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S'mores Galore

Trail Snacks With Lentine Alexis

It’s practically camping blasphemy to leave for a trip without the marshmallow/chocolate/graham trifecta that makes every stay in the wild that much better. A night under the stars without the aroma of campfire and toasted marshmallow almost isn’t a camping trip at all. The next time you head out to get a little time in the wild, I’d like to invite you to mix, match and melt your mallows with this sky’s-the-limit list of 11 new ways to take your fireside dessert to the next level. We all love a s’more…but what about s’mile or a s’moreo?

These 11 amped-up twists on our universally favorite camp dessert are fun ways to fancy up your night in the wild but also come in handy when you forget the standard s’more ingredients. Don’t have the ingredients to make one of these combos specifically? So long as you have the following, you’re good-to-go for creating your own off-the-charts s’mores action: 

  • A crispy/crunchy cracker or cookie
  • A perfectly toasted–or burned–marshmallow
  • Something gooey: chocolate, jam, fudge or caramel sauce, nut butter or
  • Something melty: peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, caramel cups

No matter what you’re sandwiching, start the melty process while you roast your marshmallow by placing your cookie + melty items nearby the fire. But the time you squish it all together, you’ll have reached maximum melt.

11 Takes On Ultimate S’mores

1. S’moreo

Oreo cookies twisted apart + sandwiched with hot fudge + sprinkles + mallow

Twist apart the cookie and dollop a scant ½ tsp hot fudge on top of the creme filling, then sprinkle your sprinkles on top! Toast your mallow, then squish between the cookies.

2. S’moatmeals

 Digestive biscuits + marshmallow + marmalade + Nutella

Dollop scant ½ tsp each marmalade and nutella on the back of one digestive biscuit. Have another digestive biscuit at the ready as you toast your mallow to perfect. When your mallow is done, place the mallow on top of the nutella and jam, then squish with a second digestive biscuit. 

3. S’miles

Chocolate-covered biscuits (such as Petit Ecolier cookies) + marshmallow + caramel

Place two biscuits, biscuit side down and chocolate side up, on a warm (but not hot!) surface near your fire. This will warm the chocolate a bit + prepare for the smoosh phase. Dollop a scant ½ tsp

4. S’mipes

Striped fudge cookies + melted marshmallow

Place two striped fudge cookies on a warm surface near your campfire, chocolate side UP. Toast your marshmallow to taste, then squish the mallow between the chocolate sides of the cookies.

5. S’mingers

Ginger cookies + coconut flakes + apricot jam

Dollop a scant ½ tsp apricot jam on the bottom of one ginger snap cookie, sprinkle with coconut flakes. Toast your marshmallow to your liking, then use a second ginger snap to squish the sandwich together.

6. S’morts

Shortbread cookies + marshmallow + fresh raspberries  + chocolate

Place two shortbread cookies, bottom side up, in a warm spot near your campfire. Top one of the cookies with a couple of pieces of chocolate and two raspberries. Allow the chocolate to warm slightly while you toast your mallow, then place the mallow on top of the raspberries and use the second cookie to squish the sweet sandwich together

7. S’mocolates

Chocolate chip cookies + marshmallow + strawberry jam

Dollop a scant ½ tsp strawberry jam onto the bottom of a chocolate chip cookie. Toast your mallow to perfection, then use a second chocolate chipper to squish the mallow into a sandwich atop the jam.

8. S’macks

Cinnamon graham crackers + marshmallow + peanut butter cup + banana slices

Place two graham crackers in a warm place near your campfire. Place two slices of banana on top of the cracker, then top with a peanut butter cup. Allow the pb cup to warm while you toast your marshmallow. When it’s golden and perfect (or charred and also perfect,) use a second graham cracker to squish the mallow into a sandwich.

9. S’morks

Chocolate graham crakers or cookies + marshmallow + peppermint patty

Place two cookies, top sides down, on a warm spot (not hot!) near your campfire. Place a peppermint patty on one of the cookies and allow to warm very gently while you toast your marshmallow. When the mallow is done, use the second cookie to smoosh the mallow atop your peppermint patty. Enjoy!

10. S’moops

Stroopwafels + marshmallow + raw honey

Allow two stroopwafels to warm gently in a spot near your campfire. Dollop a scant ½ tsp raw honey onto one stroopwafel, then toast your mallow. (This will gently warm the caramel. Boom!) When the mallow is adequately toasted, use the non-honey-coated stroop to squish the mallow into a sandwich.

11. S’maples

Maple cream cookies + marshmallow + almond butter

Twist apart a maple cookie and dollop a scant ¼ tsp almond butter on top of the maple cream. Toast your marshmallow to your liking, then use the top cookie (without the almond butter) to squish the mallow. Enjoy!

Lentine Alexis is a former professional endurance athlete & classically trained chef. The former Culinary Director at Skratch Labs, she uses a real-food philosophy to create recipes for athletes and everyone looking to eat well and adventure better. Find more recipes and info on her upcoming cookbook for athletes at lentinealexis.com, or follow her @lentinealexis.