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DPS is about the mystery encountered during a slide across deep snow.

Pushing the Boundaries of Technology and Design

Creating the most progressively built and shaped skis on the planet required DPS to think outside ski industry norms, developing the most advanced materials available. This mindset has led to a number of innovations: The world’s first and only prepreg carbon fiber sandwich ski; Introduced the word ‘rocker’ to the ski industry, and then built the first rockered ski with sidecut; And most recently, the Spoon and Spoon Technology.

The World’s First and Only Pure Carbon Fiber Sandwich Ski

Over the last decade DPS has developed the only pure prepreg carbon fiber ski in existence—the latest iteration is found in the Pure3 line. A lot of ski makers claim to make carbon fiber skis, but these are often dry carbon laminates mixed with fiberglass. Prepreg carbon is used in the highest performing structures in existence, things like fighter jets and spacecraft. Bend and twist a DPS Ski and you’ll feel the difference. Not only does it feel more solid off the shelf, it will retain the same pop and energy after a decade of use.

Built with Pride in Utah

The entire DPS Pure3 line of skis is made with pride in Utah, just minutes from the world-class powder of the Wasatch—the perfect testing ground for new technologies. The state-of-the-art factory has expanded R&D capabilities and now employs over 25 passionate ski builders. The DPS factory is a modern American repatriation story.

In Pursuit of a Single Moment

Stephan Drake, a professional skier and ski designer, is inspired by the mystical experience that takes place within the moment of a perfect powder turn. In pursuit of that moment, Drake partnered with leading ski engineer Peter Turner to create the most advanced skis on the planet, sparing no expense in the pursuit of perfection. In an effort to “connect the skier, ski, and ski builder in an intimate triangle,” DPS Skis was founded in 2005.