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  • MSR - Alpine 2 Stainless Steel Pot Set - One Color

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  • MSR - Alpine 2 Stainless Steel Pot Set - One Color

MSR Alpine 2 Stainless Steel Pot Set


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    28 Reviews


    Durable cookware for remote locales.

    In base camp or on longer expeditions and multi-day backpacking trips, the MSR Alpine 2 Stainless Steel Pot Set gives you durable cookware for two or more people. This kit features two pots, a lid that works for both, a pot grabber, and a storage sack.
    • Item #CAS0533

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    ⚠️ WARNING
    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    stainless steel
    Recommended Use
    camping, backpacking, moutaineering
    Manufacturer Warranty
    limited 3 years

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    Perfect for a starter cookset

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This cook set is perfect for anyone who is looking to get into backcountry cooking. The cook set is not the lightest on the market but it does get the job done. I have found that the two pots will provide enough room to cook for 4 people.

    Great Cookset

      I was recently informed that the mesh bag that comes with this set is good for both storage and straining noodles. I tried it and sure enough it works! Now I don't have to travel with a full sized colander anymore.

      Perfect for backpacking or car camping

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I got these thinking I'd take something smaller when backpacking, but they're perfect for a solo trip or for a trip with friends. While they do take up a bit of space, they also can hold a lot of other cooking gear - I keep fuel, my stove, and cleaning supplies in the set with room to spare.

      Perfect for backpacking or car camping

      Long lasting

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've had these pots since the 90s (as far as my CRS let's me recall!) and use them on every backpacking trip. Just tried baking biscuits with them on my Dragonfly stove and was very presently surprised - they came out great! Nice and fluffy.

      Great little set!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Okay, so I'm kind of a MSR fangirl (first tent was MSR, what can I say?) and this is a great small set for two or three people. I have used them on every camping trip, and I used it every morning and night while in the Canadian Rockies for a month. It cooks very evenly and quickly. Clean-up isn't the best but it's stainless steel which is par for the course - I didn't want teflon so I compromised. It did fall victim to some charring from a few overcooked soups, but that just adds to the charm. The chrome has developed a lovely warm patina, but I digress. I must say, that when given the choice of other people's cook sets that are maybe bigger or easier to clean, I always stick with my own. They aren't feather light, but there is enough room in the smaller pot for my MSR titanium fork and spoon set, and a small plastic camp bowl. Yay for packing efficiently!

      These have been around forever

        I grew up using these pots. My set must be over 20 years old at this point. These days, there are lighter-weight options, but none more durable. These are still the pots I grab when kayaking or canoeing, when weight is not as much of an issue. I particularly appreciate that the lid can be used as a frying pan. I suspect these pots will always have a place in my gear box.

        Great set

          This pot set is great. It's exactly as described. I ended up returning mine because it wasn't exactly what I was looking for though. The lid was shaped to fit as a lid for both pots so it wasn't going to be good for doubling as a pan. If all you're making is an egg or something small like that. I for one think that just because we like romp around the woods and "rough it" doesn't mean we have to eat like cavemen. There's lots of great low weight recipes out there and I'd rather carry a little extra gear to make a really great meal. More to the point, if you're looking for a lightweight two pot set that'll be great for boiling water, soups, etc. then look no further. These pots really are great. Also, the pots to snap together but there is a bag that comes with it. Just pack it tight so there isn't a bunch of jingling.

          Pretty good cookset!

          • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

          This is a pretty good cook set to use with many backpacking stoves. I have used it a few times with my whisperlite stove and can say it does a great job of cooking and serving up meals. The lid is ok for cooking some things but I would recommend getting a different pan if you are looking to cook anything serious!

          Pretty good cookset!

          Tough Cookset

          • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

          Got this cookset to go with my Whisperlite Universal and they are awesome. Tough and durable without taking up a lot of space in my pack. They let my stove nest inside so I have one small setup and its all together in my pack.

          Versatile Cookset

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          A few friends and I used this on a trip to the City of Rocks.

          Our cook set up was an MSR Pocket Rocket for the stove and then the MSR Alpine 2 Stainless Pot Set (This Set).

          Multiple Pieces:

          These pots nest nicely with plenty of room for the pot grabber, a stove (depending on size) and other goodies.

          Pot Grabber:

          It's just two pieces, it's light weight and simple. But the major draw back is that it's not spring loaded. Some of the time I was a little worried about dumping the hot food while cooking but the pot grabber was fairly good at grabbing the pot.

          Stainless Steel:

          It's fairly light weight. I wouldn't be taking this backpacking. But since we were car camping while climbing, there was nothing wrong with this weight. When we cooked on this, my friend managed to burn the food to the bottom of the pot even though he was constantly stirring the food. Kind of a disappointment to see it marr up the bottom of the pot.


          Depending on what you're cooking, you can cook some food in it... say eggs or bacon.

          Over all this is a decent set.

          Jared D.


          800.409.4502 ext 4055

          perfect packing pots

            Used this kit backpacking with Boy Scouts for 10 years, decided to get one of my own. It's the best 2-pot set I've tried. Super durable! I love that my MSR whisperlite stove fits inside the pots so everything packs up into a little package.

            I used the lid as a frying pan on my Whisperlite and can confirm that this is not the best idea as the metal is too thin (the food got burned up pretty quickly)

            Great Set

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            I've hade this set for two years now and it takes a beating. I added the alpine fry pan and a GSI Kettle, and there is nothing I can't cook. Flipping the lid upside down makes it into a double boiler, so five pieces of cookware effectively function as a whole kitchen. I have used it for up to four people and have never seen it be insufficient. Over fires, stoves, even solar cookers: best set I have ever used, hands down.

            jack of all trades cook set

              I bought this set after using a family members. It is just what I need for backpacking. Like others mentioned you could just take and use the larger pot. I am able to put a tin coffee cup into it with lighter and dish rag...and I like that packability. I don't see myself owning something else besides this set.

              Gets the job done!

                Nothing special here besides the fact they last forever. A bit heavy but I prefer it to Aluminum. I've used these from the backcountry to the kitchen stove and they're great no matter what you're cooking.

                Heavy, but bulletproof

                  I've had this set for over twenty years. The outside of both pots are absolutely coated with carbon that will never, ever come out, and I like that - call it a patina.

                  One of the best features is the lid: Not only does it fit both pots, but it can be turned upside down to act as a double-boiler - great for reheating without getting a big pot dirty. I often use it to warm up a Clif bar in cold weather while boiling water for oatmeal or coffee.

                  I usually only take the large pot and the lid with me. My MSR Rapidfire, inclusive of the windscreen and pot grabber, fit nicely inside the pot.


                    Ive had this set for 10+ years and it has been all over the world. Everything I need fits in the 1.5 L pot and I secure it with a wrap so nothing creeps out. Excellent, do everything, basic cookset.

                    The apes will really appreciate these when they finally take over.

                      Bought mine from a neighbors garage sale for five bucks. Silly mistake. I am told they are older than me. I've had these completely blackened from dirty cedar wood fire and they cleaned up like new while at camp. Fantastic on a stove. Good size for a pack of 4 travelers if you cook smartly. Mine came with webbing and a buckle to secure everything - highly recommended if not stock. Weight penalty perhaps but theyll be eating what's left of humanity out of these things when the time comes.

                      these are a classic for a reason

                        Not sure why the majority of these reviews are 4/5 stars; sure, this pot set isn't made out of anodized unobtanium, but it is just about indestructible, and less than half the price of comparable sized and function titanium kits. Both pots pour very well. The lid/frying pan seats very well on both pots. It works fine for frying too, although that depends somewhat on your stove and a lot on your patience- no different than any other lid-frypan over a backpacking stove. This is an excellent, very durable 2-4 person heavy backpacking stove. It particularly shines on trips where weight and size are not at a premium- my set gets the most use during the winter (throw it in the pulk), car camping, and canoeing. Not so great for 1-2 person summer backpacking, but that's what the foster's can pot is for.

                        Could the lid possibly be used as a frying...

                        Could the lid possibly be used as a frying pan? Also what are the dimensions of this set in inches?

                        Sure you can, but not really for proteins (fish, eggs, meat,) unless you have plenty of fat (lard, butter, oil) and are able to regulate the flame, or adjust the pan to the distance from it. So, for your pocket rocket, less likely. But if you can regulate the heat over a flame by moving it further/closer to the fire, sure. One way to use the lid, as well, is as a double boiler. Put plenty of water in one of the pots, and instead of putting the lid on like you normally would, turn it upside down. You'll get plenty of heat to slowly cook some proteins (small fish, and eggs) without burning them. As for the diameter, The lid and large pot, 7.5", the small pot, 6.5".

                        Best Answer

                        No, it cannot be used as a fry pan as the metal is way too thin. I tried and it immediately oil-canned from the heat even though my stove was set to simmer. Makes a great lid and plate though. If you want a lid to fry in, try the Primus stainless steel pot set. It has a much thicker bottom with a layer of aluminum sandwiched inside. Of course that makes it a little heavier to carry. The pics are the Primus fry pan.

                        No, it cannot be used as a fry pan as the metal is way too thin.  I tried and it immediately oil-canned from the heat even though my stove was set to simmer.  Makes a great lid and plate though.  If you want a lid to fry in, try the Primus stainless steel pot set.  It has a much thicker bottom with a layer of aluminum sandwiched inside.  Of course that makes it a little heavier to carry.  The pics are the Primus fry pan.

                        Will this work for a group of 5-6 or should...

                        Will this work for a group of 5-6 or should I get another pot?

                        It really depends on what you're cooking. If you're only boiling water, you should be fine. If you'll be cooking meals in them, I find these two to be a little small. They're just about right for 4 people, but with 6, you'd want something else to supplement it; maybe another 1.5 or 2 liter pot. Going with MSR would allow you to use the same lid/heat radiator/ and any other size specific accessories - but this is of course not necessary.

                        Best Answer

                        Unless you're committed to stainless steel, another thought would be something like the hard anodized aluminum MSR Flex 4 set (item# CAS0545) with a 3.2L and 5.3L pots. You get a good usable volume and versatility, whether you want to just boil water or cook a meal for that many people at once. As Knanier says, the difference in what you have planned makes a huge difference.

                        how big is the lid/fry pan? I need it over...

                        how big is the lid/fry pan? I need it over 8 inches so I can fit tortillas in it.

                        Can the lid be used as a frypan? If not...

                        Can the lid be used as a frypan? If not will the Alpine stainless steel frypan nest with these pots?

                        The lid & handle form a pretty good eight inch frying pan or plate or both. The Alpine frying pan with folding handle will nest over the three liter pot but not the two liter which is in this set.

                        yes, It can be used a frying pan. Depending on what stove you're using, if you don't have much heat control, it can be easy to burn things. Take care when cooking.
                        Otherwise the set is bombproof.

                        Can you pack a stove inside the pots?

                        Can you pack a stove inside the pots?

                        Best Answer

                        The question is which stove? The Whisperlite, DragonFly and XGK all need a 1.5 liter pot or greater. The Simmerlite, WindPro, and Superfly need only a 1L pot. The Pocket Rocket can be packed in the MSR Titan Kettle with a 4oz. Fuel bottle. The smallest pot of this set is a 1.5L pot so, yes, any of the MSR stoves can be packed inside it.

                        Since the inner nesting pot in this set is 1.5 liters, most folding stoves will fit. The old style MSR XGK will not fit because of it's straight, inflexible fuel line. All the newer, Lindal valve, canister stoves will fit plus the eight ounce fuel canister.

                        Yes! I've had the Whisperlite International for 8 years and more recently the Dragonfly. Whisperlite fits into the 1.5 pot piece of cake, the Dragonfly sticks out of the FLAT TOPPED 1.5l cooking sets because of it's steel fuel pipe, but the Dragonfly fits perfectly in the Alpine 2 pot set because the LID IS RAISED quite a bit :)

                        The Alpine set takes my Dragonfly (which is bigger than the Whisperlite), pot handle, wind screens, lighter and the kit that comes with the stove no problems :)