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Silca Nastro Fiore Bar Tape


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Nastro Fiore Bar Tape

Silca's latest product is its Nastro Fiore Bar Tape and while this might seem like a lowly component, in typical Silca fashion, it's design possessed the same amount of research and development and attention to detail as any of its products. It uses technology utilized in the latest running shoe foam and F1 tires, creating significant improvements over traditional bar tape. Nastro Fiore uses a laminate of SILCAthane, SILCAlon, and 3M Visco-elastic adhesive instead of a traditional single foam extrusion, allowing for optimization of the tape across a range of desired features.

As a result, the tape is softer, more comfortable, has better wet and dry grip, better vibration damping, and up to 3 to 5-times the durability of existing tape materials. The wrap and finishing of the tape weren't overlooked either and Silca developed a full adhesive backed ‘butterfly’ design to better cover the back of the lever clamp area without adding bulk, a high grip finishing tape, and expanding aluminum and composite bar end plugs ensure a pro-level tape job.

  • Silca's 2.5mm thick Tri-Laminate tape delivering similar cushioning to 3.2mm tape
  • Debossed FIORE pattern and embossed silicone printing improves grip and cushioning
  • Aluminum expanding bar-end plugs are a nice touch
  • PU finishing tape offers a pro-level finish
  • Butterfly shaped brake clamp covers without the bulk
  • Item #SLCD014

SILCAthane, SILCAlon, 3M Visco-elastic adhesive
Recommended Use
road, cyclocross, gravel
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>Rating: 5

Great tape

I've used it several times

This tape is really comfortable. It is not a spongy as some, but still gives plenty of cushion, especially on rough roads. It has a slight tackiness that gives it a very secure feel. Even if it were wet I don't think there would be any slip. I have seen the reviews where people complain it is hard to wrap. I don't have a lot of experience wrapping bar tape, but I did not have a lot of difficulty. You can really yank on it to get a tight wrap and I doubt you could tear it. I think this is a very well designed product and I am really happy with it.

>Rating: 1

Tough, grippy... really hard to wrap.

I've put it through the wringer

This grip seems plenty tough, feels good in the hand, looks great as far as the design and look of the material itself, and is, by far, the hardest tape to wrap smoothly that I've ever used. Ridiculously so. It is the hardest-to-wrap tape on the market. It’s an almost unusable product, so any claims that it merely “takes additional care to wrap” should be taken with a very large grain of salt. It is also the noisiest tape I’ve ever used - since I ride over rough terrain frequently the slight jiggling of cables against the tape as potholes, curbs, rocks etc are traversed produces an audible ‘wap’ sound, which is quite annoying. I'll leave it on for a while due to its good qualities, but I won't get it again. I like a nice wrap. I can get a much better wrap on any other tape, and there are lots of good ones out there. The ZIPP CX tape that wore out after 2.5 years of constant, hard use was a better tape in every way, and that’s what’s going back on the bike.

I just wrapped my 4th bar with SILCA tape, 3 with the Pilot and 1 with this thicker version after 5 months of loving the Pilot. Yes, it's very strong and yes it takes additional care to wrap, but it seems pretty much superior in every other single way that I can tell. I think that your position on this is like saying that you won't ride carbon handlebars because it's too hard to use a torque wrench. In my opinion the extra few minutes spent wrapping are definitely worth it.

>Rating: 4

Great product.

I've used it several times

Long story short, I would buy this tape again. It's just so comfortable, I live in a small, tourist town on the Oregon coast, with rough, bumpy roads and I commute on 23mm tires. So as you can imagine good grippy and cushioning bar tape is a must, at the same time I love my bike and happen to think it deserves to look it's best at all times. I chose to change it up this time with the Silica Nastro Fiore in black and white, the subtle pattern has made my commute just a little bit brighter (important with an annual rainfall of 97 inches) not to mention the fantastic packaging and overall build quality of this product, and as always fantastic service from Competitive Cyclist. Try it out, see if you feel the same.