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Black Diamond Talon Hook


Talon Hook

The Black Diamond Talon is three hooks in one. This amazing hooking option is suited for big wallers and those bolting on lead. The Talon's dual-base design provides exceptional stability. Since the rock will often break under pressure of a hook before the hook pops, it's important to maximize hook-to-rock contact area. The tripod design provides optimal hook-to-rock contact. Flat, chiseled points offer exceptional bite in rock. Each blade has a different dimension, offering hook placements from bat-hook (3/16in) size to half-inch. -Vendor

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>Rating: 4

I Hope To Never Use These!

Got these for an emergency pot hole escape kit. I hope I will never have to use them, but they will go down almost every canyon with me. If you plan on going down slots that have even the possibility of pot holes get a few an learn how to use them. But never drill unless you have exhausted EVERY other option. In the mean time, it will hold my hammock up on my porch!

>Rating: 5

3 hooks on one device

I've put it through the wringer

need I say more. These are great for aid and route development.

>Rating: 5

Don't forget the backup plan!

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I bought a couple of these hooks in preparation for my trip to Neon canyon. I did not need to use it, but my experience in the semi-keeper in neon made me happy I had brought a back up plan. In a situation where 6-8 feet of slick, overhung, sandstone stands between you and freedom, hooks may be exactly what is necessary. These babies are sharp! To protect my gear I wrapped these around old webbing. I wouldn't send a technical canyon with keeper potholes without these! Don't loose em in a keeper!

>Rating: 5

So good I got it again!

I dropped one of my 2 talon hooks in a cold murky pothole and couldn't find it so I bought another one! I will be more careful next time ;)


How To: Hook Out Of A Pothole in Imlay Canyon

Here is a little video I put together from doing Imlay Canyon in Zion National Park in Southern Utah. There is not a lot of Hooking videos on YouTube so I decided to make one. This was my first time hooking out of a pothole and I thought it was the funnest part of the canyon!

>Rating: 4


I bought 2 of these for pothole escapes while canyoneering. I haven't had the opportunity to use them yet, but it's nice to have them ready for when that time comes when the pothole it a little too big and a potshot just won't work. These are a lot heavier than I expected (They are made of steel), and are very sharp. If anyone knows of a good way to haul these around without the sharp ends cutting up your webbing and whatnot let me know! :)


webbed to go

>Rating: 5

Good for when the going gets tiny

The three prongs of the Talon not only provide stability, but each point has a different configuration, so you can latch on to small, medium or large rock nubbins. The smallest point is optimized for hooking into 1/4 drilled holes, which is common on Big Walls or with Canyoneering. Talons are specialized pieces of climbing equipment, but for those who are going into that type of terrain, they work great.

>Rating: 5

Like the tripod!

The design of the Talon is very good and promotes stability. I'm not an aid climber so I haven't used this the same way others have. I keep this in my canyoneering pack as a back-up in case I need to aid out of a keeper hole. Luckily, I'm yet to put it to the test in an emergency but have found it to very stable in practice.

>Rating: 5

talon is great

it is a three micro hooks in just one device. it is very stable beacuse it acts as a tripod.compared to the other devices on my rack , the talon is that one which is mostly used when i do aid climbing .


I just got one of these and it turned out to be much smaller than I expected. 1/2 inch webbing won't thread through the center hole. Any suggestions on what material to use to sling it? I considered blue water ropes titan cord but I'm not sure if that's best.


I understand these are very sharp, what would be a good way to store these without them cutting into my other equipment?

Jerem, I keep my hooks in an old chalk bag attached to my harness. Besides keeping other equipment and your body safe, keeping Talons, Cliff Hangers, etc. in a sack stops them from getting tangled up in your other gear, or hooking onto something while you're climbing / rappelling / bushwhacking (inevitable when they're racked on your harness). Cheers


Are you ship to Brasil?

Are you ship to Brasil?

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