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Nikwax TX Direct Wash In


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    TX Direct Wash In

    Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In treatment restores durable water repellency (DWR) for waterproof/breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex, HyVent, PreCip, and Event. Washing and using fabrics can make them begin to absorb water or "wet out". Nikwax TX-Direct completely restores surface water-repellency which enhances breathability. Nikwax TX-Direct lasts several washings and does not need to be reapplied after every wash like other treatments.

    • A wash-in treatment that revives your gear's DWR performance
    • Adds water repellency and renews the fabrics breathability
    • Ten fluid ounces will treat up to three clean garments
    • Item #NIK0038

    Tech Specs

    10fl oz (300ml)
    Recommended Use
    backpacking, casual, travel, weekend camping, hiking
    Manufacturer Warranty
    4 years

    Tech Specs

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    Stop wetting out!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    When your old DWR wears off and you're tired of having wet pants/jackets this is the ticket to being dry again. Revitalize your DWR and watch wet snow or rain bead off your pants/jackets.

    The big bottle is great for when you realize half your closet needs some love.

    Uniform Protection

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    If you're like me and find that spray-on DWR results in spotty application then TX Direct Wash-In is for you! Evenly coat your gear with an eco-friendly coating of protection from the elements. For best results, wash your gear with Nikwax Tech Wash before application.

    Reduce Reuse Recycle

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    It's no wonder NIKWAX adopted that saying. Don't let you gear go to the landfill just because the water repellent is not like when you bought it. NIKWAX is my go to when my wet gear needs a pick me up. When the water is not beading right off like it did when you first bought it wash life back into your performance clothing.

    Bring Gear Back From the Brink

      I am not the best about cleaning my outerwear. I usually wear it until the DWR starts to fade and starts to wet out. The only thing that brings those items back from the dead is a good cleaning with Tech Wash and TX.Direct treatment. I have tried using cleaners other than tech wash and the results did not last. Tech Wash is absolutely needed to prep your gear for other treatments. If you use the TechWash then the TX. Direct works well. You do need to use a dryer to set the water proofer.

      Great way to revive your old gear

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Don't toss out that old ski jacket just because you're getting wet. Try the wash in solution from Nikwax and breath some new life into your technical gear. Works great. Its revived a 30 year old hunting jacket and numerous pairs of ski pants and jackets. Love this stuff, non toxic and easy to use. Nikwax for the win!

      Get this before it's too late!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Alright, so I have this awesome looking rain jacket that worked super well when I first got it and now several washes and a year later it doesn't repel water nearly as well as it did before.

      I bought this wash to try and get it back to life and working again, the wash definitely did help make it more waterproof again but I still feel like my jackets doesn't repel as well as it used to. I was too lazy at the beginning to buy this and I think I'm paying for that.

      So...if you want your gear to last longer get this and don't wait like I did!

      No More Wet Chairlift Butt!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Ok so the ol' pair of ski bibs have been put through a few seasons in the great Pacific Northwest. They've treated me well, but needed a bit of a re-waterproofing. This is the answer to that issue. I washed my bibs and two other jackets with one bottle - any more gear, I'd recommend another bottle.

      Pros: Re-waterproofs your technical apparel. I now live in Utah (tends to be less moisture in the snow), but has held up well so far.

      Cons: Doesn't really clean any of the apparel. Doesn't advertise this, but thought it may do that a bit, doesn't seem to be the case.

      Overall: A relatively cheap way to revamp your apparel. Its maybe 1/10 to 1/50 of the price of some technical jackets & pant, but can get it close to what it originally was in terms of waterproofness.

      Say yes to reboots.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      More often than not, a reboot of something old - like your favorite Patrick Swayze movie - rarely results in something good or better. However, your waterproof goods are exempt from this statement, which is why something like the Nikwax Tx Direct Wash-In is pretty freakin' awesome. This stuff gives your old waterproof goodies (e.g. any Gore-Tex, eVent, HyVent, DryVent, H2no, etc) a nice reboot and rejuice, which is pretty dang excellent. You can use it in both a top-loading and front loading machine. Heads up - if you plan on washing more than 3 items, buy two of these. This bottle only really accounts for 3-4 items.

      purple proof, green clean

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      i live by this stuff, if you own goretex this is a must, espically if you use your jacket on the regs, once you see it getting dirty and water starts to soak into that first layer, just do a quick wash on it with this stuff and watch the jacket come back to life.

      Helps you take care of your gear

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Outdoor gear is made to weather everything we throw at it, but for it to work well year after year you have to take care of it. Once a year (at least) I run all my outdoor apparel through Tech Wash and then TX Direct. Use on all ski gear and rain jackets. Super easy to use with multiple options. Love pulling it out of the washer and watching the water roll off.

      Revamp older gear with a new DWR coating

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I had a pair of 4 year old Dakine gloves that got saturated after only an hour or so of being used. Day to day it was a struggle to keep them dry and my hands warm.

      Thanks to this product I am still using the same gloves and I have not had a problem the entire season with wetness, at all.

      Extremely happy with this product and others produced by Nikwax.

      Great product

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I use it more then one time. I use one 10 fl oz. (300 ml) for a twice of the jacket they say it made for and it work great!

      I'm using it for years now. the repellent water fabric go like new ufter using it

      Good Stuff to Revive

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I washed this in with our 2 Gore Tex jackets and ski pants. It does work but you will need to use the dryer to set it in. The fabric does feel a little coated and I wonder about the breathability. I washed these in at the end of the winter season in preparation of the next winter season. I'll report back on the breathability aspect of the garment. Otherwise, I'll try the spray on next time.

      Arteryx website doesn't recommend

        I guess I'm the odd man out, cause I didn't think this worked well at all or nearly as well as a Revivx Spray on Waterproofer. I had an old MH shell that I thought was ready for the garbage because despite washing with tech wash and pouring a whole bottle of this stuff to treat it, it still wouldn't bead well. I was so dissappointed, and ended up buying a new Arteryx Beta AR (made me feel better hahaha). However it came time to wash the Beta and I checked Arteryx website and they DO NOT recommend a wash-in waterproofer, but rather a spray on. I used the Nikwax tech wash and the Revive-x spray on as per Arteryx instructions for both shells and when it came out, the old shell worked just as well as the Beta. I will not be using this product again to retreat my shells.

        Well worth the money

        • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

        Was very surprised how clean it made my jackets. Since using up first bottle I had to buy another to use on the rest of my jackets. Great product!

        There are many Nikwax products and after reading contradicting reviews online, am not sure which one to get for my Marmot Cyclone Jacket (it's a 2-layer jacket). Could you tell me which Nikwax product should I get please?

        can I use the wash in products in a front...

        can I use the wash in products in a front loading washer?

        Best Answer

        Straight from the horses mouth:

        Use Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In in a washing machine ...

        For best results remove all non-washable parts and always clean item(s) first with Nikwax Tech Wash in a separate wash cycle. No need to dry item(s) before waterproofing.

        Top Loading Machine Wash:

        1. Place maximum of 3 clean garments in washing machine.

        2. After the machine has filled add 10floz/300ml of TX.Direct.

        3. Set cycle to Heavy and Warm, Low water level.

        Front Loading Machine Wash:

        1. Remove all detergent build-up from the detergent dispenser.

        2. Place maximum of 2 clean garments in washing machine.

        3. Use 3floz/100ml per garment.

        4. Run 30oC Synthetic cycle and slow spin.

        Do not machine-wash garments if taped seams have become dislodged.*

        To maintain waterproofing always wash with Nikwax Tech Wash. Do not use detergents.

        *Faulty taped seams sometimes become detached on old or worn garments. They can be re

        -stuck using a proprietary clear glue after waterproofing and drying.

        One extra note: if your front-loader has one of those little drawers for detergent, use that. It'll wait to dump the detergent in the load until after the water is in, which will distribute it better than if you dump it straight on the clothes.

        I know Nikwax offers a few different cleaner...

        I know Nikwax offers a few different cleaner and waterproofing detergents. Which ones should I go with to waterproof a synthetic insulation snowboard jacket?

        Hey Eric,

        You should wash the jacket with tech wash but as far as waterproofing, since the jacket has an insulative layer you'll definately want to go with a spray on waterproofer from Nikwax or Revive-X. On a side note I find that my jackets bead up much longer with a spray on rather than wash-in but that's just my experience. Hope this helps

        Best Answer

        You can also follow the manufacturer' washing instructions and use whatever they recommend. For waterproofing, spray-ons work better than wash-in, but it's best to do two or more light applications rather than one heavy one.

        Which is better, wash-in or the direct...

        Which is better, wash-in or the direct spray on?

        It depends on you and the garment. If the garment is older, and you don't want to subject it to heat from the dryer, use the Spray On. As well, the Spray on saves on energy from the dryer. Otherwise, the wash in will require a dryer at the end of the wash in cycle.

        Will one bottle of wash in be enough to...

        Will one bottle of wash in be enough to waterproof:

        Gor tex paclite rain shell,

        Precip rain pants,

        Snow pants,

        Down jacket.

        Thanks for the input.

        I have a North Face HyVent coat with Nylon...

        I have a North Face HyVent coat with Nylon lining and Polyester insulation. It's not fleece on the inside, but it is a permanent lining inside a shell. It looks to be similar in materials and construction to TNF's Storm Rider coat. Mine is 4 years old, and I'm not sure what model mine is. Can I use the TX Direct wash-in (doubt it) for this coat, or am I limited to just the spray-on variety (likely)? Thanks.

        Best Answer

        You'll have to use the spray on. While I share your sentiment of prefering the wash-in over the spray-on, if you use the wash-in with any jacket that has a liner (or insulation of any type) the water repellancy will be applied to the liner and insulation, which will work against you by trapping moisture inside the jacket.

        The one advantage of using the spray-on is that you can select the high use areas and apply it heavier there (shoulders, hood, back, etc.)

        I have an Osprey Aether pack, would this...

        I have an Osprey Aether pack, would this work well for waterproofing it? Or what combo of Nikwax products would work best for my pack? I know they reccomend Tech wash, UV proof & Tent/Gear proof. It just seems like this would be a great product to add to the lineup for my pack. I am all about getting as much life out of my pack as possible. I guess what I'm asking is, would adding this to the three products I'm already using, be excessive?

        This product is for breathable items such as rain shells. Tent & gear proof is what you should be using on your pack, especially since it looks like some of the body of the aether is 200D nylon. To help extend the life of your pack, just make sure it's clean and dry before you put it away for storage.

        What would be the best wash/water repellent...

        What would be the best wash/water repellent treatment for nylon and polyester exterior shells?

        Hey Mark:I am the Key Acct. Manager at Nikwax; not sure you got the answer re: your shell, but Nikwax Tech Wash followed with TX Direct is the recommended 1-2 punch you need to keep mositure beading up on your apparel.

        is there any difference between the goretex...

        is there any difference between the goretex wash and the softshell wash?

        Best Answer

        Between nikwax t.x. direct wash in and the softshell proof, i doubt there is much difference. maybe the softshell proof is designed to be a bit more breathable?

        i personally have both, and stick to using t.x. direct for hardshells and softshell proof for softshells.

        How many washings will this 10 oz. bottle...

        How many washings will this 10 oz. bottle will do in a standard top-load washing machine? Is it just meant for 1, or do use a capful each time?