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GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper


Get a grip on dinner with this pot handle.

Tired of accidentally letting go of your standard clamping pot handle and dumping steaming mac and cheese all over your buddy? You may not be, but they are. Secure your pots for easy handling with the GSI N-Form Pot Gripper. This techy kitchen tool locks into the exterior brackets of your GSI pots, providing a secure handle that you don’t have to keep clamped down. After dinner ends, fold up the N-Form for easy storage.

  • Item #GSI0103

Claimed Weight
2 oz
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

what i needed

I recently bought one of the GSI kits, that i love, but i kept fiddling with the handles from pot to pot.... now i dont need to. Work smarter not harder!

>Rating: 4

Have to find the right GSI kit

I've put it through the wringer

It's just the replacement handle for this GSI kit: http://www.backcountry.com/gsi-outdoors-pinnacle-backpacker-cookware-set?skid=GSI2254-ONECOL-ONESIZ&ti=U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6R1NJOjI6MTU6R1NJ Not sure if it fits on any others. This is nice to have if you lost your first handle, or if you want a back-up one just in case. It will stay strong unless you really abuse it, its a handle anyway, it doesn't need to be that durable. Except the hinges can loosen up. Just make sure that you have a compatible cooking kit.


P.S This also wont rust at all because I'm pretty sure its aluminum. It will also wiggle a little on the pot, but it still works fine.

>Rating: 4

Does what it's designed to do

I've put it through the wringer

A bunch of people have mentioned that it feels a little loose and I have to agree with them, but for something that is simply needed to help hold a skillet/pot, it really doesn't cause any issues. As long as you aren't trying to rock out while cooking, or are using your pots and pans as self defense weapons in the back country, this will work perfectly for you. Make sure your cooking set is compatible with this grip and you'll be good to go. Only reason for complaint is this gets a bit hot after cooking for a while. A pot gripper or folded up beanie is recommended for safer handling.

>Rating: 3

does the job

I've used it several times

The gripper is a little bit loose in its middle joint so it will have a little bit of a wiggle but it is not to distracting while cooking. It is a little bit hard to remove from the pot sets when it is hot. So if you ordered the bugaboo or the pinnacle cook set i would defiantly recommend getting an extra one. Not the best gripper but it is needed if you have one of the gsi cooksets.

>Rating: 1

Feels like a hot wheels toy

I dont really have anything good to say about this product. I found it to be made from heavy metal, yet all of the joints are loose so points that would be made from being sturdy are lost. Also, I found that I could not switch from one pot to another while hot without some difficulty. Overall, I find this product to feel very flimsy, despite its heavy construction. In my opinion, the MSR pot gripper is light-years ahead of this one.

>Rating: 5

Don't leave home without it

I bought the GSI set at discount because the handle was lost. I figured a cheap rim-grabber would work just fine. I learned this week that there is a good reason to have the factory pot gripper. The lids have nice holes so that you can hold the lid on and drain out hot liquids. With the rim grabber, you end up with steam burning your hand as you pour because the lid does not seal where the rim-grabber is attached. The GSI pot gripper allows you to hold the lid on tightly and the steam does not come out the top on your hand and wrist.

>Rating: 5


I have used this product several times. It works really great. I suggest that all that one one buy a spare or two, as I lost mine in the fire last weekend.


1) Does this fit all GSI pots, I have a...

1) Does this fit all GSI pots, I have a "GSI Gourmet Extreme" kit? 2) I currently use the Diamond Back gripper, but these are not very strong as the aluminium tab keeps bending, is this pot gripper stronger than the diamond back?

Greg, no it does not, it only connects with this one: http://www.backcountry.com/gsi-outdoors-pinnacle-backpacker-cookware-set?skid=GSI2254-ONECOL-ONESIZ&ti=U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6R1NJOjI6MTU6R1NJ