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Lib Technologies Funnelator Shortboard


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Funnelator Shortboard

When the waves are small and soft, paddle out knowing you're going to have a killer day with the Lib Tech Funnelator Surfboard. The Funnelator blends the line between a high performance shortboard and a fast groveler. A thinned out and rockered tail makes it easy to throw quick and powerful turns, and straight rail lines and a double V bottom that funnels water and creates a jet-propulsion effect combine to give you the speed you need for small waves.

Lib Tech also made it a priority to produce their boards in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. With the exception of the stainless steel fin screws, every piece of the Vert Series uses materials that are new to the surf industry to create a board that's environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance. Completely waterproof Nitrogenecell foam is made from 25-40% recycled content, and woven basalt fibers increase damping and impact-resistance while reducing the use of plastics. Bio-Matrix Resin reduces VOCs and offers a longer lifespan than more toxic epoxies.

  • Shortboard meets Groveler for fun on soft or small waves
  • Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin is durable and impact resistant
  • Magnesium Fiber has improved rebound and memory
  • Sprock Blocks are strong and poppy for fast response
  • Carbon Power Spine Stringer provides long lasting flex
  • Aircraft aluminum leash plug for reliable performance
  • Item #LBT00AU

5ft 4in, 5ft 6in, 5ft 8in, 5ft 10in, 6ft, 6ft 2in
Lib Tech Eco IsoTropic, MBC (magnesium, basalt, carbon)
[5ft 4in] 19.5in, [5ft 6in] 20in, [5ft 8in] 20.5in, [5ft 10in] 21in, [6ft] 21.5in, [6ft 2in] 22in
[5ft 4in] 2.3in, [5ft 6in] 2.35in, [5ft 8in] 2.45in, [5ft 10in] 2.55in, [6ft] 2.65in, [6ft 2in] 2.75in
[5ft 4in] 28.5cl, [5ft 6in] 31cl, [5ft 8in] 33.7cl, [5ft 10in] 37.1cl, [6ft] 40.4cl, [6ft 2in] 43.8cl
Hendo Designs
Tail Shape
FCS 5-fin
Fins Included
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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>Rating: 5

Love the range

I've used it several times

I bought this board a couple of weeks ago. Love it. I live in HI, surf mostly south shore reef break. I used to ride a FW cymatic, chumlee, and a midsize FCD Huevo on small days (and/or as my step on bigger days--I like mids). I surf 3-5 x/week and have been surfing for about 7 years. I surf at an intermediate level (beginner-intermediate? hard to say bc 11 yo kids here surf better than most of us--if you think you are good, come surf here for a week. Humility.). I bought this board as a groveler for the upcoming HI south shore winter. Instead, I've been taking it out in late summer southern swell and have been surprised at the range of the board. Way more than a groveler. Way better performance/turning than I expected. I love this thing. notable points: 1- catches easy. I've used various FW Potatoes and this thing catches better (also surfed the Chumlee for year...I like this more) 2-Wide range. My other grovelers skidded out with bigger waves (chumlee, puddle jumper, P-fish). I can catch bigger/steeper with this (quad) and it holds. 3-Fast--Step on the tail of this thing and it is like stepping on the gas. 4-Tail shape/channels bump the performance of this thing up a notch 5- I ride a FW Cymatic as my performance board. I like the cymatic quite a bit, but I find I am taking this Funnelator out even in bigger waves because I get more range out of it (whereas I find myself waiting for bigger waves with my cymatic and then fighting with longboarders which can be a losing battle...) 6-This shaper knows what he is doing. May not be ...Lost, but I specifically picked this up after watching N.Salas' review of the PJ HP and watching a few others. I'm stoked with my choice. This thing is HP. 7- board construction-bombproof. No epoxy feel. no pressures yet after ~7x out. I think I have converted away from FW (I really like FW construction over trad). No longer. This construction is better. The only problem Lib-Tech might have with this construction is that it is so good they might put themselves out of business. With a board with this range/performance, I will need fewer boards...and I can't see this wearing out after a year. It all makes me want to transition to Lib for my ski/snowboarding gear. solid US construction. THANK YOU!

How did you size it as an all around smaller wave board? Similar to the volume on your performance and stepup boards or does it like a little more volume?