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Trango Rock Climber's Training Manual


Rock Climber's Training Manual

The Trango Rock Climber's Training Manual will help you bump up the grades no matter how long you've plateaued. Before developing the Rock Prodigy Training Center, the Anderson brothers who wrote this manual were stuck on 11s for years, but they now send 5.14c due to the instructions used in this book. This manual includes a training log for your convenience.

  • Training log included
  • Works perfectly with the Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center
  • Item #TRG000Q

Michael L. Anderson, Mark L. Anderson
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year
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Recommended Use
getting strong

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>Rating: 5

5.11a to 5.13a in 4 years with this book

I've put it through the wringer

I've been following the periodised training program put forward in this book by the Andersen Brothers fort he past 4 years. In that time I've gone from a hardest red point of 5.11a to 5.13a despite working full-time and having a few other time consuming commitments. I think the approach and method is particularly suited to climbers who work full-time, and have family or other commitments where they need to maximise shorter training sessions. The book covers everything you need to know and puts forward a few models for both periodised and linear training programs.

>Rating: 5

Comprehensive Book on Training

I've used it several times

I had avoided this book for awhile assuming it was just geared toward finger boarding, but I listened to a recent podcast with the Anderson brothers and realized that this book probably contained a lot of useful information regarding training for rock climbing. I am only about halfway through this book. However, this is by far the most comprehensive and detailed book I have read on training for rock climbing. It covers everything from physiology and energy systems to skills training and specific exercises to do. If you are remotely interested in improving your climbing or the science-y side of climbing in general, I highly recommend this book.

>Rating: 4

So far, so good

I am still in the process of getting through this book, but so far, have learned some new things that seem to be helping. I've learned a different way to tape my injured fingers, as well as some new training methods that seem to be working so far.

>Rating: 5

"Just Climb" doesn't work forever

I've put it through the wringer

When you start climbing, most people give you the pretty solid advice to "just climb." For a while, this is great advice. But if you want to know what you should be doing, how to train, how to rest, how to get stronger, eventually a little structure goes a long way. There are a lot of methods and ways to get strong; if you can be born with wunderkind genes, personally I think that's a good tactic. This book gives you a solid foundation and a new outlook on training, even if you don't follow it to the letter, there is a ton of useful information that will help make your climbing career longer, better and stronger.

>Rating: 5

Tons of great training tips!!

I've put it through the wringer

This book is a great guide for building your own climbing regimen. It offers tons of great trips tips and workouts, and is good for climbers of any level. It goes into detail about picking a project climb and tailoring your workout in order to reach your special goals. Since no one program works for anyone, this book is great because it gives you the necessary guidelines to easily create your own. I've been training my climbing with this book for almost three months now and have seen considerable progress in my climbing performance. If you are looking to improve your climbing, and want to learn how to build a time efficient, yet effective training plan then you should definitely check this book out!

>Rating: 5

Great Foundation for Training

I've used it several times

I really liked this book. It presents a lot of information that beginner/intermediate climbers may not know or may not have easy access to. While there are plenty of books I've read on training, this one is definitely the most comprehensive and style specific. It has sections to highlight considerations specifically for sport, trad, big wall, and bouldering. Not only does it provide new exercises, drills, and work outs to help you train, but it shows you how to build an actual training program specific to your goals. I've recommended this book to all of my friends that have said they want to start training more seriously.