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Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool


For security and speed on steep ice, technical mixed, or intimidating alpine terrain. `

The Cobra Ice Tool has been at the cutting edge of ice and alpine climbing for years, but, instead of sitting back on its laurels, Black Diamond decided to upgrade this tool for the next evolution. Keeping the same vibration-dampening carbon fiber material, the Cobra Ice Tool takes on a new custom-molded shape that makes it stiffer than ever before for reduced flex and precise one-swing sticks. Black Diamond pre-tapped the handle and shaft to easily accept the included two-position, leashless attachments, and you can add an Android leash for big rigs when you'd rather be clipped to your tools.
  • Carbon fiber shaft dampens your swing for more one-swing sticks
  • Carbon fiber shaft doesn't chill your hand like aluminum
  • Choke-up spur allows easier matching on steep terrain
  • Item #BLD1110

Leash Included
Claimed Weight
21 oz
Recommended Use
ice climbing
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Tool for everything

I've put it through the wringer

What I like about this tool is it can do everything with 4 stars. Whether mountaineering, dry (maybe 3 stars here) or waterfalls it does good. It is light weight and stiff which helps reduce vibrations in my opinion. I also like how BD has so many different options on rear. I don't like to climb waterfalls with adze because I feel if the axe hits my head or body it would be better without but if alpine that thing is huge and you can get multiple size adzes and hammers. Easy to switch also comes with a little tool.

>Rating: 2

Why waste the time when there's Nomics

I've used it several times

After climbing on Fusions for a while- I bought Cobras last season- and climbed some easy 3's...seemed great. Then climbed some 4/5"s and had to deal with the picks seemingly wanting to pop when I was pulling up on them. A friend who's a well respected /climber & guide- told me to try his nomics instead- night and day. The Cobra rocks the pick up and outward when it sets...the Nomic locks in. He had Cobra's as well- and switched to Nomics. I sold them the very next day..... and picked up Nomics on the way home. As the Most expensive axe in the store- not worth the time for me, when the Nomic is so much better on steep ice. I'd at least recommend renting/trying both before committing 300 plus.

The geometry of Cobras seems to make them more suitable for lower grade ice and alpine routes, where Nomics may be too aggressive on those grades. I mostly use Nomics for what I climb (WI4-+), but I think your low rating of Cobras is a bit unfair - they really excel at what they were designed for.


Light and Snappy Tool

Holly heading up the Candle Stick.


good climbers...

make anything work


Smooth swing on steep ice

The Cobras are a versatile ice tool excelling at steep ice and alpine routes.


WOW! where is this?

Cleanest blue ice i've ever seen. definitely not New England.

The photo is from the second pitch of Automatic Control Theory (WI5+) in Santaquin, Utah.

>Rating: 5

Bomber Tools

I've put it through the wringer

I love these tools. They are SUPER durable yet light. Always stick super well with a light swing. You can't go wrong with Black Diamond.


Mixed Climbing at Pictured Rocks


I'm working there this Summer!!!


Fun times in Ouray


Pick of the Vick!

>Rating: 4

Cobra Ice Tool

I've put it through the wringer

These have been out for a bit but they still rock. Light to swing and solid sticks. Easy to change the picks in the field. Hole in the spike clips well to a tether. Hole in the head allows you to clip them to your harness for raps or low angle walking.

>Rating: 5

freaking awesome

I've put it through the wringer

The most important though is with complete shoulder construction, I can swing these like they were part of me. Awesome stick, light weight, well balanced, I am ordering the head weights from blackdiamond. These are without a doubt the best all-round tool i have used!!! They are not a technical tool, but are made or 85% or more of what you will be doing. I have heard complaints of rocking, but if you utilize the light weight and perform a full extension, no issues. I just did a little inverted work with them and they did well.

>Rating: 4

Light tool

I've owned Prophets, the previous Cobras, and the new Cobras. They are great for mixed and hooking; however, they are less than stellar on pure steep ice-- due in part to their lightweight. Their big curve helps protect the knuckles and makes hooking mushrooms a breeze. Greatly improved over the previous version is the grip, its much thinner and easier to hold. Also good are the fangs for matching. On the downside, their lightweight can make it more difficult to get a good stick-- especially in really hard ice (and vertical). Adding the heaver adze or hammer doesn't help much since the weight is behind the pick which makes the head flop side to side if you are not dead center on your swing. Finally, if you climb leash-less but have the leash attachment on the tool the webbing will wear fairly quickly (due to the metal part swinging up and down). I had to retire the leash attachment after 1 season, no big loss since I don't use it and probably not an issue if you actually use the leash. Ultimately, they are great tools and many people love them (I Like them a lot).



Carbon fiber being put to use.


Frank! Nice swing haha

>Rating: 5


with some many pieces of ice climbing gear simply clkned by the competitors, Quark or Nomic come to mind, the Cobra upped the game by adding a carbon fiber shaft. Tested in every mtn rnage and on hard ice as well as hard mixed. It is simply a great tool.

>Rating: 5


Had a chance to try these last year on a training day on ice and was hooked from the first swing and ended up getting them just recently. Weight is always and issue, in the pack but you like some for setting the tool, which these still have that feel. By no means am I an expert or pro but like to use high end equipment and these are as good as it gets. Using these mostly for mountaineering so the curve is not the best for plunging into snow, crabbing works well while ascending. I remove the hand clips yet carry them with me for times Ice will be encountered. Shaft is slippery so I added some skateboard grip tape on for grip after seeing a friend use it, good idea! Lightness means less fatigue!

>Rating: 5


Great great and great. This axe one of the best on the market. Its versatility is awesome. Its super stiff, yet light and has a great feel to it throw a leash on it and you'll feel as secure as possible.

>Rating: 4

light and fast

these are sweet tools, they are so light you can swing them all day with half of the pump, the handle angle seems to be perfect to me on steep and low angle ice and rock, the pinky locks come in very handy to help relieve your grip. the carbon is so nice dampening the bows although it takes away a bit of sensitivity. love these tools but they dont come cheep


hialight canyon

some mixed climbing in montana


hyalite canyon http://hyalitecanyon.blogspot.com/

>Rating: 5


The best pure ice tool I have ever used. Light with a perfect swing weight. Just flick and go. The carbon shafts absorb any shock nicely. Just a joy to climb with. Great alpine tool since it is so light. I have climbed a bit of mixed with this tool and was perfectly happy with the performance, but if you are looking to send m10 and above you might want to look at the BD fusion.

>Rating: 5

Religious Following

I'm not exactly an ice ninja, but I do know that this is the best tool I have ever used. And it seems like this tool has a religious following for a good reason. They swing like a dream, with the right balance of heavy enough to get a good stick, but light enough to not tire your arms out over a long day, and you can mix climb pretty hard in them. The carbon fiber is AWESOME, and dampens the vibration to your hands. In technical terms this ice tool is the SHIZNIT!!!

>Rating: 5

Wicked Swing

If you can pony up the dough go with it. Takes just a flick of the wrist. Has an amazing swing with the majority of the weight in the head. Easy to control the depth of your sticks. Works well on pure ice and mixed. Modular heads and spike with attachmetn point for umbilicals are nice touches.


So I realize that when you're spending...

So I realize that when you're spending $300, the extra $36 isn't that much, but are these any better than Petzl's Nomics? I hear BD pick quality isn't that high compared to Petzl, the Nomics have modularity, and there really isn't any weight savings. Thoughts?

Depends on what your doing with them. On ice they both work well, the nomics require a different swing, more wrist action to set the pick, while the cobras are more of a standard swing. For pure ice the cobras are the way to go, especially when its fresh. For mixed/drytooling or climbs that are hacked out already (like Vail or the ice park)the nomics might have the edge, but they both perform well on most every type of climb. It mostly comes down to how you use them. As for the picks, the new BD picks work great, they get stuck less and haven't broken any this season.

Keep in mind that the Cobras come with a "B" rated pick which is thinner than the "T" rated picks that the Petzl's come with which are thicker (in addition the shape is slightly different too). So when you hear that Petzl picks are more durable/better/whatever, you are comparing different rated picks. Get the "T" picks for your BD and you'll find them just as good. That being said the "B" rated picks go into ice better and typically don't get as stuck as the "T" picks


Do they include android leash or is it an...

Do they include android leash or is it an option?

You have to buy the leashes separate.