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MSR Titan Titanium Tool Spoon


Titan Titanium Tool Spoon

Fix your liquid-fuel MSR Stove with one end of the Titan Titanium Tool Spoon, then sit down and slurp up some hot, yummy soup from the spoon end. The Titan Titanium Spoon works as a jet-and-cable tool for MSR's liquid-fuel stoves, and as a durable spoon for eating soup, oatmeal, or whatever else strikes your camping-food fancy.
  • Item #CAS0389

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limited 3 years

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>Rating: 5

A tool that doubles as a spoon.

Tool first. Spoon second. I played around with a friends older msr stove and finally pulled my head out of my butt remembering I had a nifty little tool that could do everything I needed. It was buried with the other eating utensils, now I keep mine in the stove bag. Not with the eating utensils.

>Rating: 4

Nice but a little heavy

I like the spoon, but I don't have a MSR stove. So the tool option on it doesn't really help me. I just bought a titanium spoon which will be a lot lighter. I'm trying to lighten my load anyway I can.

>Rating: 4

Spoon For Hire

This spoon is great for retrieving bits of molten plastic spoon from your tent mate's dinner.

>Rating: 4


Great sized spoon. Good and strong and it doubles as a tool for doing maintenance on your MSR stove. Great to have in the backcountry cause you never know what could happen.

>Rating: 5

Great Spoon

Titanium, in my experience, does not conduct heat nearly as fast as aluminum or steel. Because of this, I rely on this spoon when snow camping to spoon snow into my pot for melting. Unlike steel spoons, it does not stick to my hands. Unlike plastic spoons, it is very strong and will not break in the ice. For warmer conditions, it does not require a mitt or glove to handle when stirring hot liquids. The spoons are very expensive, but I have several and use them often. As for the Better Stove comment from another user, I have 3 MSR X&GK stoves, one I've had for 25 years and never has one failed. Perhaps he/she has the firefly or wisper or newer dragonfly. I've never used those but the GK & XGK series are fantastic and should not have been discontinued. A buddy of mine just gave me a conventional coleman (green box with 2 burners) and I tried it out last weekend. What a piece of shit...I'm gonna tear out the stove guts and use the box for a windscreen for my XGK.

>Rating: 3

Bit expensive for a spoon

LIGHT, but so is the pocket book after the deal. The tool is nice if you operate MSR Stoves. I like the LONG



Here is my slighty modified MSR Titan with a pan of Pork Adobado.

>Rating: 5

Keep a good grip on this spoon

'Cause folks have been trying to steal mine for years. Great spoon, lightweight, yet big enough to shove in those calories. When I replaced my MSR stove with a jet boil the end of the spoon got the wrench ground off smooth (it tended to get caught in places.)

>Rating: 5

Great spoon

Lightweight and cool. Unfortunately my MSR stove runs flawlessy atm, but I really look forward to the day when I can use the other end of this cool spoon-tool.

>Rating: 3

better stove

if the stove were better then you wouldn't need to use the spoon as a tool so often--nice spoon, but msr needs to make a better stove where you don't need such a spoon--

MSR makes the best stoves out there. My dragonfly has been amazing, and my dad's MSR stove from the 80's is still alive and kicking.

I have used an MSR whisperlight stove now for decades. My buddy had an XGK for fuel flexibility. Both were excellent stoves and rarely if ever needed any maintenance. MSR stoves absolutely rock. The spoon's tool section just adds some extra "just-in-case" tools for the stove for no added weight.

>Rating: 5

Best backcountry spoon ever

Not only does this spoon deliver the blessed backcountry food to my mouth but it fixes my stove too. Ever wonder where you left your stove repair kit? with this spoon just think about how hungry you are and how you will deliver the food to your mouth, and you'll realize your repair kit is on your spoon. I have used this spoon so many times in the backcountry to fix my stove. I love this spoon. I lost it for about an hour and nearly had a myocardial infarction.

>Rating: 4

A Useful Combination Tool

Innovative idea from MSR. Lightweight & useful spoon/stove tool combination. I've used the stove tool much more than I initially thought I would.