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Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot

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    Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot

    Designed for aggressive backcountry skiing, the Men's Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot balances a light weight with a progressive performance for riders who value downhill riding as much as easy skinning. Its wide last creates an incredibly comfortable fit for skiers who like to layer socks, or women with wider feet, but regardless of your foot shape, the straps, inverse buckles, and various micro-adjustments will ensure a secure fit. Dynafit's remarkable Hoji Lock system that quickly switches the boot from walk mode to ski mode with a quick flip of a switch. Recent updates include a narrower toebox with the TLT inserts set closer to the front in order to maximize the boot's walking efficiency, and it eases your ability to step into tech bindings a lot easier than before.

    • Dynafit's burlier backcountry boot for aggressive skiing
    • Wide last creates an incredibly comfortable fit for wider feet
    • Master Step eases attachment to TLT tech bindings
    • Walk mode goes from ski to walk mode with the flip of a switch
    • Speed Nose narrows the toe box for a more efficient skin
    • Item #DNF00EE

    Shell Material
    Last Width
    Lean Angle
    Walk Mode
    55° of rotation
    Custom Plus
    Liner Closure
    power strap
    Binding Compatibility
    TLT (tech)
    Formula Pomoca Climb
    Claimed Weight
    3lb 5oz
    Recommended Use
    backcountry skiing
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year

    Tech Specs

    What do you think about this product?


    >Rating: 5

    Great Ski Boots

    I've put it through the wringer
    True to size
    Size Bought
    5` 10"
    165 lbs

    Spoiler warning: I work for Dyanfit so take my review with a grain of salt. The purpose of this review to clarify fit/use/function questions and share my experience with the boot, not to compare to other products. I have skied the Pro Tour now for two seasons and overall feel it is a great boot for touring and ski mountaineering. I also ski them inbounds on occasion and they perform well. The last on these boots is wider than some Dynafit boots and fits my wide foot well. The walk mode is easy to access in the back with the cuff of your pants pulled all the way down, something that other boots I have used struggle with. I often times do have to pull the cuff up to adjust the power strap when transitioning but this is usually the only adjustment I make between walk and ski mode. I think the speed nose on the front of this boot makes walking better, although I recognize that not everyone may feel this way. The purpose of the speed nose is to move the pivot point of the pins inserting into the toe of your boot back to a more ergonomic position. I don't know if this is just feedback bias but I really notice this when I switch from a boot with a lip on the toe back to the Pro Tours, walking 'feels' smoother. I don't have Cramp-In's rigged up on these boots but I have used them on the TLT8's. This system works well for me for snow climbing, the Cramp-In's are very light and pack down extremely small. The attachment is secure. I would not take them on a route that involved any ice or rock as the aluminum Cramp-In's would likely not handle this well. With the Pro Tour's I have just used a Petzl Irvis Hybrid with the standard "rubber toe cap" bail that comes with them, another good option. Hope that helps, overall boots have held up well. They walk well and ski hard, hope you enjoy!

    >Rating: 2

    broken buckle on day 1 = loss of trust

    I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    excellent boot. hikes and skis well. HOWEVER poor quality assurance / buckle manufacturing quality. day 1 yielded a toe buckle failure, the rivet holding the eyelet and tension cable blew off. i was able to ski the day without further issues. customer service / warranty is the only factor that will reconsider a higher rating. it begins. carefully inspect the rivet splay on all the buckles.

    >Rating: 2

    Has potential but has work to be done.

    I've put it through the wringer

    I will start by saying I have put this boot through the wringer this winter with over a 100 powder days and 250K of vert on them and counting. Pro: Stiffness is amazing if you like a stiff boot Weight is great as well especially for someone who has a bigger boot than most. The flex while in walk mode is the absolute best thing about this boot. Con: The liners are absolute trash and they made it so that not everyone can purchase new liners from intuition. They should just sell the boot without liners and it is shame they would even put such a bad product out there. Also the walk mode has failed several times to go into ski mode for me. I have had to almost take my boot off a couple of times on steep transitions not safe in my world. I would say give Dynafit another 2 years before you buy this boot. Let them figure it out and then purchase.

    Thank you for the review, Blake. This is good feedback!

    >Rating: 5


    This boot has the best ankle range of motion if you really like climbing and gaining vert. Super stiff, and very efficient with the speed nose. I'm a big fan of efficiency in the backcountry, and that is the best of both worlds.

    >Rating: 4

    So close, but sabotaged by Dynafit ...

    I've put it through the wringer

    The pros: - Walk mode the most range I've ever experienced. End up not having to switch heel heights all the time (e.g. for a very short steeper section). Also helps when max heel height not quite enough. - The fit (for me). And the main reason I purchased. Probably disappoints others but the wider foot throughout fits me better. Otherwise probably would have stuck with Maestrale RS - The Hoji lock system. Less so for the "pants always down)... I don't care necessarily about speed transitions. But seems a more solid lock and squeezes out a bit more broad tightness across upper boot. - A "quality" stiffness. That is, it may not be technically as stiff as other beefy AT boots (certainly nothing like a stiffness-at-all-cost downhill boot), but it feels stiffer to me than the Maestrale RS (my model a few years old), I think because of the progressive feel... doesn't want to "collapse" under pressure. The cons: - Very poor choices in my opinion made by Dynafit. Probably motivated by business goal of selling more bindings, the lack of a toe welt is a disappointment but one I knew at purchase. I use a Kingpin 13 currently (somewhat begrudgingly, but a solid bniding)... but I don't like being "locked out" out of non-pin bindings (like Salomon Shift). Still that downside I realized at the time of purchase. What I didn't realize until later is that the design of the heel welt makes it not-officially compatible with the Kingpin and other bindings. Ok, that's annoying, but worst case I can go to a Beast 14 or something. Nope! Dynafit didn't even make it compatible with one of their own bindings. . So close to a great boot ... saw one comment online that sums it up: "Great boot for crappy bindings!"

    >Rating: 4

    Great touring boot

    I've put it through the wringer

    Boots have great range of motion in tour mode and are light weight but also ski well. Stiffness is not quite what I want in bounds (have 120 flex dalbellos) but has held up in steep terrain at multiple resorts and is great in the backcountry. The buckles are ok in my opinion. Mid foot is ratchet which gets iced up from time to time and are made of weak metal that bent on me without my notice. Top ‘Hoji lock’ system works well but power strap does get loose after a while (mostly noticed in bounds). Although I thought it would be more gimmick than functional I do really like the ‘Hoji lock’ system. Liners are lower quality than I am used to. The first pair I received had a manufacturing defect which quickly resolved (thanks!). That said , liners are lightweight , generally comfortable, and appear to be lower volume to match the low volume shell. Overall a great boot and worth the money if they fit your feet. I have a wide forefoot and high volume feet. The fit is perfect once packed out for me. I think if I had any higher volume feet the boots would not fit.

    >Rating: 2

    HOJI liner sucks

    I've purchased two pair of Hoji's. First was too small so I purchased next size up. When heat molding, both pair of liners were damaged! These were performed at two different reputable shops. I"ve been waiting for over two months for Dynafit to replace the liner. Unacceptable customer service!

    >Rating: 4

    Almost Hits the Perfect Balance

    I've put it through the wringer

    The highly anticipated Hoji ski boot lives up to the hype, and has been my go-to boot this year for backcountry adventures regardless of the objective. The boot design tours well for its weight, and skis as well or better than other tech boots that weigh a bit more. The lack of a DIN compatible toe lug is an unfortunate limitation of this year's model, as they are only compatible with true tech bindings, and cannot be skied with DIN or hybrid bindings like Salomon's Shift. After about a month of use, the pull tab on the liner tore off, but this damage has of course not affected the skiability of the boot in any way. The booster-like power strap is a great addition to the boot, and really lets you crank the liner's tongue close to your shin allowing for precise, powerful skiing. If you lean towards touring at a fast pace or are the type to skin for the sake of the uphill, this boot may not be for you. For those looking for a one boot backcountry quiver, the Hoji is as good as any boot I've skied over the years.

    >Rating: 5

    Returned because they were too small

    Returned because I got the wrong size, but they were great otherwise


    Hoji Pro

    Designed to tour, designed to ski.

    >Rating: 5

    Uniquely game changing.

    I've put it through the wringer

    Alright - we may say "game changing" a bit much in the ski world, but honestly - these boots are ultimately different and unique in their design that makes for the perfect combination of tour-ability and ski-ability. In the ultimate chase for the "holy grail" boot - A touring boot that not only is effortless on the skin track but also crushes on the down, Dynafit has done something special here with Eric Hjorleifson and the Dynafit product team. The main design element that makes this boot awesomely different is how the cuff and the lower integrate together between tour and ski mode. Using a "floating" third connector which slides up and out of the way while in tour mode - providing 55 degrees range of motion - (and also unique, is that this range of motion is balanced both forward and back, while most boots have either significant range of motion forward, or rear - these have seamless range in both directions). When the tour switch is popped into "ski" mode - the connector interfaces with the lower by grabbing the rear of the lower cuff. This "grabbing" creates a stiff connection, there is limited to no play, and you reap the full value of stiffness from the boot because of it. It's hard to explain in words - i will post a video - but this switch, dubbed "no more need to pull you pants up" - is legit. I am not only excited for this interface for this boot - but to see this type of design fade down into the more rando/race boots. They are also a bit wide in the last, so they are roomy for people like me with burly wide feet. Super comfy, super stiff, and just rips. This is the Freetour boot for true tech freeriding. Designed by the man himself - Hoji. Also - the feeling when you slap this thing into ski mode is soooooo satisfying. I think it's the smoothness and the burliness of the system, but it just works like a dream and it makes me feel happy.

    Can you comment on the how the Hojis ski as compared to the Zero G Guide? Thanks in advance.

    Ya right Quiti

    I still might buy these (they fit real nice and walk/ski transition is easy), but worth noting a few limitations of this otherwise great boot. May make it a dealbreaker for some... it's only compatible with certain bindings and not good with the Kingpin or Tecton or the new Shift (see Wild Snow's website for much more discussion on this). Likewise poor compatibility with many auto/semi-auto crampons for the ski mountaineers who might be considering the Hoji. The boot's "speed nose" means no lip for a crampon front bail to grab on to. Again, works for some models of bindings (e.g., Dynafit's own) and crampons, but might also mean you have to drop many hundreds more for new gear to go with this boot. Fair warning. If it had a normal Dynafit nose I would have bought already; unfortunately can't usethe boot I want (Hoji) with the bindings I have (Kingpin) or new bindings I was considering (Tecton, Shift).

    James P.- These should work fine with the Kingpin. The heel is still compatible and the Kingpin uses a standard tech toe.

    >Rating: 5

    Havent used yet

    I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    Havent had chance to use these boots yet but are super comfy and seem like they will be a great boot for ripping in the backcountry these winter