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Panaracer GravelKing Tire - Clincher

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  • Black, 700c x 28mm
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GravelKing Tire

Leave the beaten path behind with the gravel-crushing confidence of the Panaracer GravelKing Tire. Optimized for adventurous tours and gravel grinds, the GravelKing is reinforced with an Anti-Flat casing that protects it from inconvenient flats across remote areas where help is a long way off. The ZSG Natural Compound and grippy tread pattern promote confidence along off-road stretches and gravel roads—all without compromising rolling efficiency when you encounter some asphalt on the way back to town. Please note, the original GravelKing isn't the best option for muddy off-road stretches, as Panaracer has a mud-specific version of this tire for these sloppy conditions.

  • Reinforced for gravel grinding along rough stretches
  • Grippy tread for added confidence across gravel roads
  • ZSG Natural Compound balances rolling speed with durability
  • Anti-Flat Casing prevents inconvenient flats and punctures
  • Item #PAN0007

ZSG Natural Compound
700c x 28mm, 700c x 32mm
Anti-Flat (anti-puncture reinforcement)
puncture protection breaker
[max, 700c x 28mm] 105psi, [max, 700c x 32mm] 95psi
Claimed Weight
[700c x 28mm] 270g, [700c x 32mm] 290g
Recommended Use

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Fast, smooth, comfortable

I've put it through the wringer

My go-to road tire is the GK 32c. Haven't had the opportunity to run them tubeless yet, but even with tubes these roll very well. Given the 32c size, they're actually pretty light while remaining durable. These tires can rail turns pretty hard, climb without feeling sluggish, and sprint without feeling saggy.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

I’d always overlooked the Panaracer gravel king slicks. Well I was wrong these are super sweet tires, imagine older Vittoria Corsa in a 35 but grippier and 10x better puncture resistance, and tubeless. TLC version tho.

>Rating: 5

good all road tire

I've put it through the wringer

I run these in 28mm on my road bike with rim brakes. The first set I ran with tubes and tried to convert to tubeless after several months of use but the tire was stretched out too much and blew off the rim on a test ride. The second set I setup tubeless from the start and have had very little issues. I know these are Not Tubeless tires and as such they take a bit extra sealant to seal the sidewall and need to be checked/topped up at the beginning of each ride.I love these for rough roads and they give me a little more confidence on fresh chip and seal and the occasional gravel road. I would not run these on a gravel grinder, but they are great for well maintained gravel roads and trails. I don't feel like these slow me down to paved roads and tubeless or not the extra width allows lower than normal road tire pressures and helps prevent punctures, and absorb the bumps in the road. I'll be installing my 3rd set tubeless (Ultegra wheels) and running them this starting this spring while training for and riding the Double Triple Bypass in CO.

>Rating: 5

Gravel Kings for the win

I've put it through the wringer

A great tire for dry dirt roads.

>Rating: 4


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I had to do a bit of researching to see if this tire can be used Tubeless as the title says ' Clincher'. I found an article in which they have used this tire tubeless and decided to give it a try. Happily surprised when the tire arrived and the labeling was updated from the product images here. It clearly says TLC and max 400kpa (58PSI in tubeless format). First ride felt good and now time will tell how good the tire performs. Cheers


I ordered the 28mm version and it is not tubeless compatible. It looks like the 32mm version and up are so please be aware when ordering.

>Rating: 3

A bit too delicate for ...

I've put it through the wringer

Texas roads. Have a pair of these in 32mm width. I chose them for our county and farm to market roads, which are primarily chip-seal. Love the suppleness but on my last ride noticed two cross gashes on the front tire. Was concerned with getting home with some tricky descents. May give them another shot

>Rating: 5

Great, hard to beat at discount prices

I've put it through the wringer

After slicing sidewalls on multiple GP4Ks, Corsas and Pro Ones, I swore off "racing" tires and decided to give these a try. I run them tubeless. The set up was painless. They measure a bit over 33mm on 20mm (internal) rims. Ride quality and traction is great (I usually run them around 50/55 psi). Very durable - no punctures in 1,500mi. One negative is a relatively short lifespan - the wear dimples are almost gone at 1,500mi. But it's to be expected from such a lightweight tire -- there just isn't that much rubber under the tread (though durability does't seem to suffer).

>Rating: 5

Great everyday tire

I've put it through the wringer

I've had these for a bit over a year on my road bike and have had only a few flats. At first they seemed very thin and I was questioning their ability to stand up against gravel but they seem do do quite well.

>Rating: 4

The king.

I've used it several times

I'm running the 32mm with brown side walls. Looks great and they are fast rolling and durable. Construction is first rate and each tire weighed exactly the same, which generally bodes well for the brand's QC. Excellent grippy pattern, I've been riding them on roads with on again/off again snowfall with sand, gravel, and slush and they feel very secure cornering at just under 50psi. Knock on wood, no flats yet and my ride times are even faster than on my 700cx25mm road tires.

>Rating: 4

Nice looking, classy tire, grippy, tough

I've put it through the wringer

Bought in 32c and with brown side walls. Super classy looking and well engineered. Nice, strong/tight bead. Excellent grippy pattern, and has survived about 25 miles of some really tough fire roads with fist sized rocks, sharp bedrock, sand, etc. I do feel they may be a bit slower on the road, compared to the Compass tires I had, and the specialized roubaixs. Call it 5% slower. Maybe it is just me though. But the build is much sturdier than the Compass tires, which suffered flats from minor stuff on the road (though they were more supple. And I didn't love the bead/rim connection on them).


Thanks for the review! Did you had ultralight Compass tires, or the standard? Looks like standard Compass Stampede Pass are pretty much the same thing as Gravel King...

I did have the ultralights. On paper they look like the same thing, but after using both, they are only close in looks. Compass were much more supple and bead was much less firm. Maybe you are right on the standards.


Anyone used these on rollers? I’m wondering specifically about the noise level compared to something like a GP4000S ii.


Anyone use these on a hookless rim? Thinking of getting the 32mm and putting them on my hookless Hunt wheelset. Thanks.


What's the *actual* width when inflated?

They are very close to stated size, even on wide rims (e.g. HED Belgium+, which is what I'm running). They don't seem to stretch much. I bought 28s and they measured 29 after two weeks at ~70psi. They may measure wider if you increase tire pressure.


Are these tubeless compatible?

Dont think so. With regard to the slick Gravel King version, only the new 38c and above are TLC.

Per Panaracer (email dated 4/24/18) the 32c model is tubeless under 60 PSI but their other caveat was rim width. I have 23mm internal and they claim that was just north of the max they've tested, so YMMV. Would love to hear anyone else's tubeless experience on this model.

I have 32c setup tubeless on Hed Ardennes FR. There's no TLC label, but they seem to work pretty well. Measure just under 34mm on 21 internal width rim. There's plenty of space between the tires and the brake calipers and the frame on road bike with long reach brakes.

The 32s definitely are. I set them up just a few days ago and are holding up great. The 28s are not recommended by the MFG but by all appearances they are built exactly the same. I’m going to give it a shot! I’ll let you know how it worked out next week.

I *had* my 32mm setup tubeless for a while but they leaked badly...I'd have to refill them with air every day...keep in mind that the SK's (tubeless) held air great on the same rim.

No, but I have run the 28 mm tubeless with no major issues. Needs a little extra sealant to seal the sidewalls and more frequent pressure checks. Someone else said the 32mm that they got had the "TLC" tubeless rating on the tire.