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Petzl Freino Carabiner + Friction Spur


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Freino Carabiner

The Petzl Freino Carabiner is a unique locker with a friction spur that adds or adjusts braking power during single-rope descents, and it can also assist belayers with lowering climbing partners. You can use the locking carabiner with or without the friction spur, and it functions as a normal twist-locking carabiner. Once you've rigged your single-rope rappel, or your climber is ready to lower, you can easily loop the rope around the friction spur for better braking control.
  • Locking carabiner designed for single-rope descents
  • Friction spur adds control while rappeling or lowering on belay
  • Twist gate automatically locks shut for extra security
  • Keylock nose prevents snagging while unclipping
  • For use on single ropes with Petzl's Stop, GriGri, Huit, Huit Antibrulure, and Simple
  • Item #PTZ0148

Gate Type
spur, keylock nose
Major Axis Strength
Minor Axis Strength
Open Gate Strength
Gate Opening
15mm [friction spur] 12mm
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

Has improved my trust in the GriGri

I've used it several times

I mainly only take my GriGri out for Top Roping or if I know I'll be top belaying someone who would want to be lowered. This carabiner makes both of those easier. I'm knocking at star off for the awkward positioning for racking, but I acknowledge that is something on the design, you can't have both ergonomic functionality and the friction spur. But it's certainly worth it. Is it worth $50? That's for you to decide.

>Rating: 5

Gri Gri's Best Friend

I've put it through the wringer

Makes lowering "mindless". Added friction is a huge plus and directs the rope perfectly. Don't feed the rope through the spur until you're ready to lower. Safe Climbing

>Rating: 3

Maybe... Maybe not

I've used it several times

This is a great product but to use it requires a change in the orientation that one holds the brake side of the rope below their chosen device. I've used it plenty but prefer it for canyoneering over climbing when rapping a single skinny line (other line is a pull cord)... Like the variety of other 8 based descending/belay devices with additional ways to add friction your rope that usually tracks out of your belay/decent device and downward is now entering the Freino and exiting upwards/sidewards... Its not a deal breaker by any means but a consideration that should be taken into account... and as another mentioned there are MULTIPLE ways to replicated the additional friction this adds by using a second biner... MULTIPLE I personally would rather use a second locking biner, which you gereally always have on oneself when climbing, rather than carry a unique dedicated biner just for that purpose... I'll carry it canyoneering because I have significantly less hardware on me and well... its a fun little purpose build do-dad... but i'd never buy it again... All that said it does work as advertised... but unnecessary... plus when you have it on a rack and your pulling it in and out of a pack the additional clip is one more thing to get tangled/stuck on things...

>Rating: 5

For lowering heavy partners

I've put it through the wringer

As a climber in the neighborhood of 200 pounds, who climbs with partners of similar size, I'm telling you: get this if you climb with heavy partners and use a Grigri (or similar). The amount of extra control you get when lowering is just huge. Yeah, it's expensive, but you only need one.

Thanks for the review Noah! Super helpful to get this feedback out to the community.

235# here and not super confident in my belaying talent with a GriGri, so I would always use the Freino with the GriGri for added friction, rope orientation, etc. And if I was unsure about the ability of a belayer, I would insist they use my Freino and GriGri combo. Just my $.02 worth. My name is George (m) not Jeanne (f).

>Rating: 5

For Thin Ropes with a GriGri

I've used it several times

This makes using thin ropes with your GriGri very safe and easy to use. The GriGri 2 can handle smaller ropes well, but if you have a GriGri 1, you definitely want this carabiner! Either way, though, it aids in having solid control of your rope.

>Rating: 5

Better than expected!

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I really wasn't expecting it to make that much of a difference. using it in the gym when your doing a lot of lowering over and over it really takes the a lot of the friction off my right hand and does give you more control with a nice smooth lowering process.If you use a Grigri its a no brainer. Any device that can make things easier AND safer is worth it. Interested in using it with self repeling.Should work equally well.

>Rating: 5

Excellent, purpose built

We've used a Freino with a Grigri for a couple years now. I haven't used it with any other belay device. We've used it (and the Grigri) mostly for overhanging single-pitch Sport climbing. It works great - it adds friction. That's all that extra spur is intended to do. The extra friction is really useful when lowering someone heavier than you. After seeing the Freino, and using it whenever I wasn't, a friend of mine who's been using a Grigri for the last 8 years purchased a Freino for himself. Bottom Line: If you belay with a Grigri, consider the Freino as the locking 'biner to go with it, especially if you'll be lowering someone heavier than you.

>Rating: 2

Good Carabiner, High Price

The carabiner works fine and does add plenty of friction, but it is not worth the price.

It's worth the price! no gear is too epensive if the ultimate price is a broken leg or worse.

. . Along with your Grigri+locking biner, you can place a second carabiner onto your belay loop and then when you're ready to begin lowering, feed the brake end of the rope into the second carabiner and it will work essentially the same way the Freino does. That being said. . brake-end rope orientation still matters and you still need to make sure the rope loops around the biner in the same way it would loop up into the spur of the Freino.