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Sea To Summit X Pot

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X Pot

Sea To Summit's innovative X Pot will serve any outdoors adventure, from big wall climbing to backpacking or even cycle touring. These pots pair compressible silicone with a stove-friendly aluminum base for lightweight, compact convenience.

  • BPA-free, food-grade, heat-resistant silicone sides
  • Hard-anodized aluminum base
  • Durable translucent lid
  • Item #STS001W

[base] hard-anodized aluminum, [body] silicone, [handles] nylon 66
1.4 L, 2.8 L, 4 L
[1.4L] 7.5 x 2.5 in, [2.8L] 8.4 x 4.7 in, [4L] 10 x 3.5 in
Claimed Weight
[1.4L] 9 oz, [2.8L] 10.3 oz, [4L] 18 oz
Recommended Use
mountaineering, backpacking, camping, travel, cycle touring
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>Rating: 4

Space Stuff

I've used it several times

This pot has been great so far! I’ve taken it out on a few car camping trips over the winter, where space is at a premium between bikes and skis and other activities to get involved in. The strainer top works well, and is a real upgrade to my old system of just holding the lid a bit off the pot, and hoping for the best. It cleans easily enough, and has held up well. The space age design is certainly not for everyone, but it does save a ton of space and weight!

>Rating: 5

Bring the Kitchen With You

I've used it several times

No more trying to cook for a group out of the Jetboil! This pot is large enough to mix up some tasty backcountry meals without having to cook each part of the meal individually. When it's not in use, just collapse it down and it disappears into your pack. Some would call this magic.

>Rating: 5

Super awesome, compact, wonderful!

I've used it several times

I've been dehydrating meals for our backpacking group and have tried a few different options for re-hydrating bulk meals. Foil was not efficient enough, and a big bulky pot was out of the question, so I bought the largest size of this - and it was perfect!! I've made meals for around 7 people, and there were some leftovers, so if you're looking for something for a group this will be great. It folds up nice and small for packing, but it's pretty durable (as long as you don't leave it around for the marmots) and easy to clean. We have an extra one since a friend is gluten intolerant so I have to make a separate gluten-free serving for her, so we have a Sea-to-Summit pot family. I wish I could buy one in every size, but they're definitely not cheap so we'll stick with what we have for now!


Thanks for the review! Glad this pot is working out for ya

>Rating: 4

sea to summit x-pot

just added the 1.4L pot to our collection. It's the perfect size for 2 people in the backcountry. We also own the 2.8L pot but found that the smaller size is perfect for just 2 people.

>Rating: 4

additional thoughts

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

One nice thing that I DO like is how an x-bowl nests inside the x-pot and an x-mug nests inside the x-bowl so I can carry bowl, cup and pot in one flat bundle that fits through my stern hatch and rests up against my stern bulkhead taking up almost no room. It's the packing ability of the X-series that is the seller and properly used, and with the complaints addressed, the x-series promises to be seen more and more on the rivers.

My last trip, I failed to clean my x-pot well enough and a mouse climbed down the rope into the hanging bag and chewed a hole into the pot at a seam. Now the pot is useless! So be careful here. FYI, S2S did offer to replace the pot at half MSR price.

ANOTHER ADDITIONAL COMMENT There have been a lot of complaints about the x-series, most are a result of abuse. You cannot use this on a campfire! But one thing that is common is the food smell remaining in the silicon. Sometimes you can wash it out, sometimes not. Mice got my first x-pot and S2S replaced it at 1/2 price. Chipmunks got the replacement. Thing is, I washed both pots so either I am not washing them well enough or the silicon retains the food smell even when washed or the chipmunks have learned that pot = food??? If you take the x-pot into the wild, be certain to wash it well and hang it from a cord where the rodents cannot reach.

>Rating: 4

X-Pot and Jetboil

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I am a Jetboil fan even though the thing is a one-trick pony. Then I got the MiniMo and decided to actually try to cook instead of my usual add-hot-water meals and bought the X-pot. Now I am not a fan of S2S because I feel that they rush their stuff into production without adequate field testing. But the idea is good! A large pot that can collapse to save space and weight. Yes, they have problems that range from the folds tearing to absorbing food stink but that may be Inspector 45 sleeping on the job. Many other complaints are based on the stupidity of the owner who abuses the pot. Yes the lid WILL crack and S2S refuses to make a more durable lid. So I cut a piece of blue-foam sleeping pad to cover the lid during transport and after covering one side of that pad with some reflective tape, I not only have a protective cover but also a trivet! The MOST important thing is to NEVER put the pot on a stove that has a too large burner! This means no Coleman stoves and no campfires. There is a ring on the bottom that says "no flames past this point". Listen to that advice. Despite the flaws, the thing packs down small which is what I want and it nests inside my Jetboil Frypan so I can actually cook on my MiniMo. Cleaning for me is easier than with some people who complain that the inside markings to designate capacity levels require extra scrubbing to clean. Duh! It's the Wild! Deal! I just set the pot on the ground and my dog cleans the thing well, leaving me to wash dog-spit off the thing. Women think that is gross but it works and really, I've changed diapers which is far worse than rinsing a pot in soapy water. To most people who dislike the X-Pot, I suggest that you read the directions! It will save you a lot of aggravation. But for me, the MiniMo, frypan and X-pot are now a staple for my kayak camping.


Like you, I refuse to give up my JetBoil as it hangs so nicely in my Mountain25 on those blustery days you don't want to cook outside. I also love the way the X Pot folds up small. When I want to cook seriously and simmer, I simply change out the JetBoil for a lightweight Optimus which weighs practically nothing and works perfectly with StS pots. Getting long in the tooth so I enjoy comfort and goodies more than I used to be a Spartan in the long ago past. People are just too damn fussy these days about small things and I find little to fault the X Pot with. I can even carry the X Mug in my pocket and bail the inevitable water from the bottom of my inflatable dinghy. Versatile tools are what I like as well as function that is a joy to use.

I am a woman in a 5 person all women hiking group and we let the dog lick the bowl out. It's called prewash.

>Rating: 4

A little Uptown Lady and Downtown Tramp

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Pin-hole strainer. Heat resistant silicone. Hard anodized alumin[i]um. Accordion-esque billow folds. Mix in some pasta and you pretty much have an updated take on a 1950's animated mouse-house classic. Just like the noodle-to-nose kiss, this cooking pot design may wind up being a "best ever" closer moment. For reasons I've yet to unlock I find myself attracted to flat and square packing, so purchasing this pot wasn't an impulse: it was a purpose fulfilling command. But really, its nice to see a company use unconventional, non-traditional materials and design to push backpackers and campers to reconsider their ultralight, ultra dent-able, ultra-expensive titanium and aluminum cookware. Most backpackers would never consider cramming a cooking pot into their pack, but that may all change if the cooking pot in question is nearly as large as a standard backpacking plate, nests a few bowls and mugs, and actually performs as advertised. If multiple pieces of dishware is something you do--a luxury you need--then the X Series and in particular this pot may be worth those rolls of quarters you've stashed away. It's not all meatballs and marinara sauce here. There are of course lighter pots on the market, and the pot in and of itself cannot replace an all-in-one jet rocket boil system. The pot doesn't fit in a bear canister either, which is something to keep in mind if you worry about scentables in the backcountry. That said, it is to-date the best multipurpose pot you can purchase for cooking spaghetti and screening cartoon movies against the granite face of Half Dome. Personally, the only improvement needed is a possible guest appearance by Peggy Lee. If nothing else, Sea to Summit's space conscious collapsable X Series looks to: Stir. The. Pot.


Great photo. So cool to see the larger size in action! We picked up the 1.3L X Kettle but haven't gotten to use it yet. Very, very cool concept.

Nice writing Tim. Almost as enjoyable as being able to stash the 2.8L into a bike pannier. If these silicone jobs last longer than an L.A. babes weapons, these will be seen all over the country soon.