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Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet Kit - 12-Pack


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Go Anywhere Toilet Kit

Before you head into the woods for a week, grab the Cleanwaste Waste Bag Kit. These small, easily packable bags ensure that you pack out everything that you bring in. The strong plastic with zip closures prevents an unfortunate leak in your pack.
  • Pack of twelve toilet kits for trekking and backpacking
  • Waste bags pre-loaded with Poo Powder for deodorization
  • Outer bag zips closed for an extra layer of security
  • Also includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Can be used with or without Cleanwaste's Go Anywhere Toilet
  • Item #CLW0002

Recommended Use
waste disposal

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

its a poo bag

I've put it through the wringer

It does exactly what you think its going to do. worried about being embarrassed when youre buying a couple dozen at the check out at the store? just buy em bulk from here.

>Rating: 1

there's better options

I've put it through the wringer

i've pooed in a lot of bags in my life, and these work about as well as a trashbag. they fail pretty bad at keeping the smell in. the restop2 toilet-to-go doesn't require a poop tube to make toting poo tolerable.

>Rating: 4

Must have for the desert

I've put it through the wringer

If you're in the desert, have some decency and don't bury your poop. Use a bag when #2 calls. The TP in these isn't that sweet, so bring your own. Otherwise the double bag setup with kitty litter is pretty good at neutralizing odors. As Andrew McClean points out these are big enough for a full toilet setup so if you're using it really can't miss.

>Rating: 5

New Necessity for Car Camping

I've used it several times

These were a total game changer last winter in Bryce Canyon. No more digging around in snow and frozen ground to make a hole when camping or trying to oddly dig up your waste and awkwardly carry it out. These bags make the whole ordeal far less messy and keep the odor locked up very well. Highly recommend using this system if you're not near a restroom and have room to spare.

>Rating: 5

Sensible Stool Storage

I've used it several times

Whether you're on a river, up a big wall, or just out of a nature walk it's imperative that you are responsible for your own excrement when you're out in the wild yonder. The Cleanwaste Waste Bag Kit allows you to do just that. Better than a garbage bag that might leak on you, and WAYYYY better than a poop bucket, this little kit lets you Leave No Trace in style.

>Rating: 4

Dumb Shits..

People are fricken disgusting. They lose all sense of proper wilderness etiquette when they need to take a shit. It's like it is someone else's problem with what they leave behind. "It was an emergency.." Nothing is more fun than encountering some half frozen turd waking from its winter slumber, greeting spring with its head poking out of a snow bank while still wrapped in its winter blanket of TP or finding a huge mess left out in the open courtesy of some self righteous idiot. I fully understand that some filthy Hippie thinks his or her poop is like a gift from god and good for mother nature. Not to mention that most Prius drivers think they shit bricks of gold. Or the family who just recently purchased a tent from REI and needed to go explore the woods with all their disgusting little offspring but never thought about how much use their toilet at home gets. As they hand off sheets of paper towel or McDonalds napkins and point themselves in any given direction. I have made a tube out of 6" PVC about a foot long with a capped bottom and removable top to hold and transport the filled and used bags on the back of my pack. I call it a 'PooZooka'. I like these bags because they keep the smell tolerable when having to get rid of the bundles of joy. I think these are a great bag to get for heading out into the woods or while above the tree line where poop will take forever to break down and you are required to pack it out.

this is easily the best review on this site


nope...sorry....not the best review, just based on the "potty" language" alone....Andrew McClean's case in point....but will say the PooZooka idea is great and silver lining in the whole post...

Wow.. This review has been up for about 2 years and somebody with a stick up their ass comes along looking at poo bags and talks about potty language.. Sounds like Robert is either a Hippy or a Prius driver. Thanks for the showing the world the giant stick lodged up your ass.

>Rating: 4

Not to bad given what it is.

Works well. I have a bucket set-up that we use on some trips. We like to use these bags because you can throw them away in and dumpster you come upon. The hand wipe is a nice touch but the toilet paper is straddling the fence of enough or not enough. I guess it would depend on how solid the movement. The double bag system is nice for the pack or hauling. The most important thing is smell containment. It smells a little weird but it's not a poo smell so it is not that noticeable. Very small and compact would fit in a small pocket if needed.

>Rating: 4

The Cadillac of Poo Bags

I've put it through the wringer

Without a doubt, the Cleanwaste Waste Bags are the Cadillac of poop bags. The centerpiece of the ensemble is a double/triple thick plastic bag which looks suspiciously like a trash compactor bag. The accessories include a hermetically sealed portion of toilet paper and some kitty litter type of pellets to absorb icky liquids. It also includes a tidbit that I mistook for an after dinner mint, which after spitting it out I discovered was an small alcohol swab. A mint and maybe some small reading material would be a nice addition. My one main complaint about this item is that I failed to read the product description before buying it. Had I done so, I would have seen that the Cleanwaste Waste Bag is supposed to be part of a kit and fits into a port-a-stool (not included) which provides a civilized seating experience. This would explain why the bags will hold roughly five gallons of poo, which seems a bit excessive even with catastrophic Nepalese diarrhea. Butt, in contrast to my penny/loaf pinching friends who scrimped on poo-bags by bringing purloined Doggy-doodoo bags from the neighhorhood dog park, with the Cleanwaste Waste Bag, you can shit your brains out with confidence knowing that overflow will not be an issue. For that matter, you could even share a single bag among friends (last one to touch it gets to carry it out). I wonder if the unconditional returns policy applies to leaky Cleanwaste Bags?

Hands down ,This is the best review I have ever read.

Haha, very clever, Andrew :)


>Rating: 5

Clearwaste toilet and bag kit solved my problems--A+!

My husband and I camp in a pop-up camping trailer, and as I got older (76) going outside at night got a little iffy and risky. The toilet fits in a corner in the trailer; the bags work perfectly, and I fold the toilet up during the day. The toilet is sturdy -- not like a three legged one I bought a few years back. My purchase this year was for more bags 'cause we're going camping again this summer-- the NH's White Mountains and Baxter State Park!!

>Rating: 1

Not The Best Disposable Toilet

I have used these for years and they where okay. The best toilet for my money now is the Biffy Bag. Solves all the problems you have mentioned. Ample toilet paper,no odor, no mess. Zip lock bag is really strong and you can easily tie the inside bag in a knot. Comfortable and sanitary to use and you do not need a bucket or commode, you tie it around your waste, pull it up between your legs and let gravity do the rest. Sounds weird but works AWESOME. Google up the Biffy Bag and check it out.

>Rating: 2

Not durable enough for BC use

They are OK if used in very late fall thru early spring, on the snow, othertimes expect all kinds of rodents and insects to gnaw right thru the green outer bag while you sleep and leave you to deal with the falling-out mess. Pack your feces in a hard plastic or metal can while you sleep, or better yet, put them (tightly packed) inside your sleeping bag, so no creatures get to it, otherwise you will be left with dripping shit on your way out. Or, just ditch the regulations and go without. Unless it's better thought out, it's not going to take space and weight in my pack any longer.

Waste and food need to be hung in the tree overnight. I've never had a problem with my 'double bagged' waste, but then I secure them when not in use...and NOT in my sleeping bag!

>Rating: 2

Given away for free... the Sequoia National Park. Does not stand to its hype. It's just a plastic garbage bag with some powdered odor neutraliser inside. You poop in it, try to wrap the top somehow and bring it down the mountain or out of the wilderness. If you have to poop again, and you will, open it up and add to the day-old mess you created. And then put it inside your sleeping bag for the night, so as to limit access of curiously hungry mountain creatures. No, thank you. I will just bury it in the soil 6 inches deep next time.

Actually it is a bag made of biodegradable materials (probably starch based) with a powder that actually controls odors, turns all liquid waste to solid and has something in it that will help break down the waste when you dispose of it. The company got approvals to dispose in the normal trash. You're right about reusage. I guess I must be neater than most but I've not had a problem with tying a knot in the upper portion and then reopening it to use again.