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MSR PanHandler Potlifter

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MSR's PanHandler—save your skin, use a Pot Lifter.

Safely lift all your hot MSR cookware with the PanHandler Pot Lifter. This Pot Lifter supports up to 10 pounds of delicious stew, boiled water, or whatever else you have cookin'. Pack the PanHandler in MSR's Packtowl sleeve (included) to protect your pots from scratches as you transport this pot lifter inside your cookware.
  • Item #CAS0403

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limited 3 years

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California Proposition 65


Cancer and Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Love it

Seems like a very simple product but others don't stand up to the task. These are light but still allow you to hold large pans with no issue. Highly recommend!

>Rating: 5

Great for what I need

I've put it through the wringer

I like the pocket to store my potlifter so it will not rub my backpack. I use it a lot for my Snow Peak plate and bowl. Just about anything you can grab with it. You won't regret it. This is great to take with you for backpacking.

>Rating: 4

Great for what it is

I've put it through the wringer

These are greativhtweight weight pot holders, I have had one that came with my MSR black light set for years now. I ordered for of these for the Boy Scout troop I help with before our trip to Glacier National Park. They do a solid job as a pot holder. My only hesitation with the 5th star is they don't work as well with non MSR pots. They still do the job though, so a great lightweight option!

>Rating: 5

Does what it needs to!

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This little guy is very light, compact, and grabs onto pots :) I can see why others say it has the potential to bend, but if you aren't trying to carry a pot of soup for 20 people, you won't have a problem. Perfect for what it is!

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer

This does what it needs to and holds up over time. It is nice to be able to take the holder off while cooking to keep it from getting hot.

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer

if your cooking for yourself and maybe your buddy this grabber works awesome. works on almost any pot or pan also and the little pouch doubles as a scrubber.

>Rating: 5

I've never had it bend on me

Great little tool, frequently the most borrowed piece of equipment at the campsite during dinner time. I've never had it bend on me, then again I'm not putting it in the fire...

>Rating: 3

It lifts your pot and saves your hands

I've put it through the wringer

I've had one for years - and many trips. Sure it bends occasionally and it isn't the best for pouring from a heavy pot, but it does just fine. It has never occurred to me to replace it...

>Rating: 2

Product material needs improvement

MSR needs to do a little more work on this handle. Although well designed, the material bends easily under heat. While cooking over a fire, we have to manually re-adjust the grips on every use. I'd love to own this product in a durable material. (If you're just cooking over a burner, and do not mind making manual adjustments after the product shifts, this product may work out fine for you.)

>Rating: 1

Garbage handle

While I like the design and concept - this thing is made out of weak aluminum. It bent the first time I used it because I squeezed a little too hard. I bent it back with my fingers and am now very careful with it. I don't like to have to be careful with my camping gear. Since the pot sets this thing comes with are made of stainless steel, I thought the handle was too. They made no mention of aluminum on the box.

>Rating: 5


I got one of these with my MSR Blacklite pots and it works great! This is the perfect tool to use with pots that don't have handles. It is made out of aluminum so it won't get hot.

>Rating: 5


This is another addition to my whisperlite kit. It's perfect for pulling hot pots. It works quick and has a sturdy grip. Love it.

>Rating: 5

It works

It is a basic handle that does what it is supposed to do. Works on most pots/pans and is very sturdy. It will hold much more weight than I will ever need it to lift.

>Rating: 5

Cool Little Tool

never failed. I bring very small pots and pans and fill them high so it is nice to have this too so I don't burn my fingers when moving boiling water. Very light. If you cook a lot in the backcountry, it just guarentees you aren't gonna burn yourself or have to reboil spilt water!


Valley of the Gods, UT



Seen laying on the table.

>Rating: 5

It's a handle

Mine came as part of the Black Lite Gourmet pot set. It's a great handle that will work on virtually any pot. The only slight downside is that i obviously must grip the inside of the pot. I fear that if one is not careful, this could result in damage to non-stick surfaces. Not that damaging the non-stick on the very upper portion of the pot is really a big deal, and hence why I did not dock it any points.

>Rating: 5

Essential K.I.S.S Tool

Sure you could get by without it but why? To save 1.6 oz of weight so that you can fumble and drop the very life blood food you brought to survive in this unforgiving environment!?!?!? NO, I say! This is one of those little things in backpacking that everyone has or is planning on buying as soon as they get home. Sure it comes in most MSR pot kits but for those of you who are looking for a handle that works for just about any pot out there then this is it. You can even turn a pot lid into a pan with this guy!

>Rating: 5

Review Title

This is probably one of the most genius ideas ever created. Although I did not buy my separately it came with my pot and pan set and probably is the most important piece of the set. The design was genius and if you can somehow break it then you dont deserve to go camping. Definitely one of MSR's top 5 products just because of how great it works


Saving my hands from instant death

Worked great for cooking up chicken, gravy, soba noodles and reconstituted veggies.