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Yakima LoadWarrior

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Why We Like The LoadWarrior

The Yakima LoadWarrior System isn't just a basket, it's an ultra-capacity, multi-use beast. Merging versatility with a cavernous load-carrying capacity, the Yakima Load Warrior is our go-to choice for loads tall in stature and wide in girth. The weather-resistant, heavy-duty steel construction is incredibly durable yet lightweight, and the universal hardware fits round, square, and most factory racks.

  • Cargo rack that carries bikes, skis, boats, luggage, and more
  • Stainless steel design is weather-resistant and strong
  • Quick installation requires minimal assembly and hassle
  • Custom wind fairing for noise reduction
  • Item #YAK0008

44 x 39 x 6.5in
6.46cu ft
crossbars (round, square, factory, aerodynamic)
Locks Included
Part Number
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
limited lifetime

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>Rating: 5

Clean Offering

I've put it through the wringer

Absolutely love my new Load Warrior with the 18" extension! It works perfectly on my 2009 Honda Element with 58" Yakima Round Bars. This thing helps us consolidate gear up top which allows for comfortable carpool options when driving to our next camping adventure. The Load Warrior will work well with many different accessories from Yakima which is a huge plus. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for more storage for trips.

>Rating: 5

Killer Rack

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I bought this for my younger brother as he'll be moving up north for college within the year. We put in on his 2007 Subaru Forester over the holidays and it went on in minutes. Incredibly easy install. It is a super burly piece of equipment and looks great on the Fozzy! If purchasing this I would double check your car racks load limit as the limit of this is 150 lbs but your cars racks load limit may be lower.

>Rating: 5


I purchased this a while back as a gift for my dad, and he loves it. He has a Toyota Tundra that has a fair amount of bed space, but with two dogs and 3+ people's gear, it can get a bit cramped back there! This is easy to put on and take off, and frees up some extra room for the pooches. Plus it looks good up top, and not at all junky. I will most definitely be getting one for myself, as the dog has started taking over more and more room in the car.

>Rating: 5


Haven't mounted yet, but rack seems well built. No brittle welds or excess slag. Smooth and taut. Will post update with pics later. Best bang for buck!

>Rating: 5

Extra Space

Installed on 2011 Nissan Xterra Works perfectly when you need to haul some extra gear, and looks even better ;)

>Rating: 5

Awesome,Yakima LoadWarrior

Bought a Yakima LoadWarrior from Dogfunk. Great price and free shipping! Installed on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Fits Great! This is my first basket for the rooftop, had a old rocketbox16 but it would not fit on my short Jeep rooftop. Slight wind noise, but basket is easy to put on and solid as a rock. This will enable us to pack more irregular shaped gear for tailgating.

>Rating: 5

Yes Sir

This basket has been so helpful with my wrangler, going to and from college, up to the mountain and back, or down from Alaska to Colorado it has got the done perfectly! Add the net and you have one of the greatest external storage options available out there. I have mine on a Kargo Master Congo Cage that can hold up to 2,000 lbs, I don't put more than 200 in there so I don't roll over on every turn. I love this basket .


Road Trip

>Rating: 4

Nice rack, especially because of the price

Assembly and installation is easy, instructions are adequate, looks good, finish seems durable, is in fact a roof basket which was what I was led to believe. I should have purchased the extension, as well as the spare tire accessory since I put my spare tire in it which doesn't leave much room for anything else. Dogfunk communicated well, shipped on time, and was the best price at the time. I usually give a 3 in a 5 star rating assuming the product is what it is supposed to be and the vendor does what they say, because a normal transaction isn't "A+++ the greatest seller evaaar!!!1!L!!" Thanks a lot ebay, hyperbole is now the norm. I gave this a 4 because of the price.

>Rating: 4

Awesome Product... buuuuut...

This rack is everything it says it is. It's practical, rugged and let's face it... looks sweet. however, be prepared to feel significant wind drag and a slight drop in fuel efficiency. If you're getting it to haul bikes, the Yakima Boa clips are a nice accessory, but force your faring forward even more.... causing more drag. you can overcome this by adding the extension and pushing your boa clips back to the middle of the rack. I highly recommend this rack, as long as you're willing to put up with the wind issues.


LoadWarrior on Avalanche

LoarWarrior rack on my avalanche.


2 points for LoadWarrior and Seahawks, -1 point for Avalanche.

>Rating: 5

More Room and Killer Looks

I bought this item back in 2000 and it has seen it's fair share of weather and it still looks great. If you need extra room for gear, this is a great option. No wind noise! Words of caution. When I was installing the system by myself, it slipped and dented the roof of my vehicle. So, I recommend a two person install just to be safe.


>Rating: 4

If you need space, get it.

This is great if you are looking for more space in the car. This rack is the answer for those looking for a utility piece for the car that looks great and has a rugged mountain look to it as well. Durable, and ready for your next move or road trip.

>Rating: 5

This Guy is MONDO

Got this bad boy to keep from trading in the Subaru for a Mini Van. I found myself running out of space on long hauls with the kiddies. Now that we have two rug rats we needed to have more room. The warrior easily doubled by hauling capacity, and that is without the extension in. The only thing I don't like about it is it drops my MPG (miles/Gal) by about 5 miles. Other then that, fantastic. It also makes the car look super Bad A**.

>Rating: 5

This cargo rack is GREAT

If your stuffing the back of you truck/car full every trip, you'll love this rack. It's hell on the milage though. My truck goes from 22mpg to 15 mpg on the highway with the rack up top.


Load Warrior mounted on Shell

Here a pic of my old '94 Toyota with a Yakima Load Warrior mounted on the shell. Notice the second spare tire as well as road tool mounted to the rack. Included extension for extra length. I no longer have this truck, but I do still have the rack!

>Rating: 5

Awesome Rack

I have owned this rack on my 4runner for about a month and a half now and let me just say that its one of the best things Ive ever bought for my vehicle. Its so handy for those days when you have to cram 4+ people in your car AND all their gear. We could do it before...but now we can do it comfortably. I also have a ski rack that fits right on top of the basket so we dont have to cram the boards and skiis in the back. Great for outdoorsman or the the dude who has the girlfriend with wayyyyy to much luggage

>Rating: 5

This rack rocks

I have owned this rack for many years. This is one of the best things I have ever bought for my jeep. Sure it says that it has a load limit like what one of the other reviews mentioned but that is what they figure the rack bars on your vehicle can hold. I could easily stand on mine and it would hold up. Buy the extender as well.

>Rating: 5

A Must for those on the Go!!

We just travelled 1500 miles and had we not had the LoadWarrior, we would have had to leave things behind. I was amazed at how much 125lbs turns out to be. I was a little disappointed when I found out that there was a 140lb limit on the roof rack but I couldn't have put any more up there had I wanted to... my net was stretched bigtime as it was! It took a little time to get it on but now that the hardware and locking brackets are on, it takes no time to put on and take off. I had no problems with installation and it looks awesome. We complemented the rack with a Thule Tahoe Rack Bag which helped keep our clothes dry.

>Rating: 5

LoadWarrior is Great!!

I recently bought a Yakima Loadwarrior from this site because they had a great sale on the item. It was shipped and received fast. I installed on my 2007 Pathfinder and have used it extensively. 16' Trim boards for my basement remodel, shower door from home depot while I had a car load of people, and numerous trips with the canoe strapped to it have made it worth the money. I know I will have lots of uses in the future. The only problem I have encountered is the screws stick up into the cargo area...I will probably take a hacksaw to them sometime if it becomes a persistent problem. This may not be an issue on all vehicles, though.


Can I mount a Yakima front loader bike rack to this? Would I have to add two crossbars to the rack to do it? Thanks.

Hey Tim, it is possible but you would have to add two crossbars to the rack, but I have seen it done. If you have any other questions or need assistants with an existing order or placing an order, please feel free to contact us on Chat or call us at 1-800-409-4502. Thanks!


I'm looking at getting this rack, how can...

I'm looking at getting this rack, how can I still mount my bike to my roof? are the crossbars of the rack itself compatible?

Woah, mine didn't come with the kitty option!! sweet!

This is probably late for you but for future readers, I've attached my yakima bike racks to my Load Warrior. Works great!


Can someone tell me how much room there...

Can someone tell me how much room there is vertically between the crossbar/s and the floor of the basket? I want to know if my stand-up paddelboard will fit in between this (this hasn't been recommended anywhere but it is what i like about this basket). The fold down fairing makes this even more appealing for what i want to do. Having my SUP in the rack along with my bike mounted above is the ideal goal.


Will this fit on a 1997 Subaru Outback...

Will this fit on a 1997 Subaru Outback Sport?


Jordan, yes it should. However, keep in mind you will need to visit the Yakima website and start with Fit My Car link. This will select the type of clips, towers and accessories designed to fit your vehicle with or without factory mounted roof rack. The only issue you might have is having to remove your roof antennae. You also might have an issue with the hatch touching when fully raised, but only when you have accessories attached.

I used the Yakima fit guide for this rack for my 2011 Escape and was told it would not fit. Ironic since the image on their site for this and the Mega rack are both sitting on the roof of a Ford Escape. Haha.


Will this Yakima basket fit a Chevy Traverse...

Will this Yakima basket fit a Chevy Traverse with factory cross bars??

Debbie,you might take a look at the previous answer I left for Jordan. It should also apply to your Chevy Traverse.


Is this compatible with a Jeep Cherokee...

Is this compatible with a Jeep Cherokee Sport 1999? I have the roof rack (with cross bars) already on the Jeep... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey ws45070108, I checked with Yakima to see if the Yakima LoadWarrior could fit on your Jeep Cherokee Sport 1999 and I unfortunately found that it does not. All is not lost though as you do have basket options in the Yakima BasketCase and MegaWarrior depending on what you have up on top of your roof: If you have just a regular rook with no crossbars, then the MegaWarrior with either Q towers or raingutter attachment with crossbars will work. If you have factory tracks running along the length of the roof, then all you would need would be the Control Towers with Crossbars. Then the BasketCase or MegaWarrior would fit. If you have a full factory rack with crossbars, then neither will fit on top and you will most likely need a custom set up. Sorry if this is a lot of info, but I hope it helps.


Will this fit on the factory cross bars...

Will this fit on the factory cross bars of my 04 Nissan Xterra without any additional purchases or parts? Also what bike racks fit directly to the load warrior for a roof top solution for my road and mnt bikes? Thanks, mh

I had a 03 xterra and I needed The mighty Mounts to fit the oversized cross bar.


I have an 06 subaru outback with factory...

I have an 06 subaru outback with factory roof rack, will this fit?

If you have the factory crossbars, yes. Yes it will. Huzzah!


I have a 2009 Subaru Impreza with oem...

I have a 2009 Subaru Impreza with oem factory roof rack. Does anyone know if this would fit that well? I had to send back a previous roof rack because of ill fitting.

Yes , this fits the impreza flat crossbars perfectly. Subaru racks are made by Yakima and are compatible with most yakima accessories.


My husband has a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara...

My husband has a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and would like a roof rack for it. Will the Load Warrior fit his vehicle?

this is a perfect size basket for a jeep wrangler, but this is just a basket, u need a base rack and crossbars to mount this on.

Michelle, Wranglers require either a hard top specific rack, such as this one: or a 'cage' of sorts for mounting a basket/rack on, like this: which will also work with most soft tops, as well. Then once you have those, you can pick a basket such as this one to mount on the crossbars, which will be specific to each different type of rack/basket.


Do you need to get the extension for the...

Do you need to get the extension for the load warrior basket in order to mount a snowboard rack in the basket??

Yes. The rack as it is measures 44 x 39 x 6.5 inches, with the extensions, it adds 18" to be 62” x 39” x 6.5". 62"= 157.48cm. So if you're board is 157 cm or smaller, go for it. You could possibly add two sections to be 80"/203cm but that's almost 7 ft and probably longer than most roofs. If carrying a snowboard longer than 157cm is your main concern, just get a cargo box, you can throw all your winter and summer gear up there as well.


How much weight can you load into the...

How much weight can you load into the Yakima LoadWarrior? Someone told me I can't put but a few pounds in it? That seems strange... so I need to know how much weight. I have mine mounted on a Toyota Rav $ (new generation) 2006. Thanks deb:-)

The LoadWarrior is rated for 140lbs of cargo. However, you need to keep the total weight of the rack and cargo under the weight limit of your rack. The LoadWarrior weighs 25lbs itself. You'll need to check with your rack manufacturer (Yakima or Toyota) to determine the limit of your base rack. Most racks have a limit of 100-175lbs.


Got a new Toyota FJ Cruiser with a rack...

Got a new Toyota FJ Cruiser with a rack on it. Can the Load Warrior or the the Mega Warrior be mounted on this?


Do I need any extra hardware to mount this...

Do I need any extra hardware to mount this unit to my 94 jeep wrangler's hard top?

you will need some kind of foundation to put them on. You will most likely need a rain gutter tower and bars. Look on your hardtop and see if there are rain gutters just above the doors.


Thinking of purchasing a Yakima LW. Have...

Thinking of purchasing a Yakima LW. Have a concern about weight on factory racks for a 1994 Jeep Cherokee. The factory cross bars seem a bit loose as it is. Would factory racks work or should we put out the extra money for new towers and bars?

It depends on total weight of load you gonna carry. Factory racks don't support more than 100lb total weight, including your Load Warrior. If you get yakima bars, they will carry 200lb. so decision is yours


Would the universal hardware fit my 04...

Would the universal hardware fit my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee factory cross rails?


will this cargo rack fit on my 2009 Subaru...

will this cargo rack fit on my 2009 Subaru Forester with my aero cross bars?

Yes. How do I know? I purchased the Subaru-brand Heavy-Duty Cargo Rack and lo-and-behold, the box was from Yakima and the instructions displayed the model name 'LoadWarrior'.


Will this work on a 98 Honda CRV

Will this work on a 98 Honda CRV

Sure will, but you might need the Yakima base rack system. It might fit on the factory installed rack, if you are lucky.


will this rack work on my 2003 subaru...

will this rack work on my 2003 subaru forrester

Check the Yakima website. They are constantly updated the site with a vehicle fit guide.


would the universal hardwear fit my '95...

would the universal hardwear fit my '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee factory rack?

Sure would.