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  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Red
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Yellow
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Blue
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Gray
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Purple
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Green

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  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Red
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Yellow
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Blue
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Gray
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Purple
  • Black Diamond - Camalot X4 - Green

Black Diamond Camalot X4


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    The largest expansion range of any small cam on the market.

    If you're looking to add some small cam sizes to your rack, the new Black Diamond Camalot X4 is the way to go. The 4-lobed device utilizes embedded cam springs to create a narrow head width while the stacked and double axle technology provides the largest expansion range of any small cam available, ultimately providing more placement options than ever before. Plus, aluminum protection beads on the stem increase durability without compromising flexibility.

    • Stacked axle technology (sizes .1, .2, .3) and double axle technology (sizes .4, .5, .75) allows for a huge expansion range
    • Cam springs embedded in the lobes create a narrower head width than the original Camalot, allowing for wider range of placement options
    • Aluminum protection beads around the cable increase durability without limiting flexibility
    • Hot-forged trigger and the symmetric swage improve handling characteristics
    • Slung with color-coded Dyneema slings for easy size identification
    • Item #BLD3430

    Tech Specs

    (.1) .33 - .54 in, (.2) .34 - .65 in, (.3) .49 - .83 in, (.4) .61 - 1.05 in, (.5) .78 - 1.33 in, (.75) .94 - 1.62 in
    (.1) 5 kN, (.2) 6 kN, (.3) 8 kN, (.4, .5, .75) 10 kN
    Cam Lobes
    Cam Stops
    Claimed Weight
    (.1) 1.8 oz, (.2) 1.9 oz, (.3) 2.7 oz, (.4) 2.9 oz, (.5) 3.2 oz, (.75) 4 oz
    Recommended Use
    trad climbing
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year

    Tech Specs

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    Hands down my favorite

      I love these things. I have a complete set and wish I had more. They are a full lobe maybe more compact than the c4. They place better in horizontal or weird cracks.I reach for these first when looking at my rack. I trust them with my lie and they have never let me down. I place the .2 a ton.

      Love the X4s

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These are my favorite small cams. Had the blue and the yellow and recently added the red and the grey. They are easy to place, have a great range, and have held solid on a couple of decent falls. The flexible stem is nice for horizontal placements, and I like the action much better than comparable size TCUs or C3s.

      Sweet pieces

        I love mine. I got them on sale for 25% which was a great deal if you ask me. I decided to get .1-.5 after seeing my friends .75 was a little top heavy and flimsy (not that it was weak it just flipped around with the cable stem). I love them, I climb at Seneca in West Virginia and there are all kinds of placements where these are the only pieces that will fit because of the narrow head width. They're a little weaker than their C4 counterparts but these go where those won't and they give you a wider variety of placement options. Buy some and you won't regret it. And ALL of the sizes are double axle even though they look single axle, if you don't believe me go on black diamonds website

        My favorite small stuff.

          All the small things.... True care, truth brings.... I'll take, one .1.... whip on it/best trip.... Always, I know.... You'll be, on my rack... Clipping, placing, and taking.

          Say it ain't so, I will not fall.... Peel my hands off, save my ass cam.... on, on, on, on..... on, on, on, on, on, on, on belay.

          Great, but buy them on sale

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          At the recommendation of a local gear shop, I opted for the .3 and .4 (blue and grey) in X4s rather then the same size/color in C4s. And I would make the same recommendation to anyone else, it was good advice. At least for the .3/.4, they have a slightly better range than the C4 counterpart-- several times I've had a .4 C4 not fit as well in a crack as the .4 X4 did. And the flexible stem is great if you have to place in a horizontal crack.


          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          I have a full set of the X4s and they are great, confidence inspiring , and easy to place. I haven't had any issues with the bigger green size being too floppy. Its more floppy than the c4 but I didn't find it to be significantly harder to place and the flexible stem makes up for it. Great gear.

          Keep you @$$ off the ground!

            When the name of the game is small pro - the X4 is the way to go. Small head profile, bite of a "softish" metal, and the protected cable make this my reach to piece for the tight small spots for bomber pro!

            Caption - triple up before the tight traverse on Stump the Stars LCC

            Keep you @$$ off the ground!

            Confidence inspiring cam

            • Familiarity: I've used it several times

            Great little cam, always looking for ways to use my X4s. They feel super sturdy, especially with the aluminum triggers. Aside from price, I'm not sure why you'd get a C4 in the same size, since these are narrower, and will fit more placements, and just seem super robust. I've got 0.2 -> 0.5, and love them all. I am glad that the size ranges correspond to the same ranges for C4, since it makes it easier to grab the right cam (unlike the C3s, which have a totally different numbering scheme). Only X4 I'm not sure I'll pick up is the 0.75 (green), as it seems a little floppy compared to the C4 version.

            #.3 is not double axle like the C4

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            I love these cams and totally agree that they deserve the praise. However, I just wanted to point out that the #.3 size does not have the a double axle and thus the same extension range as the #.3 (blue) C4 or DMM Dragon. This creates a bit of a gap between the #.2 yellow X4 and #.3 X4.

            ~ @Frazier_Far_Out

            Great small cams

              The flexible stem inspires extra confidence in weird placements, but they're still easy to place, even up to the 0.75. Simply great.

              Haven't placed the 0.1 yet, but the 0.2 and up get used on the regular. The 0.2 goes in solidly surprisingly often when nuts just don't seem like they're gonna do it...

              Great service from BD

              • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

              All my cams are BD so I can't really comment on how these compare to other brands, but I did want to share my positive experience with BD's customer service. I sheared a trigger wire off my yellow x4 after falling off a traverse and penduluming on the cam placed in a horizontal crack. Totally my fault, but BD replaced the trigger wire for free (I only paid for shipping to salt lake) and I had my cam back within a week all clean and springy with the trigger wire repaired.

              Props to BD for great warranty service.

              best small cams ever

              • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

              for some reason, TCUs never did it for me - they never inspired confidence, they seemed weak, and kinda hard to place (could just be my ineptitude). when these came around, everything changed! These cams are barely wider than a TCU, but just feel great when placing them, and hold up to more abuse than I expected. BD also thought through the design very well - with cable shielding that's color coded, and holes in the triggers that seem to fit the hook part of a nut tool perfectly (I don't know if that was the purpose, but it sure seems perfect for it) for when your buddy decides to sink your favorite .3 so far you can only see the webbing :(.

              Black Diamond X4, the Best Small Cam!

              • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

              I bought Black Diamond X4s this spring when I got a wicked deal on them, and I'm thrilled with the performance the cams give every time they're placed. During a three month trip we took this summer, me and my friends put them to the test on rock of all kind and in a wide range of weather conditions.

              Hail, rain, and thunderstorms while in South Dakota and Wyoming. Dry sand and mud brick at Grand Junction, Moab, and City of Rocks. And Yosemite's hot, humid summer. Through that, all the funky placements and falls, the X4 cams held excellent in varieties of granite and sandstone. The cam lobes, Dyneema slings, and springs, basically every part of the cams, proved very durable through all that wear and tear.

              Some of the features that really impressed me:

              -The double and stacked axles give a very broad range, because of this, I'm less likely to make a sizing error.

              -The larger X4's (.4, .5, and .75) head is 20% narrower then the C4. The smaller X4's (.1, .2, and .3) internal cam spring technology keeps the heads narrow, making pin scar placements possible.

              -Aluminum beaded armor protects the single stem over sharp edges, horizontal placements, etc. without losing their great flexibility.

              -Kevlar trigger wires on the lager sizes add to make these exceptionally durable cams.

              -Dyneema sling are lightweight, tough, and brightly colored. Color code matches the C4's .3 through .75.

              Aid climbing can really jank protection up. Being on 3 big walls, yes, they're a little bent but not more then expected from Clean Aid climbing. The X4s have been excellent, the lobes are very durable and the plastic around the clip-in point is nice and beefy.

              Overall X4s place great in weird cracks, pods, pin scars, and even quite well in flared cracks. Black Diamond did a phenomenal job making a tough, sleek, easy to place cam. They also added easy to identify colors on the armored stem beads. Everything about the X4 is very complete and well made, not to mention just even looking awesome!

              Black Diamond X4, the Best Small Cam!

              x4 vs c4

              The X4's narrow head fits into many more crack positions and pin scars. Such a bomber cam, whether for free climbing or clean aid, it does the job so dang well. Also something not mentioned in above review. The Black Diamond Camalot X4 has awards from Climbing Magazine - 2013 Editor's Choice and Rock and Ice - 2014 Best In Gear

              x4 vs c4

              They have their place in the BD line-up

              • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

              BD's addition of the X4 to their active pro line-up is a natural progression. These cams are lighter in weight, narrow in the profile head, and have more flexible stems for those tricky placements. They perform well in pin scars and supplement well with the C4's. The sleek design keeps things organized on the rack.

              That being said, a few minor faults have kept me from reaching for them more than they deserve.

              The cables will kink. Especially if you like to push your limits a bit of a ways above your piece and subsequently whip onto them. They can be manipulated back into a seemingly normal shape, but they will never be that "fresh out the box" look.

              The C4 variety of the .5 and .75 also have a higher strength rating. Unlikely you will be producing these limits, it is nice to have that peace of mind.

              I don't know why BD did this, but the BLUE .3 X4 does not match the range of the .3 C4 - I have reached for the blue X4 to slot it in - Where I know that the .3 Camalot would fit perfectly - to find that the cam is too small.

              This is the same for the .2 yellow X4 and the Yellow C3 - As well as the .1 red X4 and the Red C3 - The sizing isn't congruent but the color is - which slightly baffles me.

              For BD sizing comparison -

              Red (.1) X4 - roughly the range of the PURPLE 00 C3! (o.O)

              Yellow (.2) X4 - roughly the range of the GREEN 0 C3

              Blue (.3)X4 - roughly the range of the RED 1 C3

              -- There is no .3 C4 size in the X4, it jumps to Grey C4/X4 --

              Grey C4/X4 - same range

              Purple C4/X4 - same range

              Green C4/X4 - same range

              From those of you who have several of these...

              From those of you who have several of these or all of them, what size would you recommend for someone who is just getting their first trad rack together?

              Best Answer

              You can probably skip the .1 and the .75. The .1 is very small, and it's unlikely that you'll find a place to use it (or be willing to fall on it if you do) and the .75 overlaps a lot with the #1 Camalot. Other than that, I'd get all of them. If you have to pick just one, make it the .5 or the .4, as they have the most range.

              Bad information above. The .75 X4 overlaps with the .75 Camalot. My experience with the double-axle X4's is that the range is limited by the poor connection of the trigger "wire" to the cam lobe. As a result, they don't retract for the full range of motion when the trigger is pulled, but can if pushed into a crack. This contributes to the likelihood that they will become fixed.

              Get the single-axle X4's to cover the smaller end of your rack range.

              Depends on where you climb the most.

              Having a diverse rack is always a good thing. For complete set of X4s you could probably buy double the amount of offset brassies (nuts).

              I'd buy fingers to .5, then switch to regular C4s for the rest of your sizes. Buy small nuts for anything else

              One more question. Do any of you who use...

              One more question. Do any of you who use small cams as pro ever put screamers into your system in order to reduce the load on your pro in case of a fall?

              Best Answer

              Yes I have certainly used screamers on smaller gear to minimize some of the impact forces but I have largely done that while aid climbing rather than free climbing. Sometimes when I'm a bit nervous with the smaller gear I'll build a little life nest of cams and nuts or whatever works and quickly equalize them before punching it into a crux.

              I am looking to add some smaller pieces...

              I am looking to add some smaller pieces to my rack, but I wanted to know if the smaller x4's, .3 and .2 in particular, are rated for taking a fall. I see that the .3 is rated for 8kn and the .2 is rated for 6kn, are these safe for taking a fall, or are these small size cams designed for aiding/anchor making?

              I'm a huge fan of both the C4s and C3s but...

              I'm a huge fan of both the C4s and C3s but have yet to handle the X4s. I was speaking to someone the other day about them and he said the larger sizes have a tendency to "taco" due to the heavy head and flexible stem (when you pull the trigger, the stem just bends instead of the cam activating). Any comments from those that have handled them? Thanks!

              Best Answer

              I used #0.75 green and #0.4 gray, and #0.3 blue. Blue and gray are perfect (at least while new). The green was good-enough. I mean it was really good, stable and easy to operate. But not perfect - a bit on a soft side. With aging it probably could ("probably could" is far-far away from "definitely will") become dirty and begin to "taco". Thus I decided to keep both C4 and X4 in a green 0.75 size - I will use C4 as an universal green size piece and reach for X4 when I need a narrow head in this size (not too often).

              For blue 0.3 and gray 0.4 sizes X4s are hard to beat.

              In short:

              - If you are building a rack it is probably better to get X4s up to gray 0.4 and C4x purple 0.5 and up.

              - If you are extending your existing rack go for X4s in all sizes.


              I got my hands on the full range of x4's almost 2 months ago. I've climbed maybe 4-5 times since and I didn't get the feeling that they are harder to place because of the taco effect (hmmmmm tacos). That beeing said, You do get a feeling that the trigger action is not as good as the C4's when you play with them. On the rock though I didn't think about it at all.

              On top of that, the plus side of it is super! the flex is so good and it makes me believe that they tend to walk less. Placing them in horizontal cracks is just so delightful!

              So, I'd go for a full rack of these! they are really fun to place and are a great addition to the rack.

              What's going on with the production of the...

              What's going on with the production of the .2 and .1 x4 cams? No one has them, and no companies appear to be notified of future shipments.