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MSR Trillium Stove Base


Don't risk losing your dinner due to a tippy stove—stabilize your MSR liquid-fuel stove with the Trillium Stove Base.

Use the MSR Trillium Stove Base and stabilize your MSR liquid-fuel stove on snow, gravel, and talus. Light and compact, the Trillium Stove Base fits into a two liter pot for easy and safe packing. MSR's Trillium Base won't corrode and is strong enough to hold a full, four liter pot.
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This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

Always helpful

I've used it several times

Just replaced a homemade option with the Trillium and it has worked well with the Reactor and WindBurner stoves. Perfect for snow, but you can always get by without one. Have used a few times with a pole shelter (Hoopla by Mtn Hardwear) and it works great as a base in snow to keep a pole from sinking in. Very basic, very light and additional uses help justify bringing it along. Also works great to help stabilize on a drift boat or any other time you need to quickly heat up a stove in uneven terrain.

>Rating: 4

Best for snow.

I don't use it unless I am using my dragonfly in the snow. It is compact and it does make a helpful difference than not having one. I think it is worth getting one.

>Rating: 5

Great with the Dragonfly

I'm a big fan of this simple and reliable design. This, in conjunction with my MSR Dragonfly makes for a super stable platform for even the largest pot or pan. Simply put, I have one of these for each of my stoves and they fit perfectly in the MSR bag. This is a must have if you own a MSR stove, It's worth it in every sense. In my opinion $25 is worth never spilling boiling water ever again.

>Rating: 3

Not a huge fan

I've put it through the wringer

These work alright, particularly for the size and weight, but they are by no mean stupendous. The central hinge always seems too loose so it doesn't really keep the legs of the stove in place. When you put the stove on the ground you have to clear out a flat spot anyways and unless you've seriously jacked up the legs of your whisperlight, you really don't need it if you use the circular aluminum sheet to insulate the heat from the stove.

>Rating: 4

Lux Item

It works and does what it needs to, but it takes some work to get the stove (V2 whisperlite International) snug and locked in. I would say that if you have the extra money and want a stand that will last, get one.


In deep snow

>Rating: 5

for snow and deep sand

Make cooking in deep snow or sand more easy. It have a low weight, and pack in too a skinny one Stand for years

>Rating: 5


must have for any terrain used it for 31 days in the north cascades. a must need for stove balance really helped with heavy pots of water!

>Rating: 4

the only way

For snow camping this thing rules. No longer will your shovel slowly melt into the snow and tip your meal over. Add some stability to your stove so you can guarntee a tasty meal instead of a spilt one.

It's not the only way for snow. I usually wrap a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil as a base. It's lighter, cheaper, and lasts at least for a weekend-trip.

>Rating: 5

great for balance

I have a pocket rocket and the stove gets top heavy when you are boling water. This little base adds stability to the boiling pot. It makes so it doesn't feel like it is going to tip over. A definite must for anyone with a pocket rocket stove or a stove like it.

>Rating: 5

Wayyyyy necessary

I do a lot of hiking where the ground is not particularly stable, this device has proven invaluable through three MSR stoves (Whisperlite, Whisperlite International, and Dragonfly). Without it, several of my meals would have undoubtedly become part of Mt Mansfield, the ice on Princeto Locks, or that really cool quarry outside of North Andover. Rock, gravel, snow and particularly sandy soil make it an absolute necessity. I wouldn't buy an MSR stove without picking one up to go with it. Some graphite or lithium grease in the inner ring keeps it from seizing.

>Rating: 5

essential for snow camping

This device is an absolute must if you are winter camping with a compatible MSR stove. it makes a great stable platform for cooking on, and saves you from spilled dinner in the snow.

>Rating: 4

muscle failure

I've had my trillium stove base to go with my MSR for about 6 years now, and it finally has begun to fail on me, I dont know if its from water, snow, glacial dust, clay or some other crud, but i've tried some lubricants and it still seizes up taking too much force to pull apart, so alas, i'm ordering another one, and don't feel bad about it because these things are great, if you every use your whisperlite on unstable ground or any kind of snow/ice get one, it will pay dividends

>Rating: 5

stable, light and easy to use

This is a great base for snow camping or for other unstable surfaces like sand, etc. It's pretty light and easy to set up and locks into most of the MSR stoves (also works with the canister-based "WindPro" model by the way). Little pricey for what it is...

Hey Jordan, how do you use the stove base with the Pocket Rocket? I could not find any pictures or illustrations online. Just with the Whisperlite.

Nikki, this isn't really mean to be used with canister mounted stoves, like the Pocket Rocket or Snow Peak GigaPower. There isn't a way to snap the canister onto the base. It's primarily meant for remote stoves (like the Windpro, Whisperlite, etc.) that have legs. The legs are able to lock into the various points and then have a more stable base for unstable conditions (snow, sand, etc.) or for extra large pots.


Will this work with a Msr universal?

Will this work with a Msr universal?


Will this work well with the MSR pocket...

Will this work well with the MSR pocket rocket?

No, it won't at all. At least as nothing more than something to set it on without actually securing it, which you can do better, bigger and one heck of a lot cheaper with a chunk of something like a windscreen or even an old license plate. The Trillium is really only designed for liquid fuel stoves and the WindPro. What you want is a canister footrest. Try this: or this:


Anyone have a pic of this base in...

Anyone have a pic of this base in action?

Just posted one, check it out.