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GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset


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A compact and versatile cookset for family camping or weekend backpacking.

A flavorful, satisfying meal for four in the woods becomes much easier with the compact GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset. Cooking, eating, and even cleaning are possible with this versatile nForm cookset system. The three-liter pot, two-liter pot, two strainer lids, nine-inch frying pan, and interchangeable folding pot gripper enable easy cooking on a big or little camp stove.
  • nForm System ensures all components pack into the largest pot for easy storage and can be simplified for backpacking trips
  • Bugaboo pots and frying pan feature a double non-stick coating to provide easy cooking, scratch resistance, and efficient cooking times
  • Four 14-ounce insulated mugs, four 14-ounce bowls, and four 7.5-inch plates are made with lightweight, durable Cascadian BPA-free plastic, which keeps them leach-free and resilient to heat, food odors, and outdoor abuse
  • Four lids feature Sip-It openings for drinking, and the pot lids include a strainer; all are crush-proof, heat-resistant, and sturdy
  • Included stuff sack protects the whole cookset from damage in your pack but can be used as a sink for washing your dishes without interfering with the wild watershed
  • Color-coded mugs, bowls, and plates erase confusion during long family camping weekends
  • Item #GSI2255

[pots, pan] Bugaboo (aluminum), Teflon coating, [mugs, bowls, plates] Cascadian BPA-free plastic
Pot Volume
3 L, 2 L
Pot Dimensions
[3L] 9.1 x 9.1 x 5.8 in
Fry Pans
Fry Pan Dimensions
9 in
Built-in Strainer
Pot Grabber
Grooved Bottoms
Storage Sack
Complete Set Weight
58.1 oz
Recommended Use
car camping
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

Great for car camping

I've used it several times

I added this to my car camping setup this summer and it has worked out really well. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the frying pan is so light, it kept tipping over when I attached the handle.

>Rating: 1

Quality control?

I just received this today Friday October 11th 2019. After doing extensive research on similar products. I've chosen to go with GSI because of prior experience with the company and this product has the exact features that I want. Upon opening the Box and at my 1st inspection the product look good. However after further inspection I noticed a few flaws. 1st thing I noticed was a small chip in the Teflon coating on the frying Pan. It says on the Box and in the product care manual to discontinue use and recycle as soon as you get any scratches or chips in the Teflon. This ultimately renders the frying Pan useless right out of the Box. 2nd after inspecting the 2 l pot and feeling for any other chips or defects in this product. I noticed right away that compared to the frying Pan and the 3 l pot the 2 l pot is extremely roughed texture. Upon this discovery I went into my kitchen and felt my stockpile of non stick frying pans and none of them were rough, all where smooth as silk. I will be contacting GSI outdoors and seeing how they intend to handle this matter I shall keep you all posted

>Rating: 5


Really nice cookware! Everything you would need in one convenient package! It is a little heavier than I thought itd be so I might not take it backpacking but you can also only pack what you need. Again, its really nice though! Good buy!

>Rating: 5

Convenient Camp Kitchen Set

I've used it several times

I love this cook set. I went from throwing all of my camp cookware in a bulky crate that took up half of my car. This set has more cooking tools then my old set up and fits into a small convenient package. I've even found extra room inside to fit o few other items like utensils.

>Rating: 5

Love it.

I've used it several times

High quality and packs up for an easy travel size. This set will get a lot of use and it appears to be good quality and durable. Everything you need for the camp kitchen.

>Rating: 5

Great for the Vanagon!

I've put it through the wringer

Makes trips to the coast or mountains that much easier! Great quality, and makes getting on the road easy. Even taken it once on a backpacking trip (definitely overkill and a little heavy) but we had a big group. The nonstick works great, cleans easily and being self contained makes it that much better.

>Rating: 5

So Perfect and Easy!

i bought this as a gift for our best friends who were looking for something that is compact able and space saving. This is perfect! Pans are sturdy and durable , cups are great for multi use (kids put their snacks in) all easy, lightweight and fits into one space.

>Rating: 5

Excellent Design

I've used it several times

I used a friend's GSI cookset on a camping trip last fall and loved it so much that I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. She loves it, and it will get tons of use for many years to come. I've used many different self-contained cooksets in the past and this is by far the best, most intuitive design. It's completely self-contained and makes packing for trips so much easier.

>Rating: 5


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

So nice I'd buy it twice. Thankfully the quality is such a high caliber I don't think I'll be replacing this anytime soon.

>Rating: 5

So. Fricken. Cool.

Bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend, and we could not believe how incredible this set is: two pots, frying pan, four plates, four bowls, four cups, lids for the pots with strainers, and it all packs down into the bag...what?! So amazing. Based on the other reviews, this is probably the only kit you'll need for a long time. I'm not even kidding when I say that the quality of the pots and pan is better than my actual kitchen cookware.

Awesome! I'm so glad he loves them. Thanks for the review.

>Rating: 5

I love it!

I've used it several times

I bought this for a week-long car camping trip with two other friends, and this was probably the most useful set of gear we had with us. The cups and bowls fit a nice serving of hot chocolate/coffee/soup/oatmeal. The pots are large enough to comfortably make food for 4 people. The pan felt a little small at times, but it was never really an issue. We just had to take care when making eggs that nothing went overboard. The plates feel relatively small, but that problem is easily solved by having multiple small servings. The compactness of the packed up set cannot be understated. Prior to this, I needed a lot of room for cookware, but now it all fits into one large pot. It's like magic! I also put some condiments in the cups. As far as functionality... The lids on the cups actually seal, so there's no spillage. The cups come with an insulating sleeve, which did a decent job of keeping hot drinks at the desired temperature, though we were only in the upper 40s at night. The strainer lids for the pots seal well, and I never felt like the lid would inadvertently suddenly start leaking and I'd burn my hand with boiling water. The pot grabber can feel a bit flimsy because it's not permanently attached to the pot, but I never felt like it would actually fail. One other thing I really appreciated was how easy to clean this set is. The plastic is very smooth, so not much scrubbing was necessary, and no noticeable food smell remained. The pots and pan are coated with Teflon, so they were very easy to clean as well. I cannot comment on durability since I've only used this for one trip, but everything feels very solidly built. Overall a great purchase, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends.

>Rating: 5

nice cook set

I've used it several times

I have used this set a few times. I was worried about the cook set being a little small when i first ordered, once i received it i was not disappointed It is a good size, all of the plates and cups are a good size as well. they are all non stick so it was a breeze to clean them off. Defiantly only use for car camping they are still light weight but i would not want to pack this set anywhere. if your looking for a nice cook set to feed the family look no further you will not be disappointed!

>Rating: 5

Great versatile set

I've used it several times

I wish I had had this set on my last backcountry camping trip! In order to save money we brought a mesh bag filled with various kitchen items (a great way for things to get broken by the way). After that trip I picked up this set and really appreciate how it keeps things incredibly compact and organized. I love cooking so having the options of using larger pots and a pan is great on a trip. The pots and pan are not too unwieldy for my tiny camp stove though which is nice. When I'm camping with a large group I bring the whole set and add 4 additional plastic plates to my bag which turns the set into an 8-person set (if you don't need cups and bowls at the same time). If I'm doing a 2-person trip I take out 2 of the cups (which are actually 2 cups and 2 "bowls") and stuff the empty spots with other tools. To round out the kit I add 4 small Light My Fire sporks and manage to stuff them between the cups. It's quite a tight squeeze so it would be great if the kit came with 4 custom sporks that fit inside one of the cups. I would also recommend removing the mug cozies when you store the set for long periods of time. I left mine for a few months and found some mold on one of the cozies unfortunately. I also love the color coding - it has already come in handy a number of times (is that my wine?).

>Rating: 5

Outdoor gourmet

My Bugaboo set pre dates all the accessories that come with the updated version, but the cookware appears to be the same. This version also includes a locking handle and perforated lids for draining. This set isn't terribly small or lightweight, but it includes enough options to cook real food, not just boil water. It has lasted me years and GSI still makes it so I think that speaks for the durability.


GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper

>Rating: 5

Everything but the Kitchen sink, OH WAIT

This set has everything you could need for outdoor cooking.It's great for group backpacking and by simply removing a few items, great for solo-ers too! The universal handle folds up and is compact while sturdy and grip-able. The teflon coating on the pots is almost bullet proof I've had mine for two years and (while I don't recommend it) it has been washed out with sand a few times. By far my favorite part of this set is the carrying case which is water proof and doubles as into a wash bin! They really thought of it all on this set!

>Rating: 5

Camper Cookset

This cookset is great it is very light weight, compact especially for 4 people. The only thing i would say it needs to include is some ultralight sporks.


Would you be able to use this set over an open campfire? Or it it only reccommended for stoves?

From GSI's site: "Not for use with microwave ovens, conventional ovens or open campfires."


What is the difference between the Bugaboo Camper and the Pinnacle Camper?

The Bugaboo does not have the hard anodized coating on the pots which adds some protection to the metal and the non-stick surface. Hit me up directly with other questions.