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Continental Sprinter Tire - Tubular

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  • Black-BW w/Black Chili, 700c x 22mm
    sale $48.99

Sprinter Tire

Many racers train on clinchers and race on tubulars. It makes sense, unless you ride the Continental Sprinter Tubular tire. The Sprinter is light enough for race day, but it’s also durable enough to use in training, so it truly is a great all- around tire. To achieve this, Continental uses four layers of polyamide casing to protect against punctures. Even so, the Sprinter provides the legendary ride and feel of a tubular tire. It’s made with natural rubber and Continental’s Activated Silica Compound, which enhances the tire’s grip on both wet and dry roads.

  • 4-layer polyamide casing
  • Activated Silica Compound
  • Recommended 115-170psi
  • Item #CON0029

700 C
Claimed Weight
260 g
Recommended Use
road cycling

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>Rating: 4

Solid tire for the money

I've used it several times
True to size
Size Bought
6` 2"
190 lbs

I'm 65, 6'2" 190lbs. I ride around 17mph. For my money it is a pretty good tire. I get almost 3000 miles on the rear, and forever on the front. With 30ml of Effetto Mariposa in them, they seem to hold pretty well to small leaks. Nothing holds up if you hit something big, but that is to be expected. The ride is ok at around 110psi. Gets to be stiff much above that. For less than $45 on sale, it is hard to beat

>Rating: 4

Very difficult to mount on the rim

I've used it several times

Very smooth tire. Appears to be able to stand up to ordinary road debris. Requires week to 10 days of stretching on the rim before gluing. Even then it requires the strength of King Kong to remount it. I recommend tape instead of glue because of the difficulty in mounting. Next time I will buy the Grand Prix, but at $59 the Sprinter is a value.

I stretch them for 3 days at 140 psi and they seem to work. It is a bit of work to get them on the rim but no more than some of the other Conti tires I use. In the end I'd rather have a tire which is a bit tight than one that will roll off the rim.

>Rating: 4

Decent tire if you get in on Sale

I've put it through the wringer

Pre-Stretch for 1 week on a rim at 160psi and you will get the tire on easier, the butyl tube holds air quite well, it is a true 22mm tire but does not ride any worse than than other tires at 110psi. Durability is good and cut resistance as well, a 25mm version is out now but usually not on sale...:(

>Rating: 1

Crap tire

I've used it several times

I making my patriotic duty as an American as they must have some small ass rims in Germany. These are a god dam nightmare to mount and I not joking you need to be Conan or some other muscle bound ass to mount these things. Not good when your a puny cyclist that has little to no upper body strength after long periods of caloric deficit. DO NOT BUY EVER spend the extra dough on a better tire that mounts properly.

Ok. Maybe i'm 6'2" and 190lbs but I do not think they re any worse to get on than any other tubular I buy. And I get 3000 miles out of them so not too bad on wearability.

>Rating: 5

Best value for the price

I've put it through the wringer

Awesome as an everyday or training tubular tire. Handles excellently with Conti's Black Chili rubber, good ride quality considering the butyl rubber tubes, seems quite puncture and cut resistant as I have run the 22mm's on over 15 miles of gravel/dirt fire road with no issues. Wear is much better than a "race" tire like Vittoria CX's. Pros: Inexpensive, durable, long-lasting, good grip, made in Germany Cons: sizes (22mm is slightly skinny and 25 maybe a little too wide) ride quality not as good as latex tubies, heavier than "race" tires

>Rating: 5

Really Great Tires

I've put it through the wringer

I only ride on tubulars and these have proven to be an excellent all around tire. I run them with Stans and have had excellent luck. I have tried other brands but keep coming back to these. These are priced right, decent weight and ride well but the biggest factor is they hold up.

for sure. I use Effetto Mariposa and get reasonable results.

>Rating: 5

Great Alternative

I've put it through the wringer

Made the upgrade to Tubular's this year and have been very happy, I ran GP4000's for the first half of the season and needed to replace the rear after wearing it out. Bought a pair of sprinters and couldn't be happier. I currently have more miles on the sprinter and the rear looks like its still ready for more.

>Rating: 4

Nice ride but ...

Easy to mount, not overly expensive, good control and acceleration, smooth ride. First 100 miles got a 3 mm horizontal cut on front tire. Holds pressure well. Solid construction overall. Comparatively this tire was flat free about as long as Tufo S3 Lite. I was expecting a little more puncture resistance with the Conti and was disappointed. Overall prefer it's handling characteristics over S3 Lite however the latter rode faster. Concerning flats I had better success with Tufo S33 Special and Tufo Hi-C although both tires ride slower for me over Conti and S3. I'll probably buy again depending on how successful the repair process goes. I may have to send this one to Tire Alert in Florida, I hope they're still in business - their web-site seems to be down.


Hey Have been repairing tubulars since 1973 - takes time but they fix. Takes the right materials, good eyes and something or someone good to listen to. You got to stay after it, the good ones - higher dollar, higher pressure - are worth the time. I have to admit I am at max. 142 lb.s which makes a difference! Part time USA Official and ardent and loyal sew up rider. Bob Huerta Oklahoma City.

I got my 1st bike with Tubulars in 1976 and have been repairing my own since then. Takes about 90 minutes to find the leak, un-stitch it, patch it and sew it back up. I use a good carpet thread and it works for me.

>Rating: 5


This is a great tubular. I ran a set of these on my Zipp 303 for the entire summer, not just racing but training as well. Probably put 1400 miles on this wheelset last summer and these babies are still looking good. No cuts or major nicks and the no typical back tire wearout. Yet, during any rainy rides they were not scary to be on, good rubber. I am running 25's. These will not disappoint, and the price is right.


Does these measure true 22mm or do they run a little wider, more like a 23mm?

It is a true 22 mm tire.


Are these 25mm wide or 22mm? 700x25x22

Are these 25mm wide or 22mm? 700x25x22

Just received this tire in the mail. It was 22mm wide.


Is it made in China or Germany? Black Chili...

Is it made in China or Germany? Black Chili or ASC compound? conflicting info on both; please clarifiy. THX

Continental Tires are all still made in Germany, at least all of them to my knowledge. I just bought a pair of these and "Handmade in Germany" was boldly stenciled on the side.