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BlueWater Titan Daisy Chain

$15.60 - $26.75

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  • Assorted, 24in
  • Assorted, 42in

Titan Daisy Chain

Made with BlueWater's lightweight Titan webbing and reinforced with Spectra, the Titan Daisy Chain can compliment any aid climber's rack. By reversing the harness's loop, BlueWater made this chain a lot cleaner than most daisy chains.

  • Editor’s Note: this Daisy Chain comes in a variety of colors; we can’t control which you’ll get, but they’re all awesome
  • Item #BWR0025

Titan webbing, nylon, Spectra
24in, 36in, 42in
[chain] 27kN
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>Rating: 3

Great, but theres a better option

I've put it through the wringer

Great Daisy Chain especially for the price, I love blue water products. Ive had two of these daisy chains and have loved them as a personal anchor system on sport routes. I also own a Metolius Personal Anchor system and prefer that over the blue water daisy chain. Metolius has a much safer and stronger product, though for just anchoring in on sport routes the blue water daisy is great. If you want more versatility and a much wronger product go for the Metolius. Though the Metolius is a little more expensive, I would say it is well worth the price. Otherwise, I would swear by blue water anyway.

>Rating: 3

NOT a Personal Anchor System / Tether!!

This is a daisy chain, not a personal anchor system- meaning the individual loops are not fully rated (each loop is rated to 730 pounds, about 3.2kn). That might be enough for aid climbing use, but not as a safety tether or to extend a rappel- If you clip anything but the last loop, the bar-tack stitching could rip. There are also other serious dangers of using a daisy chain as a tether. So if you plan to use this as a tether, you should only clip the final loop, and in that case it's no better than an open sling (which would be lighter, less bulky, more versatile, and cheaper). Note to the Editors: You should "Set a good example" by correcting the product description and not encouraging your customers to do something dangerous and inappropriate, and using a product in a way it is not intended to be used. Especially ironic that you're talking about 'good safety procedure'. I am disappointed by how irresponsible this product description is, and I hope you will correct it.

Update: I see the original description was completely replaced. Thank you for making the correction.

>Rating: 4


I've used it several times

It's actually purple. But works great

>Rating: 3

It's a daisy chain

a good tool to have, I personally do not use them outdoors but I use them at my job at a climbing wall when I am setting to adjust where my body is relative to the wall. But I have recently seen another device that did the same job but was adjustable on a cinch able pulley, made the daisy chain look like a dinosaur. Anyways I prefer sling outside to anchor in just cause I don't like the idea of the daisy chain loops snapping and creating a domino effect that snaps all the loops into one large loop, thus creating enormous amounts of extension and possible shock loading the system. Kinda a worst case scenario that I'm not even sure that would happen but yeah, I trust sewn runners/sling outside cuase they're simple though not as easily adjusted.

>Rating: 5

Monstrously Strong

I've used it several times

The 27 kN strength of the titan webbing is glorious. That's over 1000 pounds of additional strength! Furthermore it will be more resistant to abrasion than a typical dyneema daisy chain. The Titan line has been gradually replacing my previous webbing products and I can't be happier.

>Rating: 4

Good, Double Usage

I double daisy chains as hammock straps but do be very carful!