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CamelBak Big Bite Valve Cover


Big Bite Valve Cover

The CamelBak Bite Valve Cover provides a great way to keep your Big Bite Valve clean and protected. Works with HydroLock, Ergo HydroLock, and Ergo Angle. Will not work directly on tube.
  • Item #CAM0086

Works with all Hydrolink and Ergo Hydrolock components
Recommended Use
backpacking, casual, commuting, hiking, road cycling, road running
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>Rating: 4

What contraption is this!?

I've used it several times

So I’ve had several different camelbak backpacks over the years, and had NO IDEA this gadget existed. My current camelback is probably may favorite, most used, most loved piece of gear. That being said, anytime I was on vacation or camping, I would completely take the mouthpiece off and put it in a pocket because the thought of it laying in dirt or touching any part of a public bathroom grossed me out. This solves the problem! I know it probably isn’t that much cleaner in reality, but it gives me peace of mind. My only question is, why don’t all camelbaks just inherently come with these by now?

>Rating: 5

Clean sips!

No dust, dirt, webs, or other debris between you and refreshing sips. Easy to install, use and clean.

>Rating: 5

Will Buy Again

I've used it several times

I always hated the thought of my bite valve laying on the ground while I was out hiking. I got one of the covers and the germaphobe in me now has peace of mind. It was a bit annoying to get on. I used hot water to help the plastic be more malleable.

>Rating: 4


Hard to put on but does the job well.

>Rating: 4

Not bad

Like the other reviews I found this extremely difficult to put on. I ended up not really needed it because I kept my Camelbak hose inside my backpack since I was worried about it freezing. I'm sure it will be super handy in the summer when I am setting my backpack down in the dirt.

>Rating: 4

Annoying to have to Buy, But Much needed

I've put it through the wringer

Used while travelling in Africa for a little over a month and I am Very glad I had the Cover. You can imagine how bad the sanitary conditions were in most places. Both while hiking and just throwing the backpack in the back of our jeep, the cover kept the mouthpiece clean and protected from scratches. My friends wished they had it.

>Rating: 5

Keeps the crap out.

Good product. Does what it is meant to do with very little fuss. As others have mentioned, it can be a tad difficult to get on, but not too bad.

>Rating: 4

Good accessory

Works very nicely to keep mud and dirt off the bite valve. Can be kind of tough to get on and off the hose with the bite valve, but worth it to not have to drink dirt I guess.

>Rating: 5

Keep your nipple clean

I've put it through the wringer

I've been using this cover for years to keep my nipple clean when going through muddy or sandy slot canyons. It does eventually wear out and not stay on anymore so you need to replace them (keep in mind I use mine pretty much every weekend so it gets a lot of use). Try lubing it up with some KY lubes (sex lubes). It slides on somewhat easily with some twisting back and forth and pushing.

Wait, what were you talking about there at the end? j/k, good review.

>Rating: 3

Hard to Put On

This thing is seriously hard to put on. Looking at everyone else, I feel a bit dumb but for me, it wasn't easy to put on. Weird? Well, it's the price of a Big Mac so why not just try it out. I'll probably work anyways.

Try lubing it up with some KY lubes (sex lubes). It slides on somewhat easily with some twisting back and forth and pushing.

I would use plain mineral oil over KY. I think KY may be made from mineral oil, but it has other stuff too. Mineral oil is safe for ingestion. I found you can lube it too much and then it can come off pretty easy, so don't get carried away.

>Rating: 5

works great!

works great, keeps my mouthpiece very clean so I don't have to worry about throwing my pack down anywhere. It can be a little hard to get through some of the slots for the tube so it may be easier to just take it off when you remove your tube completely, it just depends on the pack you have. Also when installing it, you need to put the rubber mouthpiece in it, then get it onto the tip of the tube, and rotate it them together squeezing the bottom of both pieces together as one.

>Rating: 5

Keeps dirt off my mouthpiece!

I use this with the CamelBak Hydrolink Filter Adapter Kit http://www.backcountry.com/camelbak-hydrolink-filter-adapter-kit#review_200160398 and it works great! It keeps the dirt and yukky canyon water off my mouthpiece when I'm canyoneering. It can be a complete pain in the butt to put on if you don't know the secret! Use some adult lubes to easily slide the hose into the mouthpiece. You know how its done! ;)

>Rating: 5

Camelback Bite valve cover

Couldn't wait to get my hands on one, and it worked just as expected. No longer do I have to wrap my bite valve in plastic or do other efforts to keep in clean while hiking, , hunting, working or traveling. Bought 3 and will always have an extra on hand.

>Rating: 5

fits well over the hydrolock

I bought the hydrolock as a right-angle device, not so much as a lock. The valve cover keeps out dirt. Works great together.

>Rating: 5

Must have.

Aw, crap, this is must-have for me on the trail. In the dark early days before bite-valve covers, I was sucking on dirt.

>Rating: 5

Love the Cover!

I use this cover all the time while canyoneering because I'm usually swimming through yucky stagnant water or sliding between canyon walls. Then when I get thirsty I have a clean bite valve!

>Rating: 5

Works Great!

It works exactly like it is supposed to. As far as it being a little difficult to install think about it this way. The easier it is to get on, the easier it is to come off when you don't want it to. To get it on heat up the end of the bite valve in really hot water and put the hydrolock in the freezer. That will make it fit on there a little easier. Also instead of trying to twist the bite valve on you can use the cover to pull it down. Just get the valve started then bring the cover (while open) as far up as you can. Squeeze the bottom of the cover around the valve and pull down.

>Rating: 5

It works?

Does exactly what I want it to, protects my bite valve from getting dust, sand, mud, or whatever else you mind run into in the backcountry. It was a little difficult getting on, but I would assume that's a good thing since you don't want it to be able to fall off with your bite value. I recommend it for your CamelBak.

>Rating: 5

Great add-on

Personally, this is a must-have. Whether it's sand, mud or otherwise, I don't want anything except water to come out of my bite valve, and this solves that problem.

>Rating: 4


It keeps the dirt and debris from sticking to your bite valve. I thought this would be a breeze to install but I had to jack with it for a few minutes. Doesn't do much to contain leakage, you need a shut-off valve for that.

I like the valve cover, but it's not perfect. When canoeing or fishing or caving, if it gets down into a puddle of muddy water, some of the muddy water will still get in. Other than that, it works great. I had a hard time getting it to go on the first time. Only got the bite valve half on, but it worked well enough for two years. Then my wife was cleaning my camelbak for me and took it all apart. I was trying to put it back together and couldn't get the dang bite valve on at all with the stupid cover around it. My wife had recently bought a new bite valve for her camelbak. She said, "Get it wet. The instructions for installing my new bite valve said, 'Get if wet.'" So I went to the sink, got both everything wet and it slid right on.


Anyone know if this would fit an Osprey bite valve? Osprey doesn't make one for their system. I know the bite valves have different shapes, but as long as it fits easily over the valve I don't mind.


I have had bad luck with the hydrolock.. How...

I have had bad luck with the hydrolock.. How well will this bite valve cover prevent accidental leakage? I'm not overly concerned about getting the bite dirty as much as I am looking for something to prevent me from accidentally squeezing the bite valve and getting water all over the place.

This doesn't work so well to prevent leakage. The cover is still soft enough that if there is pressure on it, it will make the bite valve leak.


How do you get CalmelBak big bite valve...

How do you get CalmelBak big bite valve mouthpiece "on"?? On the tube? or 90-degree bend in CamelBak's Ergo HydroLock? I've tried to push the mouthpiece on the tube and the 90-degree bend, dry and wet, But it will not work. I've tried twisting the bite on the tube....but it seems it will not work. How do you put on the mouthpiece on? I have also tried to get this valve cover on with the big bite mouthpiece....who do you do it?

I had to work with mine for a while and after a lot of frustration and a couple of big, deep breaths I just wiggled and twisted it enough to get it on there. They're great once they are on but they can be a pain in the hiney to get into position.

In order to put the cover in place you have to take off the bite valve, put the bottom part of the cover in place, then put the valve back on. But the bite valve is difficult to put on after the cover is in place. It helps to moisten it and just work at it until it finally slips on far enough to be secure.

Heat up the end of the bite valve in really hot water and put the hydrolock in the freezer. That will make it fit on there a little easier. Also instead of trying to twist the bite valve on you can use the cover to pull it down. Just get the valve started then bring the cover (while open) as far up as you can. Squeeze the bottom of the cover around the valve and pull down.