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Remember the last time your feet really hurt but you still had fun? Oh wait. That's never happened. Blisters make you cry Uncle! and hobble back to the trailhead, achy arches take all the steam out of your morning trail runs, and the last time you landed a ski jump without a supportive heel cup ... well ... you don't even want to talk about it. The nice podiatrists at Superfeet understand an orthotic footbed shouldn't cost as much as, say, foot transplants. So they designed cutting-edge, sport-specific footbeds that folks could actually afford. Research teams of podiatrists and professors use their decades of experience to craft premium insoles specifically for running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cleats, work boots, and snow boots. They slave away in the laboratory and in the testing field to ensure your tootsies aren't tender after you've spent hours at play outdoors. Just trim 'em down to fit your shoes or boots perfectly, then reap the benefits. And it won't even cost an arm and a ... um ... foot.