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  • MSR - XGK EX Multi-Fuel Stove - One Color

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  • MSR - XGK EX Multi-Fuel Stove - One Color

MSR XGK EX Multi-Fuel Stove


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    33 Reviews


    Rely on MSR's XGK EX Stove for your extreme backpacking and mountaineering adventures.

    MSR's XGK EX Camp Stove boils water quickly in extreme environments, and runs off different fuel types for your international travels. The XGK EX Stove's new flexible fuel line allows this stove to fit in a 1.5L MSR pot so you can fit more into your pack, and retractable legs and pot supports provide stability while you're cooking. MSR's high-output multi-fuel burner uses white gas, kerosene, and diesel.
    • Item #CAS0365

    Tech Specs

    aircraft aluminum, stainless steel
    4 x 3.5 x 3.2 in
    Fuel Type
    SuperFuel, white gas, kerosene, diesel, more
    Burn Time
    20 oz white gas 109
    Boil Time
    [white gas] 3.5 min
    Auto Ignition
    Parts Kit
    no, sold separately
    Fuel Bottle or Canister Included
    no, sold separately
    Stuff Sack
    Hard Case
    Claimed Weight
    17.2 oz
    Manufacturer Warranty
    lifetime limited

    Tech Specs

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    Do you really need an XGK?

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I have almost every MSR stove.

    Pocket Rocket, Reactors, Whisperlite International, Whisperlite Universal, Dragonflys, and the XGK.

    What do I take with me when I climb Rainier? The Reactor. What do the majority of guys bring who climb Rainier? The Reactor.

    For melting snow or boiling water for large groups the guide companies use three XGK's mounted on a board for their large pot they melt snow with.

    I have brought the white gas stoves with me to melt snow but they really are outclassed by the Reactor stove.

    I am not saying the XGK isn't a good stove, or that if you were traveling internationally and couldn't rely on getting fuel canisters for your trip. Then yeah, it is a great stove if you are going to use diesel or regular gasoline, but for your climbs in the States it really isn't as practical as using the Reactor and the integrated pot for melting snow or boiling water. ( The only State where I had no luck finding the fuel canisters.. Hawaii. I purchased a retrofit fitting kit that allows you to use the asian fuel canisters that are everywhere in Hawaii and use the canister stoves I have. Look at the Snow Peak torch and that is the piece they include with it.)

    For me.. Reactor is a must and either the XGK or Dragonfly for your white gas fuel needs. The Whisperlite Universal is also sweet because you can go with either white gas or the fuel canisters.

    Five+ years ago the XGK was the stove you saw being used locally, now, the Reactor is the king of the hill.

    Yes, it is nice to have the XGK, but if had to do it again I would have gotten the larger Reactor pot over another white gas stove.


    • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

    I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it. This version of the stove seems like it's more for the experienced backpacker as it's pretty intense, but we still love it on camping trips or short backpacking trips. He loves how small it packs down to so it's easy to travel with, and he's kind of a gear nerd, he loves how powerful it is. We were looking for a stove that would last a long time and would work in really any condition, so that's why we went with this one. Would totally recommend to anyone looking for a be-all-end-all stove.

    A tank of a Burner!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Over the years I've had a number of burners. But this one is by far the most durable! This is an ideal burner for very harsh environments where durability is more important than weight. However, because it is so heavy it is not a particularly versatile burner. Also, the pump is made of solid plastic and is not as smooth as the metal pump that the Primus Omnifuel uses. The omnifuel is my choice when weight is a concern but durability is still important.

    Lastly, this really only has two flame size settings, medium high and surface of the sun. That's not an issue for me since I don't cook on it but rather just melt snow and boil water. But if you want to actually make meals on this then it would be tricky.

    Great burner.

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Best stove I have owned to date.
    Small and compact. It fits in a side pocket of my pack.
    Just got back from a trip to Mt.Whitney where we used it for three days. It had no problems at the higher altitude of trail camp (12,000). It opens large enough to accommodate large cookware.
    It does sound like a small jet turbine once fired up but it does not diminish from its overall perdormance. Extremely pleased .


    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    After much reading of blogs and trying to find the perfect product, I've found that a normal(home) gas stove simmering plate works very, very well with this stove. The only drawback is that they are made of steel and could be a bit heavier for your liking. They appear to weigh 3-4 ozs. Mine was a thrift store find.

    I was able to simmer a rice dish for 30 minutes with no burning! Kerosene was used as fuel.

    Have Fun!!!

    snow melting champ

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I just took this thing up Mount Whitney and I was super impressed. I love liquid fuel stoves in the cold, wile everyone has to use hot water or their hands to warm up their canister fuel you can sit back and watch the snow melt while you pump the fuel bottle every now and then, its amazing.

    If you can get a hold of a reactor 2.5 liter pot and use it with this thing its awesome! the pot sits on the stove well and is more efficient than a normal pot. I was able to boil a full liter of water with ice chunks in it I got out of a frozen lake in 8 minutes flat at 11,300 feet!!

    I am super psyched on this stove because I know it will last for decades and be easy to maintain. I have a whisper light from my dad he bought in the mid 80's that is still going strong, I just wanted something that melted snow faster and had the multi-fuel capacity that this stove has.

    the only downer is that it is pretty loud, but its not bad enough to merit a loss of stars. I will take the noise for how fast it melts snow.


      Bought one of these and I think I found my favorite MSR stove for melting snow.

      I had to get a GK jet from MSR and I have to say... Those guys are awesome. I was inquiring how and where I could purchase one and the MSR 'guy' just sent me one at no charge. I have heard people complain before about their customer service.. Nope, not the case.

      Now I just have to make a stove board base to stabilize it while on snow.

      I also got a Simmer plate that came with it from MSR. I am interested in how well it is going to work... We'll see.

      Made for the apocalypse

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      It may not be the lightest weight stove out there but its definitely among the most rugged you will find. Burns most fuels so when your in a pinch you can resort to emergency fuels such as diesel or gas from an abandoned car or jet.

      When packed down its size is pretty compact and small enough to put in a pot or pan if your a light packer like myself. It also has that cool factor when your out camping with your buddies you can show off how fast it can boil water. The control valve does not have the best range and really has two settings, medium high and surface of the sun. This works great if your mostly boiling water but you have to keep a close eye on other foods like chili.

      Overall it is a great reliable product, I would recommend to anyone who has any remote fear of society falling and being left to fend for themselves.

      So Good!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I haven't been on Everest or anything like that, but I can tell you that for both winter and summer camping this thing is a awesome. Boils super quick and gets the job done without any hassles. I've had other stoves but this is by far the best!


      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      When purchasing anything I always look for the best price and best quality. At first I bought the Optimus Nova+ after reading many good reviews. Its not a bad stove but it didnt wow me and I had troubles starting it up and keeping it going, I believe mine was defected. I returned the Nova + and exchanged it for this one. Backcountry has amazing customer service and will keep you very satisfied each and everytime. I havent used the MSR XGK EX on any special expeditions but for the test run was perfect! Flawless! And I say this product is quality.



        Need a stove that lights up in any conditions? That is what I have found with this one, its not as lite as other MSR stoves but a few mere ounces is nothing! This stove boils water faster than my gas stove at home. It is loud, sounds like a jet engine taking off. Easy to maintain, wide stable base is a huge plus! I have tried all sorts of fuel it, burned it all like a champ. If there is one downside it would be that it doesnt have a low or intermittent setting, but if you are boiling water or melting snow, this stove rocks!

        Maintaining your MSR? XGK? Stove

        A video tutorial on maintaining and servicing your MSR® XGK™ stove.

        For over 35 years, the MSR® XGK™ stove has been the world's most reliable extreme-condition stove; trusted by mountaineers everywhere. The XGK EX stove continues that legacy with unrivaled performance, dependability and better multi-fuel burning capabilities than any other stove on the market. It features a flexible fuel line that allows it to pack smaller than ever, as well as stable, retractable legs and pot supports, and a powerful flame that melts snow and boils water incredibly fast. No matter where you're headed, with an XGK EX stove along, you'll find fuel to burn and the absolute dependability that has made it the first choice in liquid fuels stoves on expeditions for decades.

        Terrific Stove

          This is a terrific little stove. It will pack down very small in a hard-wearing stuff sack provided by MSR. Because this stove is multi-fuel it’s incredibly versatile, it will burn petrol, diesel, white gas, kerosene and others. The XGK will boil a litre of water in less than 2.5 minutes in my own experience. Some reviews have mentioned that because the fuel-pump has a plastic pump-arm it feels rather weak, it does but it’s incredibly strong in reality and keeps the weight down. There are three sizes of fuel bottle that I know of, all of them ideal for different lengths of expedition. This stove is not for those who are looking for gourmet camp food but it’s intention is to provide a rugged, near indestructible, any altitude stove, it will simmer food but it has to be very closely watched. I ought to add that this stove sounds like the after-burner of a Tornado jet, very loud indeed but a superb bit of kit. Buy the maintenance kit if you intend travelling to more hostile regions, that way you’ll never go wrong. Very highly recommended. *****

          Most Reliable Stove on the Market

            If your looking for a stove that will crank up white hot every time you light it this is your best bet. While its not the lightest stove on the market, this stove is made for reliable, durable, expedition use. I have so far used this stove for the past 3 years and it has never given me any problems while i do carry the expedition service kit which msr provides which includes every thing u could possibly need, I havent even used anything out of it since the day i first lit the stove up. Ive gone backpacking with my friends and they have had to use my stove when their jetboil got dropped and started leaking fuel bad. Best stove hands down.

            MSR Stove

              I have used this extensively during survival situations and everyday backpacking. This is perfect and if I ever had it break, I would be sad and buy a new one ASAP. I have even used this on a 14er before and still performed great. I have even used it in a pinch during extended power outages.

              Would this pack inside a msr stowaway 775...

              Would this pack inside a msr stowaway 775 ml pot?

              Where can i buy these items especially the...

              Where can i buy these items especially the fuel tank in dubai? I'm having a hard time looking for outdoor shops here. Thanks.

              The Adventure HQ shop at Times Square has the stove and fuel tank (I hope I didn't buy the last one).

              Alternatively you can order online through Aramex shop and ship (which I used to get the maintenance kit) although this works out quite expensive.

              does this stove require a pre-heat before...

              does this stove require a pre-heat before lighting....such as older mil-spec stoves? thanks

              Best Answer

              It does. Turn the dial a bit and liquid fuel will collect in the cup below cover on the burner. Light and wait for it to settle down, then turn the stove on. This must be done to vaporize the liquid gas into a gaseous state so it'll burn properly. I believe the only stove currently on the market that uses liquid fuel that you don't have to prime/preheat in this manner is made by Soto and called the Muka.

              Does anybody own this stove along with the...

              Does anybody own this stove along with the MSR Dragonfly, which do you prefer?

              Best Answer

              I prefer the dragonfly if I'm going to try and cook food in the pot - it simmers really well and has a range of temperature options that are easy to get without fiddling with how much air you put in the fuel bottle. If I'm going to try and boil water at high altitude and or cold temperatures - and just boil water/melt snow, the XGK works better. In larger groups and depending ont the length of time we're out, we usually bring a Dragonfly and a XGK.

              is lighter fluid CAN also best TO USE for...

              is lighter fluid CAN also best TO USE for msr xgk ex stove?

              will this product burn canisters as well

              will this product burn canisters as well

              Another option is the MSR Whisperlite Universal.

              Hybrid-Fuel Performance: Patent pending AirControl? technology creates the optimal fuel/air mix for top-notch performance with canister fuel, white gas, kerosene and unleaded gasoline. I have one and like it a lot.

              In doing some prep for my next deployment...

              In doing some prep for my next deployment to Afghanistan it has been recommended to bring a camp stove. This stove states it can burn diesel fuel, has anyone used this fuel? As this will be used to make hot soup on top of a mountain outpost wind and tempatures are also a consideration along with the dust of the country. I'm not a big camper (except for the military) I need all the help and advice possible. I'd hate to blow myself up with a stove, Lord knows there are plenty of bad guys that are willing to do that. HAHA Thanks all

              You might also want to take along one of the MSR Expedition Service Kits. It'll provide you with lots of the small parts that could possible be damaged/over worked due to the use of diesel fuel and the dust. Also, as phil mentioned, it can be a bit tricky to get these stoves to simmer, however, pumping the fuel bottle 4-5 times when its full and a bit more as it empties will give you a lower pressure and thus lower flame, making it easier to simmer. I've had MSR stoves for years and they've never let me down!

              Best Answer

              In addition to the previous statements regarding diesel fuel being a non-clean burning fuel, causing inherent clogging, & high maintenance issues, preheating can be a pain since you can't use diesel fuel for this purpose due to it's low flammability. For this reason try to find methylated spirit tabs, preheating/priming paste, lighter fluid, or preferably, hard to acquire for you, white gas solely for this purpose. I'll give you some links for these products @ the end of my answer.

              On the plus side, diesel works on high pressure, much like kerosene therefore making it imperative that you use the included "X" jet for proper stove functioning. Diesel fuel is also more fuel efficient as compared to kerosene & white gas meaning you can boil more water using less fuel, however @ a slower rate.

              From Wikipedia, "The United States Army and NATO use only diesel engines and turbines because of fire hazard. Diesel fuel does not explode in a manner such as petrol does, it just slowly burns. US Army gasoline-engined tanks during World War II were nicknamed Ronsons, because it only took a single spark to ignite 50 or more gallons of highly volatile gasoline."

              pmk252, I sincerely hope our answers have helped you with your question & stay safe!

              Here are the preheating product links I referred to earlier:





              MSR stoves are simple the best. I have used them for over 15 years in all types of conditions at all elevations. You can count on them. When my stoves start acting up, and the repair kit doesn't fix the problem, I send them to MSR repair with $35 per stove (includes return shipping) for overhaul. They often just send me new pumps with the rebuilds or entirely new stoves. Stoves are two important to settle for second best.

              I have not used this version of the MSR stove, but I have used a previous version of the MSR Multi-Fuel stove while I was in the Marine Corps. I used it on multiple operations above the Arctic Circle during the winter; as well as operations in just about every climate and season. I have excellent experiences using white gas, military mo-gas, military diesel, as well as aviation fuel (just checked with the maintenance officer and then filled the fuel bottle from the fuel sample tube on a Cobra helicopter). I agree that you need the maintenance kit that goes with it.
              I no longer have my original stove, but will be replacing it with this model soon.

              Has anyone rigged a hanging system for the...

              Has anyone rigged a hanging system for the XGK? Might be tricky because of the remote fuel, but I'm hoping some clever person has figured it out. I used a Jet Boil PCS with a jury rigged hanger and it turns out to be habit forming.

              Best Answer

              Hanging a liquid fuel stove is a risky endeavor. For one, the idea of hanging the stove and fuel bottle make things tricky. The other issue is lighting the stove and making sure the hanging system is long enough so nothing is caught on fire. I would HIGHLY discourage trying this in a vestibule of a tent. Hanging it outside could be possible, but the rigging needed to do so might be to complicated and weighty. That is why Cascade Designs (parent company of MSR) has not developed one and most likely will never do so.

              The only idea I've heard of is using a license plate rigged so it hangs (tying a braided cable into the four corners) and then the stove itself (really any liquid, satellite-type stove) can be placed on top of it. I would also recommend securing the stove onto the license plate somehow (i.e. metal clasp or metal tie like a piece of cable or wire secured to the fuel line and stove). Hanging the stove itself is too risky and complicated to make it a viable option in the backcountry in my opinion.

              I agree with Jason - hanging this is a dangerous endeavor. If you're in a situation requiring hanging or tight spaces, it's worth considering the MSR Reactor. No priming required and the canister is directly attached to the stove. The XGK can go to lower temps but the Reactor is great given the right conditions.

              cAN iT BURn pure ethanol lqud as well

              cAN iT BURn pure ethanol lqud as well

              What is the performance difference between...

              What is the performance difference between MSR XGK EX stove and MSR WhisperLite stove if both uses white gas? I would like to know at what kind of condition XGK has better advantage than WhisperLite if both XGK and WhisperLite use white gas as fuel. Can XGK handle high wind (under condition of using windscreen) at bitter low temperature better than WhisperLite? In principle does plate burn handle cold high wind better than ported burner (such as WhisperLite)? Is there any quiet plate burn stove available or is it the nature of plate burner?

              Best Answer

              The XGK EX cranks out 10k BTU's & I feel handles wind conditions better since it is a plate burner. Once it gets going it's almost impossible to blow out. It is multi-fuel which is a big plus. Outside the US, white gas isn't always available but kerosene is. The drawbacks are it is heavier are much louder. The XGK & EX have proven themselves countless times on worldwide, high altitude expeditions.

              The WhisperLite is almost as hot, lighter, & the International version burns kerosene as well as white gas. Both stoves work great in all temperature ranges & when using the included wind screen & heat reflector become rock solid performers in windy conditions. Both stoves work great & will continue to do so for many years to come with a minimal amount of maintenance.

              A quiet plate burner stove is an oxymoron & has yet to be invented however the Primus Omni-Fuel is a bit quieter.

              FYI, if you use your stove without the wind screen, place a small piece of aluminum foil over the attached plastic pump especially during pre-heating. This will protect it from any flames that might flare up during this stage.

              For lower altitudes (less than 8,000'?) the Whisper Lite is an excellent choice as it is lighter and MUCH quieter than an XGK, but at higher altitudes you really need the XGK. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but at the 14,300' camp on Denali, a Whisperlite will barely boil water, if even simmer it, while an XGK cranks out gallons of hot water.

              lately i have had some real problems with...

              lately i have had some real problems with my stove it is not preforming how everyone says it should i have tryed to cleam in but its not dirty and i have takin it all apart and put it back together again and nothing seems to work you got any tips for me??

              Best Answer

              I've got this stove & have never had any performance issues.

              It sounds like you might be having pressurization problems. First off lubricate the pump leather with mineral oil. If this doesn't solve your problem, change out all the rubber parts, o-rings, check valve ball & spring, fuel bottle gasket, etc. These are all found in the expedition repair kit. Clean out the fuel line with the cable by moving it in & out. Make sure you have clean, new fuel.

              Hopefully these suggestions will get your stove running to optimum performance once again.

              If we buy three, could we get a discount?...

              If we buy three, could we get a discount? :) I prefer to buy from you. Thanks, Jani

              I currently have a Jetboil system, but it...

              I currently have a Jetboil system, but it doens't work too well in the extreme cold, so I'm considering this. I'd rather not purchase a pot too if it isn't needed. Do you see any issues using this stove with the Jetboil cup? Will the flame come up and around and burn the neoprene?

              Best Answer

              I would not recommend using this in conjunction with a JetBoil Cup! This stove gets very hot and you will melt the brazing on the heatsink and most definitely melt the neoprene. The JetBoil cup was designed for a specific purpose and I would only use it with the JetBoil Stove. Getting a new pot can be fairly inexpensive and doesn't require anything high end. Obviously if you want to keep your weight down, you will need to buy aluminum (hard anodized is recommended) and/or titanium (the MSR Exo2 pot is optimum for use with the XGK EX). The other issue is storing the stove. Getting a 1.5L pot or greater will allow you to store the stove in the pot thus having everything together when your ready to cook.

              The XGK EX represents the best there is in terms of extreme cold weather stove use. It's highly recommended and very reliable. In these kinds of conditions, reliability is the most important factor.

              Do you need a match to light this? Or can...

              Do you need a match to light this? Or can you easily light it with a spark from a flint?

              How quickly does it burn through fuel? ...

              How quickly does it burn through fuel? I'm a mountain house guy, so about 2 cups water per meal for me; maybe double considering drink. How many boils would you expect to get before needing to refuel? How much fuel does it take to fill it?

              Best Answer

              You'll bring home extra fuel after six days out using the MSR 22oz fuel bottle. This is using the stove four times a day. It's relatively fuel efficient for what you get in return. Essentially all the MSR liquid fuel stoves consume the same amount of fuel while putting out 10K BTU's. MSR has 11, 22, & 33oz fuel bottles.

              Two questions 1) how does the "loudness"...

              Two questions 1) how does the "loudness" compare to a Brunton Vapor AF? It's a loud stove as well. 2) Some say it doesn't simmer but the specs say it does...anyone have insight on this feature?

              This stove is loud. You can be 30 ft away and know that someone has fired up an XGK. Most stoves in this High Altitude Expedition liquid fuel are loud.Well it kinda simmers. If you are wanting to do some gourmet cooking then this is not the stove for you. It works great for melting snow, boiling water, cooking soup, noodles and that is about it. If you want a stove that can simmer really well then look at the MSR Dragonfly. It is just as loud as the XGK. The flame control is a candle flame all the way up to a blow tourch and everything in between. They both work great in the winter, but the XGK is more durable and works better at really high altitude.