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Caring For YOUR GORE-TEX® Garments

Not only are GORE-TEX products built to last, they are also easy to care for

When it comes to outerwear, sustainability isn’t just about the materials. A jacket made of recycled soda bottles isn’t very sustainable if it doesn’t last more than a season out in the elements.

For more than 30 years, GORE-TEX® has been committed to improving on and reducing the environmental impact of its products through a Life Cycle Assessment, taking into account the impact of every stage of a product’s life—from materials and production, to transportation and end-of-life. GORE’s life cycle assessment show that the bulk of a garment’s environmental impact is made during production and distribution, and thus extending the useful life of a piece of outerwear is the single biggest factor in reducing it’s environmental impact.

With field-proven durability, GORE-TEX outerwear like the Cottonwood jacket and bibs of Backcountry’s new Winter Pursuit Collection, is not only built to last, but it’s easy to care for. Properly caring for your GORE-TEX gear is proven to help it last and perform for many years and countless adventures to come, providing unbeatable weather protection that’s better for you, and better for the planet.

Below is a brief rundown of how best to take care of your GORE-TEX outerwear and ensure it both keeps you dry, and keeps you covered under the Guaranteed to Keep You Dry® promise.

Wash Regularly

Long, sweaty days on the skintrack, dusty or muddy trails, and nights around the campfire add up, and eventually your outerwear will need to be washed. After heavy, prolonged use or at regular intervals throughout the season, wash your GORE-TEX garment in a standard washing machine, using a small amount of liquid detergent and rinsing twice. Before washing, be sure to zip up pockets, front zippers and pit zips, as well as fasten any loose straps or flaps. Avoid using powdered detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers or bleach, which can degrade or damage GORE-TEX fabrics.

Dry and Reactivate Your DWR

After washing, either hang your GORE-TEX outerwear to dry, or dry on a warm, gentle tumble setting. Once dry, continue to tumble dry for an additional 20 minutes to reactive your outerwear’s DWR coating. Don’t have a dryer? No worries—place a dishtowel or cloth over the garment and iron on a gentle setting. You can do this anytime you notice your water repellency needs a little boost.

Rapply DWR If Needed

If water isn’t on the surface of your garment after washing, you likely need to reapply your DWR coating. Use the DWR product of your choice, normally available as a spray or wash-in treatment. After applying the DWR, tumble dry for 20 minutes or iron gently using a cloth between the iron and the garment.

It’s Guaranteed

Since all waterproof GORE-TEX products come with a GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise for the useful life of the product, you’ll be covered for as long as you keep your outerwear in good condition. For more information, check the manufacturer care instructions, usually found on the inside label of your GORE-TEX garment.

Andy Anderson is a freelance writer based in Salt Lake City. He likes hunting for and cooking food almost as much as he likes climbing and skiing.