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About Ray-Ban

The maker of perhaps the most popular shades of all time, Ray-Ban, practically invented sunglasses in 1937 when the company patented its first set of Aviators to fill the demand of United States Army Air Corps pilots. The brand moved to iconic status when General Douglas MacArthur strutted onto a Philippine beach with his Aviators blocking his eyes from the bright sun and exploding artillery shells. During the '80s, the Wayfarer Sunglasses were plastered all over the big screen and television, thus inspiring a young audience to sing the blues, wear sunglasses at night, and beg for another day of detention. It may be the Hollywood exposure that made Ray-Ban a household name and inspired an industry of imitators, but Ray-Ban's uncompromising manufacturing standards, top-shelf materials, and variety of designs continue the legacy into the bright but stylishly shaded future.