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Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut Packaged Set #1-10


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  • Assorted, #1-10

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Ultralight Curve Nut Packaged Set #1-10

The Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut Packaged Set gives you a handful of solid, easy-to-place passive stoppers that represents the foundation of any trad rack. These ten pieces of gear use Metolius CNC machining to reduce all unneeded weight and a solid head connection to eliminate the swage on classic nuts. The result is protection pieces 30% lighter than traditional models.

  • Ten stoppers made lighter for weight-conscious trad climbers
  • Curved shapes are easier to clean and place in irregular cracks
  • Anodized coloration for easier identification
  • Item #MET0206

Claimed Weight
(1-3) 0.7 oz, (4,5) 0.8 oz, (6) 1.2 oz, (7) 1.3 oz, (8) 1.5 oz, (9) 1.6 oz, (10) 1.9
Recommended Use
trad climbing
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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>Rating: 5

Great Choice!

I've put it through the wringer

I really enjoy these stoppers. With 10 size choices you've got some really great options for protection up there. The coolest feature about these nuts is that they have one side that is totally concave, it can make for some really interesting placements and versatility. I'd recommend these to any trad climber, really any trad climber they are totally awesome and have a beefy steal cable so they will last you a long time. Definitely a keeper!

>Rating: 5

Got Nuts?

I've put it through the wringer

These are really great nuts. I like the shape much better than the BD nuts. I find they both place and clean much easier than BD nuts. As primarily a LCC granite climber, i prefer the DMM offsets over these nuts. I have had a few instances in thin flared cracks where I have blown an ultralight placement, which would not have been the case with a DMM offset (I have tested this theory and it is true). With that said, these are my go to guys when climbing quartzite trad! They clean up on quartzite! I think they should be included in every trad climbers arsenal of gear, they just have their time and place in the field!

>Rating: 5

They just work

I've put it through the wringer

I don't know what it is but I seem to find solid placements for these way easier than other nuts. I just think the shape is super smart and. It works. I have s set of these and a set of BD stoppers and 9 times out of 10 I am placing these babies because the work better. I've climbed all over and my rack of curve nuts goes with me everywhere I go.

>Rating: 5

works great

i really like the light weight and shape of these

>Rating: 5

Love my mountain jewelry.

I've used it several times

I've used these and the BD nuts. I love these ones, they place well and feel super secure. I would definitely buy these again. They are also pretty :)

>Rating: 4

Feel myself as Buridan's ass

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Yes, they really do not pop out. For the well known price - sometimes it's next to impossible to clean them out. I feel myself as Buridan's ass: 1. It's cool and safe that they do not pop out. 2. But it's hard to clean them and they're soooo pricey. 3. But safety more important. 4. But it's unethical to leave something on a route (ref. "leave no trace"). 5. etc

>Rating: 5

I Love My Nuts!

These are my first nuts and I am super happy with them! The curvyness helps them to fit in many types and sized cracks and the hold well! I love how they are colored for size identification. If can get a little confusing if your nuts are out of size order on your rack. Other than that, I'm very happy with these and would buy them again!

>Rating: 5


I used a set of these climbing one day instead of my Black Diamonds (I never would have complained about them) and couldn't believe how much easier these seemed to place. The placements were almost too solid if you can say such a thing because they didn't want to come out. Light weight and well designed. Only possible complaint is the way the wire fits into them doesn't allow you to use the wire to loop over a horn, but I have never used that and don't know of anytime that you couldn't just use a sling or webbing for that.

>Rating: 5

place that!

Not only are these nuts different and cool looking(less likely to become part of your homie's rack) they provide for the bombest of nut placements. The extra camming ability from the two grooved sides allows for more diverse protection. These are amazing!

>Rating: 5

One of the better shapes

The dual curve of these nuts keeps them in constrictions. I have never had one dislodge for any reason, and they fit most placements well, especially in granite. This is especially important considering that they are the lightest nuts around, meaning that they will need to be carried in the alpine. Tiny crystals that would break off for other nuts seem to do great with these, the triangulation of forces that is created keeps these nuts in where they should not. The full set will hook you up, and getting anodized HB offsets after will really round out your selection of nuts. BD stoppers just don't compare with their straight sides, and other companies have the curve going the wrong way to make placements easy.

>Rating: 4


Solid and light - noticeably lighter than my BD nuts, and just as strong. The CNC machine work is beautiful, too. Honestly, they are a little nicer than the BD nuts for some placements - not all, but some. Mostly the ones where you have to hold onto the end of the loop and fish the nut way back into a crack to get to a good constriction. With my BD nuts, there have been the one or two random times that the nut head pushed up on the cable while trying to make a placement, which usually leads to lots of panicked swearing and cursing about how much I hate trad climbing. On the flip side, you cannot do the aider trick of hooking the cable and cinching up the nut against a bolt without a hangar with these bad boys. Losing that cable loop is not the end of the world, but it is something to take note of. 4 out of 5 only because you spend more on this set of 10 nuts than on the BD set of 13 nuts, and the BD jobs come come with a racking biner. If shaving the grams is worth the premium to you, then these should be your choice.