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Eureka! Freaking Loves Camping

For 122 years Eureka! has totally believed that when we get out into wild places and spaces, freedom reigns and moments and memories are made. That's why they’ve always offered innovative gear that sets up more quickly and easily so you can get to the fun faster. Their "Aha!" moments lead to great camping memories.

Let's Get Out There

640 million public acres divided by the footprint of your camp equals a lot of possibilities. Eureka! has always been out there, and their goal is to get you out there, too—to all those sweet places that are a little off the beaten path, but that feel a million miles away. From slacklining and stargazing to fireside feasts, it's all just a short drive away. So grab the gear and go! Get out there and explore, express, and believe anything can happen.

Gear That Gets The Adventures Rolling

Eureka! imaginatively innovates camping gear that's smarter, more intuitive, and that inspires people to get outside and stay outside longer. Tents of all kinds for every kind of way there is to camp. Bags and pads that are warm and comfy righteous rectangles of relaxation. The long-overdue overhaul of the camp stove and grill, so you can have home cooking no matter where you stake your tent.

Eureka! Moments Matter

Eureka! knows that the most memorable and meaningful moments are those we make outside together. The outside feeds our curiosity, expands our horizons, and brings us closer together as friends and families. For Eureka!, the outside has always been their playground, their laboratory, their classroom, and their home away from home. They’re dedicated to creating the very best camping gear to help you make those outdoor memories that matter most.

About Eureka

Eureka's history of quality tent-making spans back to the late 1890s. As the need for small, portable tents grew from the 1940s to 1960s, Eureka began to produce tents that were tough enough for Himalayan mountaineers like Sir Edmund Hillary. Eureka has since expanded their line to include family camping and backpacking tents, as well as lightweight solo trekking tents. Eureka is committed to quality construction and continues to test their tents rigorously through expeditions around the world.