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Grivel Air Tech Racing SA Ice Axe


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  • White, 53cm
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Air Tech Racing SA Ice Axe

The Grivel Air Tech Racing SA Ice Axe is ideal for mountaineers searching for the lightest possible tool that doesn't sacrifice the strength and durability of a genuine, hot-forged steel head. The Air Tech Racing Ice Axe weighs only 14.1 ounces and is still durable enough to take the abuse that alpine climbing and mountaineering dishes out.
  • Hot-forged pick and adze take the beating that would reduce most lightweight ice axes to scrap metal
  • Aluminum shaft keeps the weight down to only 14.1 ounces
  • Bottom plug keeps the shaft from filling with snow when you plunge
  • Aggressive pick penetrates hard neve snow and even ice if necessary
  • Item #GRV0044

[pick] hot-forged steel, [shaft] aluminum
48cm, 53cm, 58cm, 66cm, 74cm
Claimed Weight
14.1 oz
Recommended Use
mountaineering, alpine climbing
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>Rating: 5

The best classical piolet

I've put it through the wringer

Nobody makes better ice axes than Grivel, and while I am sometimes lured away by other brands, each time I pick up a Grivel product I am impressed with its quality. This axe is no exception. The cold-forged steel head and spike really make a difference in durability when compared to other axes. I have used this axe in plenty of situations where a lighter-weight aluminum axe would likely bend or break. Mine has chopped steps in unusually firm neve, hammered pickets, and been used as a janky belay anchor. This is a tool for mountain travel, not an expensive piece of cheap aluminum (I'm talking to you, CAMP...) However, at a little over 14 oz the AirTech isn't very heavy. This was not my first axe, although it would make an excellent first tool if you are not yet familiar with ice axes. The ergonomics of the head and the slightly bent shaft make carrying the axe comfortable, even over long periods of time. Though some axes, like the BD Raven series, do have a slightly more comfortable hand position. Personally, I bought it to replace my first axe (BD Raven), to use on climbs where I only needed one tool, and don't plan on climbing anything too steep with the axe. (mostly summer climbing, in the Tetons, Bugaboos, Cascades, or Sierras). I will take it when I plan on mostly walking up steepish snow and neve. In other situations I would might want something either more technical, or lighter weight, but often times the Grivel Air Tech is the right tool for the job. In short, this mountain tool is a good balance of useful, durable, and lightweight.

>Rating: 5

perfect for snow travel

I've used it several times

great light ice axe, i like the slight curve. luckily, havent had to self arrest with it but used it for a short unexpected ice climb on mt. hood. bites in well and feels very secure.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

Very light, perfect shape, comfortable in hand. Highly recommended.


On the pack ready to roll


Nice pack, which pack is it?

>Rating: 5

Badass is all I can say!

I've put it through the wringer

Purchased this last winter for winter trail running and winter ascents. This is the lightest tool I tried out from our friends at bentgate mountaineering in Golden. The weight alone was killer but the addition of the forged steel pick is a huge bonus because it is so much stronger than some other materials out there. The steel is forged in a vertical shape instead of a horizontal which focalizes the torque along the entire pick instead of just the tip like many others. Need less to say I am 100% confident this is not going to fail me when I need it the most. In the end this is one of the best items I have used this year and am pretty stoked about using it again this winter! Just snowed tonight up on Mt. Evans, pumped for the season.

>Rating: 5

Great axe

Been with me on 6 summits plus doing some technical Ice climbing when I lost my technical tool. Its very durable and absolutely amazing given it's weight. Head rusts a bit but other than that I am very pleased.

>Rating: 5

Grivel Air Tech Racing Ice Axe

Great Axe. I once did a hike without an axe, thinking the weather was too nice, and te trail not too steep. Well the nice weather meant molten snow that re-froze into hard ice!Hairy! I decided to buy this axe so I will never have an excuse to leave it behind. Worked! Works great. Function aside, I love the classic lines of Grivel, unlike the funky shapes on other axes.

>Rating: 5

Like a feather

This is a decent all purpose axe, which is high praise considering its ridiculous lightness. Sometimes ultralight gear isn't worth the price, this is!


What size should I get?

So for a versatile size, measure the distance between the tip of your middle finger while at your side and the malleolus of your ankle. This will provide the most versatile size for you. If you intend to be on steeper terrain mostly, then you can use a shorter axe, if you are going to be on more moderate flatter terrain then a longer axe will suit you better. You can call or email me directly. 801-736-6398, or


I was on Grivel's website, where I read...

I was on Grivel's website, where I read the following: "Although the steel used is very similar to stainless steel (which is not suitable for ice axe heads)..." in their general ice axe instructions. Yet I've noticed that BD uses stainless steel in ice axe heads. Why does Grivel consider stainless steel to be not suitable for ice axe heads?

I suppose that I am impatient. I did some research online and I came across this educated discussion re chromoly vs. stainless steel use in crampons. While not ice axes, the concepts obviously carry over to ice axes and ice tools, not to mention if you are looking into ice axes, you may be looking into crampons as well. I believe this is information that anyone who is shopping for any of these items should be in possession of.


Does this have a steel spike or an aluminum...

Does this have a steel spike or an aluminum 'plug'? The picture shows a plug, but other web sites show a steel spike.

there are two versions, this one has a plug

This picture is outdated. I ordered my ice axe off Backcountry and received the newer version that has a slight curve to the shaft and a steel spike on the bottom. It looks like the picture on Grivel's website: I would click on the "Live Chat" and confirm with a Backcountry rep, but I'm pretty sure that they are selling the current version and that they have just not updated the picture.

Good point Mads, the picture isn't even the SA version with the curved shaft. Well, I ordered it so here's hoping for the steel spike.

Confirmed: its in my hands now and it has the steel spike, so its the new version. Its a beautiful tool, 15.4 oz on my scale in size 58cm, and the nicest hot forged head you could ever ask for on a mountaineering axe.