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Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw


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  • One Color, 22cm

Ultralight Ice Screw

Black Diamond's Ultralight Ice Screw was designed because weight matters for those serious fast and light missions. Looking to shave weight wherever they could, Black Diamond constructed this specialty ice screw out of aluminum with a steel tip so as to not compromise drilling efficiency while also dropping weight in critical areas. The hangar geometry has been updated to provide the strength required and still boast the double openings that come with Black Diamond's express ice screws. A folding handle shaves more weight when you thought the product developers couldn't keep finding ways to cut back, and the handles are color coded so you can choose the correct length and drill the screw on the fly as you fight the pump.

  • An ice screw for anything from glacial travel to ice climbing
  • Aluminum shaft and steel tip create the lightest ice screw available
  • Hanger geometry adds two holes without producing additional weight
  • Folding wire handle folds into the hanger when not in use
  • Multiple lengths allow for placement in a variety of conditions
  • Color coded handles let you designate lengths on the fly
  • Item #BLD00UQ

[shaft and hanger] aluminum, [tip] steel
13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 22cm
Claimed Weight
2.6oz (13cm), 2.8oz (16cm), 3.1oz (19cm), 3.3oz (22cm)
Recommended Use
ice climbing, ski mountaineering

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>Rating: 4

Specialty tool

I've used it several times

Good: Goes in soooooo smooth, featherlight, big ol fatty diameter for easy V threads Bad: welds into the ice if there is any water/stuff in it, hanger is harder to bang on/does not clear ice as easily as the SS screws I'm not about to replace my whole rack with these, but they are nice. I especially like them for easy v threads!

>Rating: 3

Doesn't seem durable

I've used it several times

Bought the 22 mainly for a v thread, the bigger diameter will make it a bit easier for this and it's very light.. I agree with the other review, I'm not sure how long/durable the crank will be, it seems very flimsy for a minimal weight savings. I do fear that it will break in hard ice, so far I've been very gentle with it and there isn't much give. We'll see how it holds up...

Hola Jen. So, how did it hold up? would you recommend it? thanks!

>Rating: 4

Nice crank, but non std diameter screw

I've used it several times

The crank is much easier to flip open and close again than on older bd screws (or petzl and grivel). Crank arm is more flimsy though and in really sticky ice I worry I might bend it while turning against resistance, but no more than I worry with the petzl crank arms. Overall I prefer these cranks over the old BD express cranks. Haven't noticed any difference in how easily they screw in relative to the petzl ultralights. These screws have a larger bore hole than the old BD express or the competition from Petzl. This may make them easier to clean, and better for v-threading (it's easier to draw a cord through a larger hole, and requires less precision to connect two holes that are larger than two that are smaller when making the v-thread). I would prefer a smaller bore hole though for my 13-16cm screws I use most. If I put in a longer screw and it bottoms out prematurely, I like to be able to remove it and screw another screw into the same hole. If the original screw to bottom out is one of these new BD ultralights, then I can't substitute in any other kind of shorter screw except another BD ultralight. Not ideal.

on the plus side, it should be "safer" to rebore an old hole: