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Grivel Sigma Wire D Twin Gate Carabiner


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Your nightmares of unclipping biners are over.

You'll feel safe pulling through the crux with Grivel's Sigma Wire D Twin Gate Carabiner clipped to your climbing rope. This bent gate biner has an additional wire gate to prevent accidental unclipping, and it's as easy as clipping standard biners. The twin gate also increases durability, with an incredibly high strength rating for a biner designed for the rope end.

  • Unique twin gate design
  • Item #GRV000L

Gate Type
twin (wire & bent)
twin gate
Major Axis Strength
30 kN
Minor Axis Strength
9 kN
Open Gate Strength
9 kN
Gate Opening
23 mm
101 x 62 mm
Claimed Weight
2 oz
Recommended Use
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>Rating: 5

Does not freeze

I've put it through the wringer

A perfect choice for winter climbing. I dont know how many times I have rappelled without locking my carabiner because it is froze. these take some getting used to especially with big gloves. Once you get the hang of it its a dream. No more breathing on your carabiners trying to get them to unlock. These are the only lockers on the market that do not freeze a huge advancement in the safety of winter climbing.

>Rating: 4

Easier to secure than standard locker

I've used it several times

Push (with thumb or index) or pull (with thumb and middle finger) the wire gate open, clip through inner gate, that's it you're clipped, locked, and secure. No real directional (r/l facing or x-over) limitations, that I've noticed, on single handed clipping, the techniques do have to be modified some due to requirement to open outer gate. When oriented upside down(rope side of draw) an open outer gate will guide the rope, sling, etc. into the biner. If the outer gate is released before a rope, sling, etc. is fully clipped through the inner gate, into the biner, the outer gate will hold rope in position. At this point a slight tug will drop the rope all the way through the inner gate. To unclip, don't get distracted by the outer gate, just open inner gate like any standard non-locking biner (an extra shake or firm flick will ensure you're clear of the outer gate) Easy to catch/work the gates with even heavy gloved hands, making these ideal for mountaineering teams. (this is less true on the largest Mega, dual solid gates. The Lamda seemed like an all round better belay biner in comparison) An option for enhanced security at pro even for 3+ person rope team, allowing a bight to be clipped through the gates quickly and single handed (as each climber passes each piece) without stopping to unscrew or release a complex locking mechanism. This is true of most climbing gear but I wouldn't recommend using them with a partner who hasn't used these before the climb. Think about about the first time you clipped a twist locker. The first few times it just takes a moment longer to work it out. Its so much better to spend that moment on the ground before the climb than while breaking down an anchor when everyone's ready for you to get going. Innovative and well thought out product so it is hard to complain about price given cost of great engineering and benefit of added safety but.... really its basically a Petzl Spirit with an additional wire gate. An extra $5 per biner (50% increase) seem a bit steep to anyone else? Compared to other lockers the price isn't really out of range but if Grivel could get this close enough in the price range of non-lockers I think it would receive and deserve overwhelming adoption.

Update: After using these for a bit longer and a larger variety of purposes I wanted to highlight a couple things I've noticed. Even the nose of the wire gates are larger than most other biners I've used this caused an issue when I tried to use with the Petzl Pirana and the Sterling ATS devices. The gates will compress a little but it wasn't enough to work with either of these. Be careful setting up your gear since some combos aren't going to work well. The second issue I've run into is underestimating what it will take for different individuals to get used to the gate action, specifically unclipping (I don't really understand why since the action is the same as a regular non-locking biner, the outer gate just throws people). Even after demos few partners have been quick to embrace these, leading to some frustration when I pull them out. I still love them but have to be careful what and who I use them with.

>Rating: 5

Slap these bad boys on everything!

I've re-upped my alpine draws with these as the rope end biner. No more fear of ropes unclipping! Takes a second to get used to, but definitely worth the peace of mind.