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    95 Reviews


    MSR's simple, durable design makes the WhisperLite Stove your reliable, go-to cooking companion for years to come.

    The trusted leader in backpacking stoves for over 15 years, the MSR WhisperLite Stove sets a tough standard with its simple design. Simple means easy to use, easy to pack, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. For minimalist backpackers, this 14-ounce stove is extremely compact, fitting nicely into a 1.5-liter MSR pot. Bring this durable stainless steel and brass stove on all your camping adventures, year after year. MSR's Shaker Jet Technology lets you clean the WhisperLite with a simple shake. *Fuel and fuel bottles sold separately.
    • Item #CAS0367

    Tech Specs

    stainless steel
    Folded Dimensions
    4 x 4 x 4 in
    Fuel Type
    white gas
    Burn Time
    136 min
    Boil Time
    3.9 min
    Auto Ignition
    Heat Reflector
    Parts Kit
    Cleaning Tool
    shaker jet
    Fuel Bottle or Canister Included
    Stuff Sack
    Hard Case
    Claimed Weight
    11 oz
    Recommended Use
    backpacking, camping, cooking
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

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    Wanted to love it, but unimpressed

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I have now owned two of these (both the International (from another retailer) and the basic Whisperlite (from Steepandcheap)) and found both wanting. I returned the International because the valve/throttle was extremely stiff and even when I swore I had closed it fuel still leaked into the stove. In contrast, the fuel pump valve/throttle on the DragonFly is smooth as butter with clear tactile feedback about how open/closed the throttle is when turned. After returning the International, I bought the basic model but had the same problem. Additionally, the pump lasted about 14 uses and now is broken. The piston moves freely and doesn't compress air. I suspect an o-ring has fallen off. I'll contact MSR/Cascade Designs about fixing it. I wonder if it would be possible to use the DragonFly pump on the Wisperlite...

    This stove has near universal acclaim and I've enjoyed using my brother's. Perhaps I'm just unlucky?

    Size, fuel consumption, weight, and heat output are all what I expected, but build quality is lacking.

    Simplicity of design and operation.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I bought my MSR Whisperlite in 1988 and, with minimal maintenance, it is still running perfectly; just like it has from day 1. Twenty-eight years and still going strong!

    Yes, lighting it takes practice - you basically have to set it on fire! But once you get the hang of it and realize that it isn't going to go off like a backcountry bomb, you'll find that this stove becomes one of your most trusted and essential pieces of equipment.

    Check out MSRs video:

    A trusted companion

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've had this stove since I was a boy scout (about 15 years). Desert canyons, mountain meadows, any altitude I've encountered – it always works. It can also stand up to the beating that a boy scout throws at things, and then still keeps working. The ability to field maintain it is useful as well.

    The only stove you should be using!!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This stove is reliable and easy to use. Simple attach the fuel, white gas, to the stove then prime it. After prime and lit adjust to the heat that you need. At the end of the day all you want is something that is simple and is going to work every time, and this stove is it!! Below is a video on how to use any MSR Liquid Fuel Stove.

    Looking at the MSR Expedition Service Kits (

    I've got an old Whisperlite (they hadn't been out too too long when I bought mine). Which of the kits is the one I should get? Presuming the Simmerlite, but...

    I do have a specific problem: the stove pump doesn't seem to seal properly and leaks liquid fuel during pumping.

    dont go changin

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    seriously though, this stove has been one of the best stoves ever, while it may be a little large it has always worked i needed it too even when drenched with sand and water, a quick shake and you are up and running. if you dont mind it taking up extra room in the pack it is a must have for longer trips


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I was brought up using this stove, and I've only ever used this and the Dragonfly. I know this works. I've had mine for 18 years and, as far as I can remember, never had to repair it. I've used it in most of the New England mountains, above 10,000 ft in the Rockies, and the same in China, used it in all seasons but winter, although I've used it with snow on the ground in Spring. True, it has a tendency to be super-hot, but you just have to hold the pot a bit in the air if you're frying something. And when lighting it, don't put your head directly above the stove, and beware of lighting it inside a tent vestibule. The flames sometimes shoot up. Easy to use, inexpensive, and dependable.

    Not a fan

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I know: everybody loves this stove, but I can't say that I'm a fan.

    It's bulky, it takes a bunch of setup time, and it's heavy too. Lots of moving parts to depend on, and lots of bits to keep track of. Doesn't pack well.

    When I'm backpacking and I almost feel guilty eating instead of logging miles, that's a bad combo.

    Flame control isn't very good either. (Certainly not as good as my SnowPeak litemax..)

    I know they have drawbacks, but I'm much happier with a canister stove (unless it's winter!)

    For backpacking, unless it's winter, I just like the canister stove better.

    Right on, you're right, this stove is pretty much universally praised so it's nice to hear some dissent.

    My buddy has one of these and he loves it. When we cook together, he's done about the same time I am but I've always thought that what he's doing to his stove looks a bit complicated and fiddly for my taste.

    Always nice to get the other side of the story, thanks!

    Wonderful feedback David! Good to hear some critique on such highly rated products.

    The way I look at the Whisperlite stove (being a guide for years) is the same way a car mechanic looks at vehicles. If you want something you can fix in the field if anything goes wrong, this stove will last you a lifetime. For a minimalist like yourself, sounds like you found the right stove with the SnowPeak Litemax. It is indeed much less bulky and easy to setup compared to the Whisperlite. If you have any backpacking gear questions, feel free to reach me any time directly!

    Expert Gearhead

    Simple and Effective

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    There is a reason why the Whisperlite is a favorite among backpackers. It's simple, light, and effective. I used this stove during a month long expedition in olympic National Park. If a malfunction did occur, it's simple construction and technology always made it a pretty common sense fix. Highly recommend.

    Simple, Easy to use, Easy to maintain

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've used my whisperlite all over the US and love it. As far as liquid fuel stoves go, this one is legendary for a reason. The only down side is packability on solo trips. If I'm going out by myself, I'll usually bring my pocket rocket, or a tin can alcohol stove, but for group trips, I love my whisperlite. Other than a good shake before each use, and a cleaning at the end of a the season, this stove needs zero maintenance. Boils water quickly, but will burn the heck out of anything you try to pan cook on it if you aren't careful. Overall, you can't go wrong with this stove, especially if you're just getting into the outdoors. It's an awesome and affordable starter stove, and a great dependable back up or alternate if you're into redundancy.

    good for backpacking not for wall climbs

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    excellent stove for backpacking, but i wouldnt recommend it for big walls or similar, because is kind of hard of making the pot stand still if you dont have a flat erea.

    the great thing about it is that it heats up anyting in a really fast time.

    another thing i like is that the fuel is a lot cheaper that gas canisters, although a bit heavier

    Great simple stove.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    For simplicity of use in a liquid fuel stove, this is tops. The ease of use is great for scout groups, etc. Long-lasting. It's fairly stable. Make sure to practice using it before you go on any treks (Not on any flammable surfaces. Picnic tables will catch fire when you spill white gas on them!) Only real complaint is that the temperature adjustment is off-hot-hottest. Wish they still made the simmerlite, but oh well...

    GIT ER DONE (well-done)

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I bought this WhisperLite stove based on the recommendation of five thousand mountain men... and I am not disappointed.

    The only gripe I have (and it looks like other people here had too) is that it doesn't really simmer, it's settings are: hot or hotter.

    What it does do amazingly well is burn with the fire of five thousand volcanoes and boil water like a champ at any altitude; and when all you're making is freeze-dried camp meals that's exactly what you need. Just don't try to cook bacon or simmer sauces, it will burn the s**t out of it. But what the hell are you doing schlepping bacon around in your stuff sack anyway, being bear-bait?!

    Lighting it takes a bit of practice, just don't put your face over it or you may burn your eyebrows off.

    You can use any white gas, I got Coleman brand gas from Dick's sporting goods and it works like a charm.

    Excellent White Gas Stove

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    My Boy Scout troop used these on our Philmont expedition, and they kept us fed and happy for the whole trip. They do take a little practice to prime and pre-heat, but once you get a feel for the process there's nothing to it. Routine maintenance on the trail just involves shaking the stove about ten times after you use it; the "shaker jet" will self clean and keep you in hot meals until you run out of fuel. Assessing your fuel store is easy, since you can just unscrew the bottle cap and look in, something not possible with canister stoves. While it is heavier than other options out there, especially my other favorite MSR stove, the Pocket Rocket, it keeps things low to the ground, providing more stability, and can be used with a wind screen and heat reflector (both included!) unlike a canister stove. As others have noted, this model only burns white gas; if you need fuel flexibility, look at the International or Universal models, instead.

    Great little stove

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This is a great little bullet-proof stove. You cannot go wrong with this purchase. It may not be the lightest or most compact stove you can purchase, but like the watch, it takes a licking but keeps on ticking! We have used these for hundreds of my Scout Troop's backpacking trips and I just purchased this one for personal use.

    - we do preventative maintenance once a year to keep them ticking

    - Can't speak for fuel efficiency as these are all I have ever used.

    - One medium MSR bottle easily lasts an entire weekend for our group of 7-10 backpackers for two meals a day.

    - We use them to straight up boil water and also to cook pots of pasta or rice dishes and it works great

    - It can be a bit finicky in colder temps, but they have never failed us. But then that may just be the fact of teenagers using it! LOL

    Buy this stove with confidence!

    Does the whisper lite stove include the pump?

    Does this include the windscreen, bag and...

    Does this include the windscreen, bag and parts kit

    I have an older (over 15 years) whisper...

    I have an older (over 15 years) whisper lite stove. It has the grey pump assembly. How can I get the correct o-rings for the stove line to pump.

    Where do I get the fuel pump for it?

    Where do I get the fuel pump for it?

    I have been testing my whisperlight for a...

    I have been testing my whisperlight for a couple of weeks and i have come across a slight problem. Everything works great but when i seperate the fuel line from the fuel pump leftover fuel in the line pours out. Im just wondering if this is just somthing that happens with all whisperlight stoves? is there a way to limit the amount of leftover fuel?

    would this stove work well for a through...

    would this stove work well for a through hike of the Appalachian trail

    Yes, this stove is very dependable and seems to work without using a ton of fuel. I've used mine in all four season's, wet, dry, snow and sun. Easy to clean and have very few parts to break. Lots of other options, but price and dependability put this stove high on my list...

    Is the only difference between the MSR...

    Is the only difference between the MSR Whisper Lite Stove and the Whisper Lite International Multi-fuel Stove that the latter can use multiple types of fuel?

    That is indeed the main difference between the stoves. The international version also has a wick in the priming cup which helps with the different fuel types. The diameter of the vaporization tube also is a little bit larger on the international model to accommodate the variance in fuels. Both use the same cleaning technology and are nearly identical in their other dimensions. For maximum versatility you would want to go with the international version.

    The International version is not quite as fuel efficient when burning white gas as the regular WhisperLite, but the difference is small. The International also weights a little bit more. The difference is negligible, however.

    If you choose to burn kerosene in the WL International (which you cannot do in the regular WL), the boil times go up, but so does fuel efficiency. Ounce for ounce you can boil more water with kerosene than white gas, and it's cheaper too. But kerosene has a stronger odor, and if you spill it on your clothes it leaves an oily, smelly patch. White gas disappears on its own, leaving no trace (no pun intended).

    For what it's worth, I have a WhisperLite International, and I've borrowed and used the regular WhisperLite on other backpacking trips. I think they're both great stoves.

    I see that the whisperlite fits easily...

    I see that the whisperlite fits easily into a 1.5 liter pot, but my question is can it be stuffed into a 1 liter pot?

    Best Answer

    Do you have a particular one in mind? You can come up with 1L in all sorts of ways, but based on anything I've ever tried or seen, I would say no. You end up cocking things around endlessly, and by the time you run out of angles to try in order to get the legs or burner and fuel line to sort of fit as much as possible, you can't get the lid on.

    I would also have to say no to the WhisperLite fitting into a one liter pot.

    See the pictures of my Internationale, same physical size as the WhisperLite, nesting in a 1.3 liter pot. No matter how I placed it, either the burner head or pot supports extended over the top.

    I would also have to say no to the WhisperLite fitting into a one liter pot.

See the pictures of my Internationale, same physical size as the WhisperLite, nesting in a 1.3 liter pot.  No matter how I placed it, either the burner head or pot supports extended over the top.

    when camping this fall i broke a little...

    when camping this fall i broke a little clip that holds the plunnger in on my whisperlite stove its an old stove probbly bought in 1999 can i still get parts for it

    Best Answer

    Before you spend $35 for a new pump, call Cascade Designs @ 1-800-531-9531. They are very understanding & might send you the replacement part you need. It's worth a shot!

    Don't get me wrong, I like MSR stoves & not only own four of them, but have been repairing them for quite some time. The all plastic pump they manufacture needs MUCH more TLC than say a Primus aluminum one. The Primus does weigh two ounces more but is bombproof. The original two piece, black & gray pump that came with my WhisperLite in 1988 still works like a champ but has required more maintenance.

    So the way I look @ it, your 1999 pump should still be working!

    Is this model the Whisperlite international?...

    Is this model the Whisperlite international? Thanks

    Best Answer

    This stove is the standard WhisperLite. It is designed to burn only white gas whereas the Internationale can burn kerosene & unleaded fuel in addition to white gas. Here's the MSR link to the Internationale:

    Hey. I was wondering how this stove does...

    Hey. I was wondering how this stove does melting snow?

    Hi, I have been using one of these for...

    Hi, I have been using one of these for years. The pump seems to have fallen apart, can you send me a new one.

    I'm looking at getting my first white gas...

    I'm looking at getting my first white gas stove but I'm torn between the whisperlite and the simmerlite other than weight and boil time what is the difference between these.

    Is one better than the other for simmering or cooking ham and eggs in the morning? Or easier to light or maintain in the field?

    As far as simmering I believe they are very similar, it all depends on the amount of pressure you have in the bottle, and MSR has perfected the flame control on the whisperlight. I may be a little biased since I have had my whisperlight since '98 and it is still going strong, but I would go with the whisperlight if you are going for a reliable stove that will out last any other piece of camping equipment you own. It is easy to clean and it has worked in every condition I have thrown at it. Hope this helps!

    My whisperlite has been in storage for...

    My whisperlite has been in storage for several years (kids, school, job...) I just tried to fire it up and I had several leaks. I'm assuming that the O rings dried out. The "annual maintenance kit" costs $15 for an assortment of rings and a wrench. Is there a cheaper route? Also my white gas is several years old. Does white gas "go bad" with time? Thanks.

    Best Answer

    Make sure to replace all rubber parts since they have been exposed to white gas for several years without being used. Old fuel does "go bad" but only after a long period of time. I've used eight year old fuel before without any depreciable results.

    Does anyone have ideas how to obtain a new...

    Does anyone have ideas how to obtain a new heat reflector when the original one wears out? Our stove works great but continual folding cracks the heat reflector the stove stands on. Thanks.

    Best Answer

    Go to a Party shop and buy a large foil pan for a cooking or a Webber and cut it lengthwise. Then lock the halves together to make a long foil strip and make it into a circle buy lock with some ore multiple folds. Works well and you should be able to do it for $3.00

    Write your question here...What's the...

    Write your question here...What's the expected burn time under normal conditions for a 22 oz fuel bottle?

    You'll bring home extra fuel after six days out using the MSR 22oz fuel bottle. This is using the stove four times a day. It's relatively fuel efficient for what you get in return. Essentially all the MSR liquid fuel stoves consume the same amount of fuel while putting out 10K BTU's.

    will this stove run on auto unlead fuel

    will this stove run on auto unlead fuel

    Best Answer

    The MSR Whisperlite will only run on white gas (ie., Coleman Fuel, MSR SuperFuel, etc.). The MSR Whisperlite International, MSR DragonFly and the MSR XGK EX will all run on unleaded gas as well as diesel fuel, kerosene, and other petroleum based fuels. The only time you will need to run another type of fuel other than white gas is perhaps in an emergency or in a foreign location where white gas is not available. The reason why white gas is preferred is because it's so much cleaner and will therefore run far better and more efficiently than any of the other fuels. White gas is the most refined of the petroleum based fuels (less impurities that can clog the stove making the stove perform poorly). All of the MSR liquid fuel stoves have the 'Shaker Jet' technology which cleans the jet, but this does not mean it's always a good idea to burn the dirtier fuels like kerosene, unleaded fuel or diesel. The most vulnerable component to any liquid fuel stove is the generator tube that continues from the fuel line and proceeds in a loop up into the burner head where the fuel is vaporized. This is where a significant amount of carbon build-up occurs that can be difficult to clean.Always burn white gas when it's available to get the best performance. The MSR SuperFuel is the most refined and cleanest of the various white gas options available. It is much cleaner than Coleman Fuel, but more expensive. It will help you maintain your stove without having to clean it as much when compared to Coleman Fuel.