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Backcountry Access Tracker 2 Avalanche Beacon

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    • Triple Receiving Antenna

    75 Reviews


    The Tracker 2 is the new standard in simple, reliable beacons from Backcountry Access.

    The Backcountry Access Tracker 2 subtracts weight and size, and adds real-time display and a third receiving antenna to the best-selling, dead-simple Tracker DTS. The third digital antenna increases accuracy and provides a strong buried signal in any orientation, while the real-time display eliminates lag time, allowing you to narrow your search zone quickly when seconds count. The Tracker 2's single search / transmit switch makes learning and teaching a snap, and it reduces confusion when you hit adrenaline overdrive.
    • Item #BCA0081

    Tech Specs

    Digital Range
    50 m
    3 AAA
    Batteries Included
    Battery Life
    [search mode] 50 hours, [transmit mode] 250 hours
    5.2 x 3.2 x 1.1 in
    Claimed Weight
    [with batteries] 9 oz
    Recommended Use
    backcountry touring
    Manufacturer Warranty
    5 years limited

    Tech Specs

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    Safety is Key

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    This beacon is very user friendly but has enough features to be safe. Running drills with this thing is super easy to find people and the pin point accuracy is literally a life saver. For the extra money its nice to have the triple antenna.

    Safety First

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    The Tracker 2 builds off the proven performance of the Tracker series which has been an industry leader in beacon technology for many years. This beacon is straight forward and easy to use, as always make sure to take an avalanche safety course to gain adequate knowledge before venturing out into the backcountry.

    Ease of use and reliability

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've owned this beacon for ~3 seasons now, and love it. It's not a million dollar beacon that can order a cheeseburger for you at the bar, but it gets the job done. Single beacon search function is super straight forward, but I advise you to really practice the multiple victim burial mode to learn the nuance of that function.

    No brainer

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Pull the tab to search, its that simple. The triple antenna is the new standard for beacons and a major improvement over the old double antenna design. If you are venturing into the backcountry this beacon is the way to go. BCA makes the best beacons on the market and are consistently some o the best selling times on the site. Pick one up and be safe out there!

    No Frills Backcountry Tool

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Being based out of Bozeman, MT and skiing Bridger Bowl means you're wearing your beacon every day of the season, in bounds or out. This simple tool is something your can rely on day in and day out. The idiot proof pull tab send/receive switch is ideal for high stress situations when there is no time to be wasted. Coming in at just $299 this 3 antenna super functional beacon gives a huge bang for your buck, and peace of mind in the mountains.

    Great Beacon For Any Level Rider

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Been using the Tracker2 for a few years now and it has been a critical component in my backcountry adventures. The triple antenna on the Tracker 2 gives me a lot of assurance to be able to locate a friend in need in case a slide is triggered. The interface is very intuitive and can be operated by just about anyone of any age. With all of this being said the tracker 2 comes at a very reasonable price that is much lower than the price of your life. Perfect beacon for anyone looking to get into backcountry skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

    Great Beacon For Any Level Rider

    Tracker 2

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    The best transceiver is the one you know how to use. For me it's the tracker 2. A reliable, easy to use transceiver that I can trust. While practicing scenarios with clients, I find it to be one of the easier transceivers for less experienced individuals to grasp the concept. Highly recommended, and my go to for having a device I can rely on in less than ideal circumstances. Stay safe out there friends. Best regards!
    Benny Schmitt


    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Super easy to use and no confusing settings or interference if you are a nonprofessional rescuer. I would buy again and recommend for others. Simple is good in a high stress situation. One thing to note- when using during practice scenarios with multiple people, it is really easy to accidentally nudge the bottom of the transceiver back into transmit mode after you have located a signal and another person is honing in on it. The other rescuers typically (my impression) stop following that one signal. But if you stick the transceiver back in coat or pocket (to dig or pole plant or what not) it can flip modes (and I don't mean rap song) pretty easy. This can make it confusing for the person using the search mode. You can get around that by turning your beacon off, but that isn't really a good idea in the backcountry in case there is a second avalanche. Also for women the harness is a little akward depending on your chest size. You have to maneuver it so can easily access. I found this true for most harnesses. You could clip into a pocket as long as tethered.

    idiot proof protection

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I have fallen in love over the years with the tracker line , simply , effective, accurate , and overall not badly sized . I upgraded this year and love the design of the 2 and its multiple burial feature. I would highly suggest this to any one who wants to stay safe and simply in the backcountry!

    Great beacon for novice to expert

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have been using this beacon for the past several seasons. I typically get in close to 80 days every winter wearing my beacon. These include a mix of ski patrolling, course leading AIARE Level 1 and Level 2 avalanche courses, ski guiding in the San Juans around Silverton and Red Mountain Pass, and personal skiing. I used this beacon on my American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Advanced Ski Guide Course for the close proximity multiple burial beacon drill and will likely use this beacon on my AMGA ski guide exam next spring in Valdez, AK. I want a beacon that is simple and works every time. The Tracker 2 does this. These are several key features of the simple Tracker 2 that I love.

    1) The toggle switch to get the beacon from transit mode to search mode is one of the simplest on the market, even with gloves or mittens on. There is no finicky button or switch. The toggle is HUGE and easy to deal with.

    2) The LED display is extremely easy to see even in low light OR with polarized lenses. If you have every tried to fill up your car with gas while wearing polarized lenses your know how the screen can be difficult to see. The large red LEDs are visible regardless of lighting or eyewear.

    3) The Tracker 2 detaches from the chest harness. This allows it to be worn either in the harness or in a pocket. While my personal preference is to wear my beacon in the chest harness, I do like the option to be able to detach it from the harness. More and more ski guides, patrollers, and backcountry skiers in general seam to be wearing their beacons in designated beacon pockets on their pants. If the beacon is preeminently attached to the harness, this is not an option.

    4) Ease of use for OTHERS. If I am buried in an avalanche and dug up by somebody that has a beacon OTHER than a Tracker 2, I want them to be able to figure out how to turn my beacon off without my help. While multiple-burials are unlikely in the US, they are possible. Having a beacon that others can figure out and turn off is a comfort to me. I do not want my partners struggling to figure out how to turn my beacon off.

    While the Tracker 2 does not have a marking/ flagging function for multiple burials, I found to not need to not make a difference. The close proximity multiple burial drill in the AMGA ski exam involves finding three buried transceivers in under 7 minutes. Two of the beacons are buried extremely close, and one is a deep burial. After trying serval different three antenna beacons, I have found that the Tracker 2 is the best beacon on the market for locking on to the strongest signal. This is due to its fast processing. If there is a multiple burial (which statistically is low anyways), since there is no marking function there are not any extra buttons to push. As long as long as the deposition pile is covered in a systematic fashion, there is nothing additional to do. Despite not having a flagging function, the Tracker 2 still performed flawlessly on my AMGA rescue drill. If I can find three beacons in under seven minutes with the Tracker 2, I can certainly find one beacon.

    Overall this is an awesome beacon. Despite newer beacons being available that taught fancy features, I have stuck with the Tracker 2 and been extremely psyched about it.

    Josh Kling,
    AMGA Certified Alpine Guide & Certified Rock Guide
    AMGA Assistant Ski Guide
    IFMGA Aspirant Mountain Guide
    AIARE Level 1 & 2 Course Leader

    Great beacon for novice to expert

    Ease of Use

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This beacon is super easy to use and really easy to learn with. Its not too complicated while still getting to the mark as fast as the other, more high tech devices. Teaching Avy courses, I find most students have the easiest time with this model. Simple and easy.

    Works for me.

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    It is pretty simple. I know there are fancier ones out there but I am a guy who never learned to program the time on the VCR. I only know how to use a fraction of any high tech piece of equipment.

    I want it to be simple and this one is. And I am a cheap asshole.

    So lets recap..

    Quality. Check

    Ease of use. Check

    Great value. Check

    I think it is a pretty easy decision and If I am that worried about an Avalanche I will take a course and most likely I won't be out in those conditions anyhow or I will go buy an ABS device to keep the odds in my favor even more.

    Simple and effective with one catch

      This beacon is simple, and the three antenna system is more effective on a fine search then the previous model so in a situation where time is critical it is great. Be careful not to depress the search mechanism when using in a rescue situation - its very easy to accidentally do this and the mission is then lost.

      Great beacon!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      After extensively using my original tracker, i decided to make the upgrade to the 2. I am not disappointed at all. straightforward design and use, and the reliability that bca is known for. I wouldn't hesitate on buying this.

      A Backcountry Gear MUST HAVE!!!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've never had to use my BCA Tracker 2 Avy Beacon for an actual rescue, however the Tracker 2 is so easy to use that anyone can learn to use this device in a matter of minutes. Very reliable, batteries last quite a long time, and I don't go anywhere in the backcountry without. A MUST HAVE for the exceptional blower pow days on steep terrain and a must have in general. Highly recommend the Tracker 2. BCA has the most affordable and reliable avalanche safety gear on the market to date.

      Does this beacon come with a multiple burial setting? Or is it multiple burial compatible?


      The tracker 2 will automatically detect if there are multiple (2+) burials within range. BCA has a great video and manual that shows exactly how the tracker 2 functions in a multiple burial situation:

      Give me a call if you have any more questions ext 4758!

      Does this beacon come with the front sling pack to wear at base layer?

      Has anyone had any experience regarding the durability of this beacon? Impact with hard objects etc.

      Tracker beacons have proven to be some of the most reliable beacons on the market. However no beacon is really designed to take hard impacts.

      This will hold up well if you take a hard fall. If you were buried and dragged over several rock bands it could be damaged, however almost any beacon on the market could be damaged in a scenario like that. If used for the purpose it is designed for this beacon will hold up to years of use.

      Can be mailed to Hong Kong?

      Can be mailed to Hong Kong?

      Best Answer

      Yes, we can ship this to Hong Kong, although any additional customs, duties, and VAT fees may apply. To figure out the shipping charges, just follow these easy steps: First, add the item or items to your cart. Then proceed to checkout (don?t worry?proceeding to checkout doesn?t make you obligated to purchase anything). Enter your address in the billing and shipping fields. Once you change the country, the page will show you the shipping charges.

      I have the same question as a previous...

      I have the same question as a previous post - is the inventory you are selling post-2011?

      Shipping to Japan, how much is the fee of...

      Shipping to Japan, how much is the fee of all?

      Perhaps an old topic but, can you verify...

      Perhaps an old topic but, can you verify that all of your inventory in stock has been supplied no early than December 2011? Inventory prior to that date will have faulty software that I am not interested in dealing with. BCA says Trackers shipped since December 2011 have the updated 'r04' software. Thanks.

      How long are batteries supposed to last...

      How long are batteries supposed to last in the Tracker 2? I put in fresh alkaline batteries and they BARELY last a day. Seems like it should be longer?

      Is it possible to search multiple avalanche...

      Is it possible to search multiple avalanche victime with tracker 2 ?

      All beacons are capable of searching for multiple victims. Multiple antennae beacons make the complexity of this scenario much easier. This beacon will tell you if it detects more than one beacon. It does not, however, have the capability to mask a beacon once found. Instead, there is a 'special mode' that narrows the search angle, aiding in multiple burial scenarios.

      Which one is better this one or the original...

      Which one is better this one or the original original tracker?

      Hi guys, Please forgive me if I've missed...

      Hi guys,

      Please forgive me if I've missed the answer, but:
      1) How to determine if device has already updated (fixed) firmware?
      2) What kind of device I'll get if I order it since now?

      Thank you for answers in advance!

      Best Answer

      To determine if you already have version 4 software, disconnect and reconnect one battery while the unit is off. After displaying “t2,” the unit will then display the software version. If the display reads “r04,” then you have the most recent software. This software has been included in all Tracker2 units shipped since late December.

      In the manual, BCA states (several times)...

      In the manual, BCA states (several times) to only use ALKALINE batteries in your beacon, and to take them out in between use. Do any of you know why?

      My ski buddy has been using lithiums in his (Tracker DTS, not the 2) and the battery contacts became corroded- is this from using lithiums?

      There is a voltage vs time curve for all types of batteries. This is how they can tell you what percentage your batter is at. Like stated above, some batteries have very steep drop offs near the end. This could lead to you seeing 40/50% battery when really you only have 10% left leaving you in a potentially dangerous situation.

      The corrosion is probably from a bad batch of batteries or the fact that you got moisture inside the device. Any type of battery that supplies the proper amount of voltage/current will work. Meaning any AA batter will not change or affect the functionality of the device.

      Hello DogFunk. What version of software...

      Hello DogFunk.
      What version of software uses in your BCA Trackers.
      Due to this article (
      i doubt about buying this item.

      Is the Tracker II that you have in stock...

      Is the Tracker II that you have in stock the updated one with the new software that doe snot freeze? As you know, the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol had problems with the units freezing up, and returned them all. The company says that there is a software fix, and that they have been shipping newer versions recently (post January). Are the ones has in stock now the updated version?

      If you buy it and get it and it is not (which I don;t think would be the case) you can always send it back, call up and i'm sure they will get you set up on free return shipping if it's not the newest software update! to check for your self when you get the beacon:

      disconnect and reconnect one battery while the unit is off. After displaying “t2,” the unit will then display the software version. If the display reads “r04,” then you have the most recent software. This software has been included in all Tracker2 units shipped since late December.

      Has any body had a problem with this beacon...

      Has any body had a problem with this beacon freezing? I recently found the decimal point lighting up when the unit was both turned on and when switched off. There was also no response when it was toggled to and from search/transmit. No sounds, no lights. It wouldn't work until I removed the batteries (which were newish - 84% and three previous days). After that it went through all tests normally - still, a bit concerning. And yes, I've already contacted BCA - I'll post here what their response is.

      After a couple emails to backcountry with no response, I called. I was basically told I wasn't the only one with a problem - a couple others had reported it as well. I was given the option to keep the beacon, wait and see if it happens again or to just send it in for them to look at and replace. Based on what TFK and Phil Santala have posted above, it looks like BCA has identified a problem and are working on rectifying it. After reading through the recall, it seems mine went into the programming mode, but never came out of it. All in all, still a little concerning, but happy to hear that BCA is actively working on it!

      I am debating between getting this and the...

      I am debating between getting this and the Ortovox 3+. I have only ever used a BCA Tracker and really liked that interface. I don't have any experience with ortovox, but like the multi-burial capability of the 3+. If my memory serves me right it seems that the Tracker 2 has a longer range, not sure by how much though. Looking for advice on which I should go with. Thanks.

      The Tracker 2 does have multiple burial capability. In standard search mode it will display if there are multiple victims. You then enter Special Mode (SP) to have the beacon show you both signals. See the Owners Manual for further info. I still prefer my Mammut Barryvox 3000 (2 antenna) which has better range than all the newer designs: the Tracker 2, Ortovox 3+ and the Barryvox Pulse. Just spend some time with all three of them to see which interface you prefer. Range is very similar with all 3 of the newer 3 antenna designs...the key is your ability to effectively use the one you choose. If range was all that mattered we'd all be using the single antenna audio only beacons of old. I did get my wife the Barryvox Pulse, which is an awesome unit...before the other two had come out.

      Do I have to reprogram the beacon for use...

      Do I have to reprogram the beacon for use in Europe?? If so, anybody who can tell me how to do this?