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Snow Peak Trek Combo Titanium Cookset

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    11 Reviews


    Trek Combo Titanium Cookset

    The Snowpeak Trek Combo Titanium Cook Set is a lightweight, 4-piece cook set that will allow even minimalist backpackers to whip up gourmet meals in the backcountry. Corrosion-resistant titanium is super lightweight and has superior strength compared to steel. This set includes two pots (47 oz and 30 oz) and two lids that double as fry pans (5 ¾ ”x 1 ½ ” and 5” x 1 ½ “). The smaller set fits neatly inside the larger set, reducing the stowed size to 5 ¾” x 6”. The entire set weights a mere 13 oz. Each piece has a folding handle that tucks neatly away. The Snow Peak Giga Power Stove [SNO0002] and fuel canister stow nicely inside the cookware for easy transport and storage.
    • Cookset for two backpackers pack into each other for compactness
    • Titanium is light and durable enough to put directly on the stove
    • Pots double as mugs for morning coffee
    • Pans double as lids to cover while cooking
    • Folding handles on all pots and pans provide convenience
    • Snow Peak's Giga Power Stove and gas can fit inside
    • Item #SNO0032

    Tech Specs

    2 pots, 2 pans
    [pot 1] 4.75 x 4.25in [pan 1] 5 x 1.5in [pot 2] 5.5 x 4.5in [pan 2] 5.75 x 1.75in
    Claimed Weight
    Recommended Use
    camping, backpacking
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

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    Snow Peak Trek 900

    Using the SP 900 with a pop can alcohol stove.. handles get a little bit hot but nothing too ridiculous. Great lightweight pot for 1-4 people

    Snow Peak Trek 900

    Great cookware for 1 or more people

      I have used both sizes of these easy to cook/clean titanium pots. They are phenomenal! They are light weight, easy to clean, fast boiling and have the ability to be used as a double boiler (frying pan on top of pot). This means i have used the heck outta these things for a myriad of meals. Not only is their weight negligible, they can be used to store stove/utensils/spices while not in use. Being titanium you can prepare meals with salt and acid (spicy pepper/tomato,etc) and know there will be no leeching of the titanium into the food. You can't say that with aluminum. Also, by not having a coating inside the cookware (like Teflon) you won't have off gassing or leeching of the chemical coating either. Are they more expensive than aluminum? Sure. Are they safer than bare aluminum or coated lightweight cookware? HECK YEAH!!! I wish I had these when I was in the Army out in the field. I would have been able to cook my own meals safely. For those who use wood stoves I recommend either making your own coffee can type stove WITH THE BOTTOM STILL ON or using the metal top of a coffee can lid that has been removed. Place it on top of the stove and then place your cookware on top of that. It takes a tad bit longer to boil/fry your meal but, it helps to minimize any soot that may collect on your cookware. It does work. I've used the G.I. aluminum canteen cup to boil water using both this method and placing the cup on a hot surface (engine manifold of a 5 ton truck/6k gallon refueling truck). Stuff gets done it just may take a minute or 2 longer than the direct flame method. If ya can't wait a minute or 2 more for your meal to be ready then ya shouldn't be backpacking/camping:)

      p.s. as with any hot metal object use some type of insulation between you and the handles. they do get hot!!! simple cloth gloves work well. i use dirt bike gloves for this. if you want to clean your cookware and have had a meat greasy meal but, you either don't have or don't want to use dish soap use the ashes of a wood fire (+a few hot coals) and mix it with water. the animal grease will mix with the ashes for a crude lye soap paste. make sure you wash the heck outta it though!

      fyi: The 47 oz is the 1400 and the 30 oz is the 900. Both have measuring amounts on the inside and outside of the pots. Very handy!

      Great Starter Kit for the Ultra light backpacker

        As a relative newbie to ultra light backpacking, I bought this set at the suggestions of a seasoned backpacker buddy of mine. We went on a 3 day trip and packed in mostly freeze dried foods and MRE's. The primary use for these were for boiling water and making coffee. Seeing that we had 5 campers, having this set allowed me to meet the needs of the entire camp. Since I will typically be heading out with my son in tow, this was a great set for me to start with. I will warn you, cooking scrambled eggs is an art in a titanium pan when your used to teflon coating. I suggest packing in a set of the humangear GoToobs so you can easy carry some cooking oils and your favorite seasonings.

        Snow Peak Trek Combo Titanium Cookset

          Great cookware! It's light, durable, heats fast and evenly. Handles can get hot but I havn't had much problems with them.I fold them out like I'm going to grab them when the pot is cooking, the other reviewer must have had them folded up against the metal that way they will get extremely hot as they are metal... Overall great product I would buy again but I'm pretty sure this product will last me years.

          Needs a rubber band

            I have used this set of pots on a few backpacking trips. No complaints about the weight, or size. I can fit my Whisperlite stove inside the small pot.
            The pots discolor a bit after use over a flame.
            Although the pots and lids fit together quite well in the supplied mesh bag, it is handy to have a rubber band or something to keep the lids closed tight to stop any rattling.

            Very good but

              Very good but a little on the flimsy side. I guess going ultra light has its down side such as thinner walls to save weight...

              thinner walls = less fuel needed to boil water as well.

              That's even more weight savings! I needed a little under a single oz. of fuel to boil 2 .5 cups of water with this pot at ~4,000ft with an alcohol stove in 70� temps.

              Packs the fuel

                Decent set for a solo packer. I agree with dtab - the short pot burns eggs badly, but that could be because I never grease the pan. Bring a brillo pad to scrub off the previous meals for sure. The smaller pan works fantastic as a bowl. Large pot stores fuel canisters nicely. Works great with my GigaPower stove.

                Snow Peak Trek Combo Set

                  This set compliments the 450 mug and Trek 700 mug/pot I already owned. All four nest together nicely for a complete set that can be used as a whole set or segmented to suit your needs. In order to increase the heating efficiency, I paint the bottom of the pots with black stove paint. Using a Trangia alcohol stove, I can boil 1 liter of water in calm conditions just less than 10 minutes. Not as efficient as some of my other pots, but I believe that is due to the narrower diameter and taller height of the pots. The height is harder to keep hot when convectional currents cool the pot. For having the versatility of all four mugs / pots, this system is a really nice compliment to my collection.

                  Nesting cookset

                    Light, durable, and packs down small. Couldn't ask for much more in a cookset. The pans have fold out handles that lock in place and are capable of holding up the heartiest of meals. They are designed to be able to nest a Snow Peak large fuel canister and a Snow Peak stove inside of them. Remember to have something handy to grip them with though as the handles can become quite hot.

                    lightweight, tough...great cookset

                      The best feature about the Snow Peak Cookset is the design. All of the pieces nest together, and the Gigapower Stove and fuel canister also fit inside the cookset.

                      I initially used my cookset with an alcohol stove and did experience some discoloration and soot, but the product warns that this might happen. I soaked the set in warm water overnight and was able to clean everything to my satisfaction. Then, the titanium Giga stove went on sale, and that thing is awesome! Everything works together seamlessly.

                      light weight and great

                        I picked these up along with my solo set. I've cooked for five people with this set. They look small but that is due to the fact that they aren't wide like most other pots. They are tall instead. I'm pretty sure that the shape is due to their stove designs. The Snow Peak stoves are quite small and only heat a small area.
                        The one point that I'm not a fan of, but I knew when I bought them, is that the frying pans don't work at all. Titanium doesn't channel or distribute heat well so if you want burnt eggs with runny whites give it a shot. Use the frying pans as bowl/plates.

                        Eggs aren't exactly the epitome of fast & light food, but if you must... try using the small pan in conjunction with your tea water in the large pot double boiler style with the large pan as a lid. Perfect poached eggs every time! (& better for dipping your toast than fried)

                        Snow Peak Titanium Trek Combo

                          I purchased this set for solo use as well as family camping. The capacity of the set is more than adequate for our family of three.
                          For solo use either of the two pot/lid combos will suffice. Heating is fast and even. I prefer the integral handles over separate pot holders; they stay cool enough to hold with bare hands and
                          they're a lot more convenient, too. Snow Peak makes top grade gear. Definitely recommended!

                          Unanswered Question

                          Can this be used to boil water over an open wood camp fire - with the understanding that it wouldn't be directly over a massive flame but rather over a hot bed of coals and/or small flame

                          Do the handles of the pots get hot?

                          Do the handles of the pots get hot?

                          Best Answer

                          Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, even with the same flame setting and placement on the burner. Best to figure that they do and have something like a towel, glove or a sock handy. Great pots though.