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Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer


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    The edge of endurance training.

    A few decades ago, a certain television show endearingly predicted that in the future, hovercars, holograms, robots, and impossibly complex gadgets would be commonplace. Now in 2016, it looks like one of the 60's favorite animated families was more prophetic than satirical. Think about it: a gadget like Garmin's Edge 520 Bike Computer delivers live-time updates to Strava, displays your power output when connected to a power meter, and defines your fitness level while you ride. Invest in your taste of the future now and you'll receive a constant ride companion to keep you accountable as you spin the pedals. The only thing it won't do for you is actually ride your bike.

    The Edge 520 replaces Garmin's Edge 510, appearing as the slimmer, sleeker version of its predecessor and boasting the previously-mentioned ability to broadcast live Strava updates as its showiest improvement. As you ride, run Strava on the device and you'll be able watch yourself complete segments and earn rankings against your local rivals rather than waiting until you get home to learn that you missed a PR by only a few seconds. When you aren't glued to the screen, grimacing with exertion as you try to win a segment, glance at your power output and quickly compare it to your functional threshold power (FTP) if you're using Garmin's Vector power meter pedals. The number acts as a major landmark in a sea of constantly changing power output metrics when you're out riding, letting you know when you're riding at a level that isn't effective for a given day's training goals.

    Once you sync the Edge 520 with your heart rate strap and power meter, you'll also be able to look at V02 max estimates to help track your progress during a training plan and map out future workouts. Don't try to be a hero when you're using the 520 though—equipped with the ability to give you recovery times after hard efforts, the computer will let you know when you need to slow down to get faster. And for the days when the sky looks unsettled but you still want to ride, the computer will give you weather updates too, helping you plan your loops around frustratingly unpredictable conditions.

    • Displays live Strava updates throughout ride
    • Compatible with Shimano D-Fly Data Management system
    • Can be paired with ANT+ turbo trainers
    • Measures: speed, trip time, trip distance, odometer
    • Displays functional threshold power and power output when paired with Garmin Vector or Vector 2 pedals
    • Estimates V02 max and recovery time when paired with a heart rate monitor
    • Automatically uploads to Garmin Connect
    • Displays smartphone notifications and weather
    • Item #GRM004S

    Tech Specs

    Heart Rate Monitor
    no, HRM compatible
    yes, ANT+
    yes, 12/24 hour
    Battery Type
    lithium ion
    Mount Type
    stem (included)
    Recommended Use
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year

    Tech Specs

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    I like it!

      I really like it... I have used it now for a few months and I can say it is a very solid bike computer. Mounts crazy easy and comes off as easy, when you want it to. Lots of metrics... haven't really utilized all the features, mainly power, HR, cadence and speed. Connects to phone and sensors quick every time automatically. So far no drop outs or issues with bluetooth or ant+. I really like the notifications... you can see who's texting or calling. The only thing I would say against it is the display can be hard to read in some lighting conditions, so far I have it set up with the back-light always on. This definitely drains the battery faster, about 30% on an hour ride.

      Garmin is awful

        Why is Garmin awful you ask. The 520 works fine. The buttons are awkward to use. Garmin as a company is awful because they advertise that this device has "live strava segments". So a strava junkie like myself says- Kool, I'm buying a new Garmin. They don't mention that I need to be a premium member. That sucks but I bite the bullet and become premium member. Now I'm good-right? No! Now I need to star all the segments that I want to show up on the 520 and sync. So more computer time and less riding. Ok- so now I gotta be good right? Wrong again. Turns out that you can only have a max of 100 segments on your 520. How do I know this you ask. I was on hold with Garmin for over 1/2 hour before some very pleasant man informed me of the 100 segment max. 100 segments seems like a lot, but its not. Lets say you live in CO and you have 70+ segments on one ride. Well have a seat and make sure you star all those segments and then sync the 520. Now when you do another ride tomorrow, you will need to delete/unstar segments and then add/star new segments. I think I need to add more air to my tires. So now I need to know exactly where I'm going to ride and make sure that those segments are on the 520. At some point I hope to ride my bike. I also travel, so when I ride in a new area, I need to make sure I research segments in a new area that I don't know, and figure out what segments I may want to try. I had close to 500 segments starred. Now I need to constantly rotate segments based on where I will be riding. Strava used to be fun. Not any more. I should have stayed with my 510. Garmin should not limit the amount of segments on any of their devices. I would NOT recommend this device.

        Bought as a gift but have feedback

        • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

        I bought the 520 as a birthday's what my buddy had to say

        "Very pleased. Set-up was simple, the heart rate monitor, speed, and cadence sensors fully sync with the computer."

        Returning It

          Device is nice and seems to be well made. I'm not sure on accuracy of GPS but produces significantly less mileage for the same course as my handset (Maybe I'm not as fast as I thought). :-)

          If you are a Mountain Bike rider and want to use for the Live Segments for Strava I would look at other solutions. I used the device for the first time yesterday and given either the inaccuracy of exact location of a segment from Strava or in accuracy of device GPS the device had a difficult time identifying the right segment. While using it I was notified of multiple upcoming segments and would be told that I was off track with the particular route once the live segment started. Most of the segments that I had challenges with were ones that had switchbacks as part of the segment.

          Outside of segments I was a little frustrated with the text notifications. When receiving a text it would stay on the screen until I actively cleared it. Not easy to do while riding a trail. I don't need texts while trail riding but it would be nice to know if my wife is sending a note and to have it time out after 10 or 15 seconds.

          I immediately thought that I would then create a profile for my road riding that included getting notifications from my handset and having live segments while creating a profile for trail riding that would disable those two features. Unfortunately you can't manage it that way. Notifications are either on for all profiles or off for all profiles.

          I'm considering returning the device for the new Elemnt but haven't yet decided. I'm not crazy about the size of that device.

          Update: Returning it... UI just isn't well thought out, especially when it comes to Live Segments, call notification and SMS/Text Notifications.

          Competitive Cyclist was great about the return shipping me a Wahoo Elemnt 2 Day Express at no charge so that I wouldn't have a gap in time between uses on my return. Since I was buying the Elemnt in advance they promised me a full refund on the 520.

          Impressed with this device

          • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

          I have been using a Garmin Edge 705 since 2009. The unit still works great but lacks some key features of the newer models. So decided it was time to upgrade to a newer Garmin bike computer. I researched what models would fit my needs and after much research landed on the Edge 520.

          I purchased the bundle which included the out front bar handlebar mount, cadence sensor, and speed sensor, and the device. Everything is simply smarter and better. The way the sensors attach is wonderful. The cadence sensor attaches to the crank arm with rubberized bands. And the speed sensor wraps around the hub. No more zip ties mess around with or to scratch up your bike’s paint. Installation literally took 10 minutes and it was done.

          When powering up the Edge 520, it is incredible how fast it turns on and locates the satellites. The initial set-up is easy and intuitive and you are able to set-up the data fields the way I wanted. Pairing the cadence and speed sensor is easy as long as you follow the instructions. The heart rate sensor did not want to pair at first, but after repeating the process a second time it worked. No issues since. The biggest feature that my previous Garmin lacked, was the ability to wirelessly sync the device to Garmin Connect without having to connect it to a computer and download the ride data. The Edge 520 allows your smartphone with the Garmin Connect app to sync your ride data via Bluetooth. It makes it very quick and easy to see your ride information post ride. You can set it up so if your phone is ringing, a message will appear on the Edge 520 to alert you.

          I am still learning all the features and training tools, but really impressed with everything about the device. It is reliable and simple to use, but has powerful features.

          Improvement over the 500 and 510

            Very intuitive, text/message good, like and use Strava segments, VO2 after ride important for training. Over all, could've of given the 520 5 stars, however, slow to sync with Garmin Connect, as I use Live Tracking and reading my stats when the sun is at my back, is a challenge. Garmin should work on resolving.

            Been a great tool

            • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

            I got the bundle with the additional "out front" mounting option, as well as HRM and cadence sensor. I thought I'd determine which mounting option I liked better and probably discard the other. But, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I could program, name, and use the Edge on multiple bikes. So the regular mount is on the roadbike (Tarmac) and the "out front" is on the mtn bike (niner RIP). For fun I also programmed my KLR dirtbike (KLR) - no mount though. Setup was a snap. Out of the box the Edge provides all the usual GPS data as well as cadence & heart rate monitoring via included sensor and strap. All paired and worked immediately on installation. I bought a power meter a few months later and had no difficulty pairing it. I initially expected to use the 510 for a while and then upgrade to the 810 or whatever had the bells and whistles. But after about a year of abuse in the form of heat, cold, rain, mud, dirt, sweat, crashes, etc... the 510 is working flawlessly and providing all the data I need. Bottom line is I can't think of anything that I would change if I could. Great product.

            Maybe this will grow on me, but...

            • Familiarity: I've used it several times

            I wanted to love the new 520, but can't. At least not yet. Maybe it will get easier to use with time. I made the same progression that most of you did -- 500, then the 510, and now the 520. I made the mistake of running right out and buying it once I saw that it was out, assuming it would be the holy grail since they had a few years to work on it. Some of the nice stuff - bigger display on a smaller body, great. MicroUSB allows me to use my phone charger, one less charger lying around, great. GPS and Bluetooth also connect fast. The cons -- The 510 touch screen was not perfect, but instead of improving that, they reverted back to hard-press buttons. And they are indeed HARD to press. Rather than making the interface more intuitive, I'd say it is less intuitive, and now it is harder to move around in the menus because my fingers have not developed the callouses yet to push these gosh-awful buttons. The backlight - they went so far as to recognize the need for a different display setting at night...but they STILL failed to give it an automatic backlight! So you STILL need to manually cycle thru the menus in order to find backlight-stays-on setting. And then you need to remember to switch it BACK on your next Saturday morning ride, because if you forget, your battery will die halfway thru your ride since you cannot tell the backlight ist still on during normal daylight. If someone can show me a shortcut for that I'd be grateful, but I don't think there is one still. OK, and then they threw in some text/call notifications. That's fine but when I'm on my bike I need to focus on my ride and dodging distracted motorists, and not becoming a distracted cyclist. Also, the Strava features are great if I wanted a TOY -- but my cycling computer needs to be a training tool, not a toy. I don't consider Strava segments to be serious training milestones, and I certainly don't need 12 out of 30 guys on my next group ride to be distracted with darting their eyes down to see the next Strava start segment. Some of these issues could still be fixed with a firmware update, but I don't have much faith that Garmin is getting the quality feedback they really need from riders who use these things, or the simple requests above would not remain unfulfilled. <End product rant.> OK, but I don't want to discourage you from getting it. It's a quality device so especially if you don't have one of the older Garmins yet this may still be the right choice for you.

            Garmin Edge 520 - A sweat little device!

            • Familiarity: I've used it several times

            Awesome features and very easy to set up! Quick pairing with cell phone blue-tooth for easy uploads. A fantastic little device that has everything you need for road and indoor cycling! You should seriously consider purchasing this product - Big upgrade on the old Garmin Edge 500 and 510.

            Best Garmin yet

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            I've been using Garmin bike computers for many years. I've lost track of all the model numbers. My favorite was the Edge 500. I upgraded to the 510 when it came out but my feelings about it were mixed. I liked the size of the 500 better. And the touch screen on the 510 never worked that well. I liked that the 510 would connect via Bluetooth to my phone and I could upload rides via the phone rather than having to connect to my computer. Except the Bluetooth was a little funky and wouldn't always upload via phone; sometimes I still had to use that awful Garmin Communicator or Garmin Express on my computer to upload. Another plus was the inclusion of Glonass GPS, so it would find satellites very fast, versus the 500 that could take many minutes, and sometimes never connect to GPS. I stuck with the 510 but never loved it.

            Ahh, enter the 520. It's the best of both and the best Garmin I've ever used. The best display, the best UI, Bluetooth that works every time, GPS+Glonass, a size that is very close to the 500 and with a small bezel, the screen size is quite a bit larger than the 500.

            What I'd like to see Garmin do is have the smartphone app be able to configure the settings for the device. The menus are better than ever, but still pretty awkward to set up the screens. It would be so much better if the Garmin app could do the setup.

            Edge 520 Poor Display

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            The display is difficult to read in a variety of conditions including early morning and evening and not at all in night time. The display works bests when the sun is overhead (middle of the day). I am very disappointed that I upgraded to the 520. The display on the 510 is a little better.

            Does Everything But Pedal For You

              Ok, time for a real review of how the product actually works, not just about shipping delays.
              This thing is awesome. I was on the 510 before and this is definitely an upgrade.
              Compact, user-friendly, reliable. It has worked perfectly from the day I took it out of the box. Even the mounts work great. I've rolled over some pretty serious rock gardens and the computer stays put! Strava Segments is a bonus! Though you need to watch what segments you've starred because sometimes the incessant starting of segments can get annoying... but besides that it's a great way to push myself. Also, the more segments I flag, the more competitive I become. Gone are the days of mellow spinning. Battery life is great, and I've had no issues syncing the phone or heartrate monitor. It's nice to have the phone blue tooth features and weather options.
              This even saved me from losing my phone when it fell out of my unzipped pack. It alerted me that my phone had become disconnected, I checked my phone only to discover that it was on the ground 50 feet behind me. It didn't save the phone screen though...

              Unanswered Question

              I heard this unit can actually now control a Wahoo Kickr? And to further that you can load a course from Connect and it will adjust the resistance to suite the course?