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Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw

$31.95 - $32.95

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  • Oasis, 12cm
  • Night, 18cm

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Bulletproof Quickdraw

There's usually only one crux that you fall on over and over until that glorious redpoint; Edelrid recommends you clip the bolt you're rallying on with the Bulletproof Quickdraw. Each carabiner features a steel insert where the rope rubs in order reduce wear, burrs, and sharp edges to stay solid for seasons of punting and lowering. The rest of each carabiner is all aluminum to stay light on your harness.

  • Hang this quickdraw on your climbing projects
  • Steel insert ensures durable longevity for falling and lowering
  • Straight or bent gates for clipping bolts or ropes
  • Keylock nose prevents snagging when you're unclipping
  • Item #ELR0038

[carabiner] aluminum, steel, [sling] nylon
Gate Type
straight, bent
Sling Width
15 / 22mm
Sling Length
12cm, 18cm
keylock nose
Claimed Weight
[12cm] 4oz
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty

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>Rating: 5

Great Draw!

I've put it through the wringer

Get 3, use one on the first bolt, and 2 for the anchor. This will greatly extend the life of all your draws, and less aluminum on your rope!

>Rating: 5

Sexiest QD ever

I returned this product before using it

I don't need this quickdraw. I have a bunch of Petzl Spirits that are great. But I'm not gonna lie, this is the sexiest quickdraw ever. It feels like the door of a BMW sounds when it shuts. Rich and solid and German. Also, the closed gate strength of these -- 27 and 28 kN..what are they, showing off? Plus the cool steel insert keeping my rope clean - its about 25 g more than a long Spirit draw btw. Also, it goes fast and looks great on the Autobahn. You should get some.

>Rating: 5

The Rolls Royce of quickdraws.

Is it heavier? A little. Small price to pay for durability. Well made, durable dogbone, and hopefully a rope end biner that will last a long, long time. I love them so far. The only thing that could make them better in my opinion is to have a clean wiregate for the rope end, but that's just semantics. I'm pretty sure the dogbones will need replacing on these bad boys before the rope end biners do.

>Rating: 1

Beware! Not as described!

I returned this product before using it

While I Love the bulletproof biners themselves, these draws are not as described, buyers beware. Misleading description states "Each carabiner features a steel insert" I ordered based on this description. IT IS NOT TRUE! Only the bent gate rope side biners have the steel inserts. Returning these and ordering just biners to go with other dogbones.

"Each carabiner features a steel insert where the rope rubs in order reduce wear" The rope does not go in the bolt end. Buyers beware? The photo of the draw clearly does not have a steel insert on the bolt end biner.

My old draws (6 years old) are all aluminum, the rope side biners are well grooved, like 1/4 of the thickness, while the bolt ends may have a few "knicks" in them they are pretty much the same thickness as new. I don't personally feel like the bolt end of the draw should have the steel insert.

Tweetyhead, please consider amending your review. It is immediately evident by the photo that the steel reinforcement applies only to the rope biner. Safe to say your review doesn't reflect any field use of these draws. Your misunderstanding of the gear is not going to help others make a decision. Just my two cents.

After evaluating these draws from a perspective of "what can go wrong," it is actually very smart that they did not provide the steel insert on the hanger-end biner. The steel insert has a pretty smooth transition, but there still remains a discontinuity (little notch) where, if the hanger end had a steel insert, the hanger could hang up on the tip of the insert (midway between the spine and nose) and significantly reduce the rating if loaded in this condition. As others stated, the insert is really only needed on the rope end after all. Excellent draws and kudos to Edelrid engineers for avoiding a potential failure mode.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

Lightweight, easy to clip, and by far the most durable biner/draw on the market. Barely noticeable weight difference and seriously more durable! In addition to the fact that the steel plates won't wear down or groove out like other aluminum biners, they keep your rope cleaner too! A good deal of what makes your rope get dirty over time, (and what turns your hands black after a belay )is the anodized coating wearing off as the rope moves through. This doesn't happen with the steel plate. I've noticed that my rope doesn't get dirty nearly as quickly since I've been using these while sport climbing. Seriously, this is yet another genius engineering innovation from Edelrid. Can't believe how light they are and how long they have lasted!

The black hands could possibly come from the anodizing but is most likely due to aluminum particles. If you’ve ever sanded aluminum you would see thatit’s blackish..



Takes the wear and tear