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Sterling Evolution Velocity Bi-Color Rope - 9.8mm


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Evolution Velocity Bi-Color Rope

Uncoil the Sterling Evolution Velocity Bicolor Rope when it's time for a redpoint attempt on an elusive project, or a lengthy multi-pitch where quick clipping is key. The Evolution Velocity boasts just the right stiffness for easy clips and reduced drag. A low impact rating complements a low weight, while an intuitive bicolor design keeps you safe and aware of when you reach the center point.
  • Sterling's best-selling rope for sport climbing
  • Versatile 9.8m diameter ideal for beginner and intermediate climbers
  • Bicolor patterning quickens rappel setups
  • Item #STE0056

9.8 mm
Static Elongation
Dynamic Elongation
Impact Force
8.8 kN
UIAA Falls
Claimed Weight
62 g/m
Recommended Use
rock climbing
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>Rating: 1


Sterling had two chances to impress us with this rope. The first one we ordered was frayed at the mid-point between the bi-coloring. We figured it had to do with interweaving sheath fibers but when we contacted Sterling even they agreed it was extensive so they sent us a new one. Which was great until we took it out ONCE for a day of climbing and came back with a sheath that looks like this. Don't waste your time or money. I honestly thought my boyfriend accidentally bought a gym rope. 1 star. Straight Up Sucks.

>Rating: 5

Sterling Delivers

I've used it several times

This is a great all-around rope. I personally use it for Sport Climbing in Utah. I have been using it for several months now and can not see any visible wear and tear. The rope handles great through both a Grigri and an ATC. I have had zero issues with kinking which I love!

>Rating: 4

Great rope!

I've used it several times

So far so good on this rope! No real visible wear or tear and the silver color seem to look pretty clean at all times. Haven't had any huge falls on this rope but if it keeps holding up like it is I wouldn't worry about taking a big whip even after a couple solid years of use.

>Rating: 3


I've put it through the wringer

Nice rope,Feels great and handles well. It seemed to get dirty pretty fast, after two outings and using a rope bag. I was kind of bothered by the center markings. After the rope got dirty it was hard to distinguish the middle. A more pronounce weave pattern would be great. The extra fibers used to find the center always bothered me when belaying. I can see it's benefit when rope handling or repelling in the dark. But the extra fibers started to fray after a few days of climbing on granite. This started to bother me a lot. The next rope I buy will have a smooth center.

>Rating: 5

Sterling did it right

I've used it several times

The silver dual pattern is sick. First 70mm rope we have purchased, and it is working like a charm. Easy to use and is holding up to the wear and tear. No real falls on this rope yet, to determine elongation properties. The silver bi color is easy to use finding center, and hopefully will help hide as it gets a little dirty.

>Rating: 5

Can't Go Wrong With This Rope

I've put it through the wringer

This rope handles like a dream. I love climbing with it. The bi pattern makes for easy descents and a quick glance at the rope tells you where you are so no worries there!! The only other rope I have used as much as the Stirling Velocity is the Petzl Contact. Compared to the Contact, the Velocity is a little looser in your hand, while the Contact is a little more firm/ridged. Both handle great!!! With very little kinking problems, a nice bright green color, and the option for 70m length you can't go wrong with the Stirling Velocity!

>Rating: 5

Go-to rope

I've put it through the wringer

Have had several of these ropes all of which have been top notch. Perfect for sending the proj while still being durable enough to work the crux over and over. For single pitch sport i go with the standard 60m and for trad, the bi-color 70m.

>Rating: 5

Awesome Rope

having a bi color rope can help a lot when needing to find the mid point. I have enjoyed this rope on all types of climbs , even though I use it mostly for sport climbing.

>Rating: 5

Great rope!

I bought this for my son's birthday and he is extremely impressed his words" best present ever!"

>Rating: 5

Amazing Rope Amazing Rope

I've put it through the wringer

I started climbing a few months ago and since I started going pretty often decided I needed my own gear and bought this rope. Amazing feel when belaying, it great for descending in a rappel mode since its bicolor so you easily know when you've reached the middle, everyone who's used it automatically falls in love with it and the diameter is great with both the reverso and grigri2. LOVE IT!

>Rating: 5

Bicolor is the way to go.

I've used it several times

Love the bicolor rope and easy to find center point. Not having a quiver of ropes, I have been really happy with this rope for craging, sport climbing, and multi pitch trad routes. Great go to all around rope.


Kitties Prefer Sterling, Period


Greatest. Thing. That. Ever. Happened. EVER.

Your cat looks ready to send it

Craig's Crag cat!? Oh Dang.

Nice George....+1 !

Dude, I'm so stoked that I'm not the only one with an adventuring kitty. I take my girl everywhere. They would be great friends.

@ Hanna Singleton, I just wanted to make sure you saw this article about Craig's cat : )

Again, nice work Craig! This pic was selected as one of the most highly excellent community uploaded images for inclusion in the Best of Climb article on our EXPLORE section: Thanks and congrats! (copy and paste this link into a new tab, for some reason the link won't work when you click on it within this comment box).

Just starting to do roped stuff outdoors and this is enough to make me a Sterling devotee. Internet, take note.

Bad kitty that's my pot pie

>Rating: 5

Old Faithful

I've put it through the wringer

Sterling Evolution Velocity rope is by far the most durable and longest lasting rope in my quiver. This is true today, as it was years ago. Owning multiple ropes does for different types of climbing does not come cheap, but the Velocity stands up to any test. It performs extraordinarily well as a long sport climbing day, or for that hard, single-pitch trad project. As an ice climbing rope the thicker diameter of the Velocity ensures that you feel safe with all of the pointy hardware flying around you and performs when wet and semi-frozen. It is true that Sterling ropes get a "fuzz" on the sheath of them, but do not let this fool you into another brand. The Velocity is the most durable rope that I have ever had and have been amazed at what type of abuse it can withstand. Great rope and would recommend this particular diameter for the one-and-only rope you'll need.


Sterling Evolution Velocity Bicolor Rope


I have been really looking forward to a bicolor rope and got this in the mail today. When I was flaking it out I noticed some fraying on the sheath. Obviously the core is still good but should I return it because it's frayed out of the box?


Yes. even though the core is still good, with time, the fray will only get larger. Then thats a 200 dollar rope just wasted in half the amount of time. When your climbing your rope is your only point of safety. So having a frayed rope isn't the best idea.