be without.

      I love grigris, but not this one

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I originally had the grigri2 in my cart and BackCountry called to upsell me. I thought it was great to have a new model. A little more money for a little more safety seemed like a good idea.

      It's not. The anti-panic is really so sensitive it's borderline unusable. The good climbers I climb with won't use it. My daughter would rather belay me on a black diamond ATC rather than fight the anti-panic on the descent.

      When your focus is on the device rather than the climber, bad things can happen. Further, when the tool is this sensitive and it has an override, folks will just use the override.

      I am left with a device that's not as safe, more expensive, heavier, and hard to use.

      Great idea. Bad execution. I will probably get a grigri 2 instead.

      The "+" is worth it

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      I got this as a gift for my brother and he had the following feedback to share:
      "Wow, what a tool! I'm a longtime GriGri user and the plus is quite an upgrade from the previous models. Very stoked on the anti panic function that gives extra peace of mind when less experienced friends are belaying. You have to use this thing yourself to feel how smooth the plus model feed the rope. I never thought lead belaying with a GriGri could feel the same as an ATC. Overall this device is worth the price and is really fun to use. I feel that this may be the new standard in safety in a belay device and I plan to keep one on my rack."

      great device

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Im a long time GriGri user... and I just love them and the GriGri + is just a nice little step up from the GriGri 2. I use a 9.8mm rope usually and it feeds great when I am paying out or taking in slack. The new modes on the + are really nice., especially the top rope setting. It really helps hold people and the cam locks the rope a little quicker so no progress is lost if your top roper comes off the wall. I also love the anti-panic mode for those over zealous lowers.... I have never been a fan of a fast lower and this just keeps you a little safer!
      I highly recommend the GriGri +

      Great Tool for your Rack

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Definitely not a necessity but an awesome piece to have. I prefer to use a gri gri in guide mode on multi-pitch climbs because its very simple to set up and it allows for cleaner option to lower the follower if needed.

      Keeps you and your buddies safe & sound!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      The Grigri + is an upgrade to an already very safe device that offers even another layer of protection. Talk about piece of mind! I had the opportunity to use one for a few weeks and found several things that I liked about the device overall.

      First of all, the machining of the aluminum faceplate feels very smooth and solid, with what seems like purposefully rounded edges throughout. Couple that with the Stainless friction plates and the Plus starts to feel really nice in the hand.

      Now as for top rope and gym use, taking in rope is the same as any other Grigri and here the device performed perfectly, as expected. I would add that loading and unloading rope into the device seemed somewhat easier and there was no catch on even very thick gym ropes when closing the faceplate. It is a hard thing to explain, but if you have used a normal Grigri 2 than you may pick up what I mean.

      Lowering a climber was very smooth with the new Plus, and here is where Petzl really got it right on the device. The new "Anti-Panic" function of the lever takes a few moments to adjust to, but it's added safety for new and even experienced belay partners is Invaluable! There is basically a small sweet spot when using the lever where the device lowers the climber at a safe rate. So if you were to accidentally pull back harder than needed (potentially decking your climbing buddy) the small lobe which disables the lever would actuate and lock the device to catch your climber. From here you can simply reset and begin lowering your pal to solid ground once again!

      I only used the new Grigri + in lead climb mode for one or two outings, so take that for what it is worth. However it did perform very smooth when paying out slack compared to it's older brethren, and did not require any manipulation of the cam unless paying out at a quick rate. That in of itself is a massive benefit as the entire point of an auto-locking device is to well, lock, automatically. With very thick gym ropes it seemed to cam/lock more easily when paying out slack, and was not quite as smooth as with smaller crag ropes, although it was still a vast improvement over the previous model

      All an all I would say the New device from Petzl is a super solid choice for your rack, and the next step in the way of safety technology for new climbers. Buy one, be safe, climb harder.

      New One is Worth it!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      A majority of the belaying I do is with a GriGri. I used the original GriGri for many years, upgraded to the GriGri2 when it was released, and just recently purchased the GriGri+ and started using it. Wow! This thing is great. The tope rope and lead modes are noticeably better than the predecessor. The top rope mode captures progress so well that it feels like an ascender! In lead mode, feeding slack (without manually holding the device open) is noticeably smoother than the GriGri2. The thumb catch is much more comfortable than the 1 or 2.
      If you use a GriGri as your primary belay device (can you even call yourself a sport climber if you don’t?), it’s worth the extra money. Seriously – this thing feeds slack well.

      The Last Belay Device You'll Ever Need

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      After beating up my Grigri 2, I upgraded to the + and I am already stoked on it's features.

      I've used it for top roping in the gym, which the new "top rope" setting is a great add. It's more "grabby" on the rope in this function. I was top-roping with one of the gym's provided ropes (THICK -11mm) and it worked great.

      When in lead function this thing feed sooooo smoothly! If I had my eyes closed i'd believe i was belaying with an ATC -

      No more holding the cam down to feed slack! - Yes, i know, i wasn't supposed to do this anyway but with the + - in lead mode, it's soooo smooth to pay out slack.

      It also feels burlier - but not heavier. I have a feeling it will be less prone to the polishing and groovin that i have going on with me 2 (which has seen some use)

      I also had a chance to test out the anti panic. We climbed up a 3 pitch route, and wanted to lower from those top anchors down to a mid anchor to top rope a harder quartzite slab - i was able to lower my partner smoothly off the anchor and engaged the anti-panic once as I started to lower too quickly. It was awesome to know that I couldn't drop my partner. It was easy to disengage the anti panic and begin lowering again.

      I had been thinking about replacing my USED grigri 2 for awhile and am super stoked on the upgrades.

      For beginners - ease of transition from learning on an ATC, Great for Gym Climbing, Great to any sort of trickery when lower outside climbing, and great lead belay (duh)

      The legend contiues!

      pretty great device

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      The GriGri + resolves some of the safety concerns that climbers voiced about the Grigri 2.
      A lot of people have complained about ropes (particularly skinny ones) slipping through the Grigi's camming mechanism while lowering.
      The new Grigri is harder to operate incorrectly. Petzl added an anti panic feature that causes the cam to engage when rope passes through the device too quickly. The anti panic feature prevents belayers from yanking the device's lever and dropping their climber to the ground - instead, the lever automatically disengages, the climber's descent comes to a stop.
      I think that the new Grigri is safer than the older model mostly because it is a bit easier to use.
      I get that 'Ease-of-use' seems like an unexciting way to differentiate between two devices that are engineered to feel easy-to-use, but I think that the changes make it more intuitive.
      If you're itching for a smoother lead mode, or you feel like added safety features are a good thing, it is probably worth thinking about the grigri plus. If you're pretty satisfied with the grigri 2 and don't feel like you'll panic/pull on the lever while lowering, the new model probably won't blow your mind.